Cat soul: is reincarnation possible

Cats are the most mystical creatures in the world with whom they are associated. a huge number of beliefs and legends. The question is whether they can reborn, living several lives, still remains open.


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What is reincarnation

Reincarnation (reincarnatio) literally translated from Latin means “reincarnation.” It’s believed that the true essence of any living creature is immortal after death one physical body, she goes into another and gets a new a life. God’s spark, soul, spirit, true Self, divine – are called its different in different traditions. Animals, including cats, are no exception. Although scientific evidence no relocation of souls has been found at present, all versions so far remain theories and the subject of belief of their true adherents.

Silhouette of a cat

There are many different theories about cats reincarnation.

Nine Cat Lives

He knows that every cat has 9 lives left each. However, to say exactly where this belief came from, impossible. According to the most common theory, the authors the legends of 9 cat lives were the ancient Egyptians who believed cats earthly incarnation of the goddess Bastet (Bast), revered and deified them. This mythical creature was depicted in a female disguise, but with a cat’s head or just in the form of a cat.

Legend has it that the goddess embodied in the house murka, due to its divine nature, it dies and rises in the earth body 9 times. According to the version of the rebirth of souls, for 9 incarnations are in store for the feline inner being, having lived sequentially, the animal goes to the afterlife the world or gets a new incarnation, moving on to the next, more high level of development.

The Witch and the Black Cat

Black cats have always been considered witch helpers.

In the Middle Ages, feline, mainly black, was considered accomplices of the devil. Allegedly a witch is capable throughout her life 9 time to turn into a black cat. Therefore suspicious the mustachioed animal had to be killed 9 times, otherwise the witch would come to life and will continue to harm people.

Who can a cat reincarnate

The concept of reincarnation of cats, and other domestic cats pets, appears in many religious teachings. IN Buddhism and Hinduism believe that all animals have a soul and it the same as human, but only located at a lower level of development. The highly developed are embodied in people lower in animals. The soul of a cat after physical death may move into the body of another animal or even person.


According to Eastern religions, a cat can reincarnate in of man

Islam also allows feline divine existence beginning, but it is mortal, because it is consciously between good and evil animals cannot choose. According to Islamic doctrines, all souls in Doomsday will be able to find new bodies, but this only applies people. Christianity completely denies the animations of our brothers smaller ones, without making an exception for cats (although they are allowed in the church) and endowing with soul exclusively human beings.

In terms of modern esotericism, cats can reincarnate only in oneself, and the same breed. it due to the fact that in animals the soul is collective, inherent in everyone a certain kind. When the time of birth, from of the general big spirit, a small particle is separated and sent to a baby being born.

When we chose our last kitty, the breeder us warned that kittens with a reasonable human gaze usually do not live long. The souls of these babies are already many times degenerated and reached a high level of development. Last the stage before reincarnation in a person is the shortest.

Video: does a cat have a soul?


Reincarnation is not available to animals, due to their lack of Spiritual vehicles, if simple, then the Spirit. Animals have a Soul collective, however in higher animals such as for example, some breeds of dogs, primates and cetaceans, a process is in progress the formation of the individual Soul with the appearance of their mental characteristics and mental activity and self-awareness, goes evolution. The Individual Soul is already capable of reincarnation. The transformations of animals into humans and vice versa have long lost their relevance, today it is archaic.


On March 15 of this year, my kitty died. She turned 16 years old. I read somewhere that cats reincarnate right away, but they can once again die and come to your beloved owners again.

a guest

Ace, Madeleine’s dog, passed away in June 2006, and Madeleine believes that she returned to her in the body of a new Kachina puppy. “When ace died, she lacked one nipple, and the other was not in place, and all this because of the operation to remove the tumor. “It turned out that Kachina born with the same signs: one nipple was missing, and the second was biased in relation to the opposite!

Olesya Gridneva

There is no consensus on the possibility of reincarnation of cats. However, there are many owners who are confident in the new incarnations of their favorites. Neither to prove nor to refute this fact is impossible.

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