Cat safe plants

You love gardening, but worry that your adventurous a cat or kitten can bite off pieces of various harmful plants? Cats prefer plants that try for the first time, and, as a rule, do not touch other herbs, but Some garden plants can be poisonous to cats. The most dangerous plants for them are lilies and digitalis, since their pollen can cause kidney damage.

Cat safe plants

You do not need to worry about your garden, because safe for cats plants can still brighten it up. There are wonderful and suitable flowers and shrubs for cats, some of which you probably already know. The list includes a small amount shrubs, flowers and grasses. Save this manual, and in next time go with him to the mall. It is quick and easy. a way to choose garden plants that are safe for your cat.

Cat grass

This herb can be purchased as seeds in many stores. Cat grass is easy to grow. You can plant it both in the flower beds, so and in pots, the first shoots after planting appear during three to five days. Cats love to eat cat grass since it possesses medicinal properties and helps them in digestion.


Begonias add colors to your garden and beautiful lush flowers. They are bloom from June to October and are completely non-toxic to cats.


Bamboo is considered exotic, and adds height, lightness to the garden breath and rustling leaves in the wind. The cat is likely to be use it as a shelter. Bamboo needs a few years to settle, then it will begin to develop itself. There are several colors of bamboo, including green, golden and the black. It is ideal for photographing nearby. Bamboo grows to 22 meters, so you should choose the right type for your the garden.

Cat mint

This is a favorite garden plant for every cat. They are eating, wallow, and even hide in it. The only problem is Will she live until the next year or even a month? The solution may become catnip breeding in pots to give her a chance grow up. After the plant settles, it can grow very quickly and even may need to be reduced.


All cats love to look at nematanthus. She has a glossy green leaves and bright orange flowers. Nematanthus flowers resemble pouches and look like floating goldfish. Ideally, they should be grown in a greenhouse or greenhouse, but can grow and on the street


You can add greens to your garden with the beautiful fern. Places where fern grows will become a favorite place cats to hide there.

Medicinal plants

You can plant many medicinal plants in the garden. Them can be planted both in flower beds and in pots. Thyme perfect Suitable for growing outdoors. Rosemary can also grow in flower beds, it grows a large and fluffy plant, with blue, pink or white flowers, depending on the variety.

Basil, dill, mint, sage, tarragon, parsley – all these plants are safe and not poisonous for cats, and even useful for them. To add to food, they need to be cut and thoroughly washed.


Lavender is a popular, easy-to-maintain shrub, Great for cats. It also looks and smells surprisingly enjoyable.


Popular flowers perfect for borders and having a large palette of colors. They have a strong aroma.


There are many varieties of this flower. Nasturtiums usually grow quickly, but require fertilized soil. They can have hundreds colors of various colors. After dying, you can save them seeds for planting next year – quite economical plant. Nasturtiums are also edible and safe for humans. Try adding these flowers to your salads, most likely they are for you. like it!


All varieties of roses are safe for cats, including their taste and smell.


Snapdragon (antirrinum) really looks like a rabbit or dragon opening their mouths. These are very beautiful two-ton flowers. They are perfect for flower beds, attracting many bees and butterflies.


Everyone knows how beautiful and colorful sunflowers are, so this even better news for gardeners, as they are not toxic to cats. After the death of the flowers, seeds remain from them. Keep several tops of sunflower so that they dry in the barn, and then plant them the next year. The remaining seeds can be left for wild birds.


Violets are suitable for growing in flower beds or hanging baskets. They will add new colors to your garden.

Now you and your cats can relax and enjoy your the garden. If you want to add something else to it, think anything about water? Perhaps you are missing a fountain? Your the cat will adore him.

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