Cat repellers

Tailed purrs often pop their nose wherever they go because of curiosity, which is fraught with accidents and damage to property. Cats love to nibble flowers, climb the curtains to the ceiling, tasting dishes from the master’s table. They care about everything of particular interest to cats are those objects and territories, which the owner would prefer to protect against encroachment four-legged friend. And sometimes extraneous neighbor cats come to the area where the master’s pet is being hurt, they make a mess, try to enter the house in search of food. The problem is it’s very difficult to explain to the cat, to punish and You can’t shout, beat even more. What should the owner do to to win personal space from a cat? Come to the rescue cat repellers that are called upon by their smell or sound drive an animal from a certain territory. Consider the main types of cat repellers.

Types of Cat Repellers

Depending on the reason the owner was required repeller, you can purchase such a tool that will harmless and effective.

Spray Repellers

Sprays (“Bio Vax”, “Beaphar”, “Faithful friend – Antitsarap”, etc.) designed to discourage a cat from damaging furniture with claws, playing with wires, help in the wrong place. They are sprayed with distances of 15-30 cm from the “object of protection” every day until until the cat has no desire and interest in the forbidden activities. Sprays contain various substances, irritating upper respiratory tract and mucous membranes (capsaicin, methylnonyl ketone), however, in a dosage safe for animals and people. The price of such repellers ranges from about 100 to 600 rubles per 100 ml. Reviews are very different – to someone helps, but for someone the cat is completely indifferent to such sprays. In addition, many sprays have a rather pungent odor, which has to be inhaled not only to the cat, but also to the owner. Manufacturers of repellers of such a plan warn that for furniture, fabric and other surfaces means are not harmful, but not can be sprayed directly onto plants. By the way, if repeller is only required to deal with puddles and heaps, then You can purchase a special tool designed specifically for such cat “pranks” with special enzymes that allow adjust the behavior of the animal.

Ultrasonic repellers

Ultrasonic Repellers (AN-B011 Ultra, Eco Sniper, SITITEK Pegasus and others) are designed to protect the garden, but may be used in the house. Such devices frighten not only cats, but also dogs, birds, rodents, small predators (depending on models). You can purchase a model that will work on the network and / or from batteries, solar energy. The simplest of these repellers drive animals away with ultrasound at a frequency 15-27 KHz – people cannot hear it, but cats perceive such a signal as a sign of alarm, discomfort, so they try to leave territory where the device is installed. Many models are equipped motion sensor, which significantly saves the battery repeller. In addition, you can purchase a 3-in-1 device – exposure ultrasound, light flash and siren (you can connect all functions or select one). Ultrasonic repellers do not let the animal closer than 5-7 meters, they are called to guard quite extensive living space (100 sq.m. and more). The cost of such “enemies” of our smaller brothers is high – from 1,500 to 6,000 rubles. Is it advisable to purchase such a device only for scaring away a cat from the table is unknown, but for owners of private ultrasonic repellers can be a real rescue due to universality (getting rid of the same mice and rats) and humanity (no one has to drive away on their own). But there is the opinion that repellers of this kind installed in apartments negatively affect the psyche of a cat, and not everyone can brag large square meters.

Tools Repellers

Many cats don’t tolerate the aroma of citrus, so the problem made in the wrong place of a puddle or flower eaten solve by spreading slices of orange peel (lemon, grapefruit) or cotton pads moistened with essential oils of these fruits. Also many cats don’t like the smell of alcohol, vinegar, perfume, chlorine – any sharp and strong odor can be unpleasant to the animal. But the disadvantage of such methods of control is rapid weathering, and not all owners will want to live in an apartment that smells like a mixture of vodka, vinegar and oranges.

Which cat repeller should I choose?

Probably you can’t definitely recommend any repeller for all occasions. For example, orange peels are free, but not You should expect a stunning effect from them. Ultrasonic repellers are effective, but will a cat have a fear own house, if at the slightest approximation it will hit ultrasound, light and sound signal. By the way, ultrasound can be very useful for those people who do not have cats or dogs, and also do not want to see neighboring or stray on their site animals. Sprays have pungent odors and not all cats respond to them. At the same time, all of the above tools and devices have their pluses. If it’s impossible to agree with a cat in a good way, start small, using the same vinegar or essential oil, and proceed according to circumstances. Resort to more radical means can always be.

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