Cat food “Wiskas”: review and reviews

Overview of Whiskas Cat Food

In our country, more than one generation of cats has grown on the feed of this stamps. Almost every day we hear feed advertisements from the screens. Whiskas. What has earned this food such popular popularity and widespread on store shelves? Brand Whiskas owned by Mars, and the research center where this feed, and where it is periodically improved, is located in Great Britain. Those feeds that Russian buyers can purchase for their animals, produced in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Novosibirsk regions. Feed of this brand produced for kittens, adult cats from 1 year old, for cats older 7 years. Also, special wet feed for sterilized, neutered cats, for animals with sensitive digestion and for cats not going outside (these preventive feeds are not so common on sale, unlike from normal Whiskas feeds). Wet feeds are packaged in packs of 100 and 85 g, and dry feed in boxes of 350 g and bags weighing 800 g and 1900 Read also: Akana cat food review Whiskas for kittens exist:

  • wet in jelly (with turkey, with veal);
  • moist stews (with chicken, with lamb, with salmon;
  • meat paste (with chicken);
  • dry food (pads with milk, turkey and carrots).

Food for adult cats older than 1 year:

  • stew (beef and lamb, beef-vegetables, with chicken, with turkey, with trout, with salmon, with veal, with rabbit and turkey, with chicken in cream sauce);
  • jelly (with beef and lamb, chicken, rabbit and vegetables, with turkey and vegetables, with salmon);
  • meat pastes (beef with liver, chicken and turkey, with chicken, with veal);
  • dry food (pads with paste, with sour cream and vegetables).

For adults and elderly cats:

  • stew (with lamb, with chicken);
  • paste (with veal);
  • dry food (pads with paste).

Special Whiskas feeds:

  • for cats suffering from digestive tract problems;
  • for animals sitting at home;
  • for sterilized and neutered animals.

Whiskas cat food price

You can buy dry and wet Whiskas cat food at these prices * :

  • Dry food Wiskas 350 g – 79 rubles;
  • Dry food Wiskas 1.9 kg – 343 rubles;
  • Pauchi Whiskas for kittens “Ragout with chicken” 85 g – 18 rubles.

* – current status as of June 2016

Composition of cat food “Wiskas”

To figure out what the Whiskas brand feed consists of cats, consider the composition of dry food, wet food in jelly and special feed. So, the ingredients of dry Whiskas feed for kittens “Pillows with turkey and carrots”: vegetable protein extracts, cereals, meat (4% turkey) and offal, animal fats and vegetable oils, yeast, vegetables carrots min. 4%, vitamins and minerals. Whiskas Jelly Food Composition with beef and lamb for adult cats: meat and offal (beef and lamb 4%), cereals, taurine, vitamins, mineral substances. Special Sensitive food (special food) and its Ingredients: cereals (corn, rice), chicken flour, corn gluten, yeast, animal fat and vegetable oils, beets, carrots, minerals and vitamins.

Cons of cat food “Whiskas”

  • As part of any Wiskas feed, starters are cereals and plant extracts (which ones are not indicated), yeast there are those foods that cause allergies, liver problems, the stomach;
  • Despite the names on the packaging (with lamb, for example), meat as such in the feed is negligible – only 4%, and in the feed of Whiskas Special Sensitive meat in general in the form of chicken flour, which is included in it – unclear;
  • The manufacturer claims that the composition does not contain soy, preservatives, flavors, artificial colors and flavor enhancers, but reviews and studies of this feed suggest otherwise. By the way cats often like this food, despite being so small percentage of meat. Is it not harmful additives?
  • Another manufacturer is “disingenuous” about “at least 80% of meat ingredients in every piece. “How is this even possible if on meat accounts for only 4%, and the remaining 96% – components dubious quality;
  • Reviews of cat owners and veterinarians about Whiskas feed mostly negative.

The Benefits of Whiskas Cat Food

  • Whiskas cat food can be purchased in almost any a store;
  • The price is low (about 80 rubles for 350 g of dry food and 19 rubles per pack wet);
  • Vitamins and minerals in the composition.

Reviews about cat food “Whiskas”

Alla left on one of the sites a review about dry food Wiskas for kittens: “I try to feed my Tishka with boiled chicken, fish, milk. But I decided to try to give dry food. I bought Whiskas, so as from childhood, food has been heard a lot, like Kitikat. Some kind of feed odor sour, unpleasant. My cat is 10 months old, before that dry I didn’t feed him with feed. The cat ate Whiskas without hunting. It became clear why, when I read the composition. There is solid waste … I read then reviews of Whiskas feeds, it got scary. In my opinion, this food is poison for the cat … “. Marina speaks of Whiskas food for adult cats with tuna and salmon: “Of course, the composition of Whiskas – not the best, but nothing terrible about him. My cat eats it already 7 years, however, alternating with natural food. No problem with her health is not and was not. The mood and appearance are normal. Just do not feed exclusively with purchased feeds, and yet pay attention to the slightest changes in behavior and well-being cats … ”

Should I buy Whiskas cat food?

It’s a shame that one of the most popular feeds in our country, which know almost all of its inhabitants, of such poor quality. Lot talking about the dangers of food from a cat table, but Whiskas food isn’t the best alternative to soups, meat, fish, etc. And cats eat this food often with great pleasure, get used to it, not knowing what problems threatens them with such a feast. The fact that that the manufacturer is deceiving customers by claiming to be feed High Quality. But the composition says otherwise. Despite low cost of the product, it is worth looking for another feed, not hoping at random. Unfortunately, those animals that eat Whiskas, at risk of getting big health problems, very often this does not happen right away. And when the disease is started, fix sometimes nothing is impossible. Benefits of Whiskas Cat Food Unfortunately, there will be very few.

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