Cat food “Purina Pro Plan”: review and reviews

Review of cat food “Purina Pro Plan”

About cats, there are many legends, fairy tales, proverbs. To them can be treated differently, but in any case, you should give them due, because the cat is a proud, cunning, wise animal. Besides Moreover, a cat can become a close friend of a person. Often the memory of these pets, even those who are no longer with us, live long, sometimes all human life. Because the cat gives the owner positive emotions, waiting for him, in response also asks for attention, affection and something tasty. Therefore, the owner is sometimes concerned about what to feed. pet. Many pet owners choose PRO PLAN. Why, what is the reason for popularity? Let’s try to figure it out a question on the example of PRO PLAN feed from Purina for cats. Purina brand, owned by a well-known company like Nestle, produces feed PRO PLAN for cats and dogs. In our country, this feed It is made in Moscow and the Kaluga region. In assortment A wide selection of wet and dry pet food is available. The manufacturer of this product provides a choice for owners animals: food for kittens and puppies, adult cats and dogs, elderly animals over 7 years old and animals with health problems. A large assortment of Purin Pro Plan food is due not only the ability to focus on the age and characteristics of the animal, but and a wide variety of tastes. Producer Purina releases pet products for many years and declares that their quality Feed meets premium conditions.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Price

“Purine dry food proplan for adult cats” Ideal digestion “with turkey and rice you can buy at these prices *:

  • Dry cat food 0.4 kg – about 248 rubles;
  • Dry cat food 3 kg – about 1,550 rubles;
  • Dry cat food 10 kg – about 4660 rubles.

* – current status as of May 2016

Composition of cat food “Purina Pro Plan”

For example, in dry food for cats PRO PLAN Adult (i.e. for adult animal aged 1 year to 7 years) with salmon, the following ingredients were used: salmon, wheat, dried poultry protein, rice, corn and wheat gluten, animal fat, egg powder, dry chicory root, corn, minerals, flavoring food supplement, yeast, preservatives, vitamins, fish oil, antioxidants. It should be noted that the fish content is 18%, the food is rich in proteins and fats (including omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids). The feed contains vitamins: A, D, E, C. Minerals: zinc, manganese, iodine, iron, selenium. IN preparation of wet food (pieces in jelly) PRO PLAN Adult with Chicken uses ingredients: meat and meat offal, minerals, various sugars, components of vegetable origin. At this in the composition of the chicken product is at least 14%. If we talk about feed for kittens (up to 1 year old), then they contain the same ingredients as and in adult cat food, excluding colostrum (0.1% in composition), as kittens need calcium and protein (quantity protein in kitten feed is higher than in adult feed). Aft PRO PLAN for cats over 7 years old, in addition to these components are included soybean oil and dry beet pulp, as in animals in this health problems sometimes begin, one of them is worse digestion of food. Purina also produces dry food for cats with health problems. Assortment, perhaps very wide. Most problems that can trap furry pet, manufacturer accounted for. Owners can purchase special PRO PLAN food if cats have problems gums, plaque and stone, digestive system, urinating. There are special types of feed for sterilized cats, for animals sitting at home, for prone to allergies and having obesity or underweight. To choose cat food with a particular problem, you need to consult with specialist and observe the pet more closely, problems with well-being cannot be ignored.

Cons of Cat Food “Purina Pro Plan”

Purin’s Pro Cat food feed still contains corn, yeast, that is, those components that can sometimes cause allergies and coat problems. Sometimes pet owners are not very satisfied with this product, as they say allergic reactions sometimes take place (more often after application dry food). At the same time, the price of PRO PLAN is quite high in comparing with a number of other products of the same class. Special specialized feeds are not cheap.

Advantages of Cat Food Purina Pro Plan

Undoubtedly, the most positive moment in choosing this food is its wide range. Owners cats having problems in one area or another, they will be able to choose a feed that able to meet the needs and needs of the animal. Manufacturer PRO PLAN food guarantees the owners of cats that their use the product will help to avoid problems with the kidneys, joints, protect against tartar formation and reduce it by 40% if such a problem already available, will enhance immunity. In addition, as part of the components PRO PLAN cat food has meat, which is important, whereas in many animal products from other manufacturers at first low-grade cereal products come out, and sometimes meat in general no or the percentage of its content is small. Aft by Purina contains about 10-20% of meat. PRO PLAN contains rice – the most cat-friendly cereal that does not cause allergic reactions. This food contains prebiotics and enzymes that help digestion. PRO PLAN food – balanced nutrition for animals, supplying the body with vitamins and minerals. At buying dry food for your pet, you can choose the packaging of one or other weight category – from 400 gr. up to 10 kg. Wet food produced in a package of 85 g. PRO PLAN can be found in most pet stores and large supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Cat Food Reviews “Purina Pro Plan”

In fact, there are many reviews of PRO PLAN feed. Moreover, more positive reviews, this is due to the diversity assortment, animals most often willingly use it. But There are reviews from the owners who are unhappy with this product. Consider positive and negative reviews. For example, on one from sites for animal owners, Marina writes: “I don’t have this feed I liked it. I will not buy it anymore. Fed the cats with Proplan, one of them was constantly vomiting, both were very thin. External look – pathetic, the wool climbed very. His cats ate with appetite, but I believe that he harmed them more than helped. By the way, one of cats are no longer alive. For another, I decided not to buy at all ready-made feed and canned food, and boil sea fish, sometimes chicken. It seems to me that Proplan manufacturers exaggerate its good quality. I didn’t like the food. I do not advise you to buy it. He stands expensive, and the quality is not higher than that of others. “And here is another review about this item. Tamara says: “My cat is already 19 years old. Before he was omnivorous, no dry or other food caused problems. But already about 5 years ago constipation began to torment us. The cat did not lose weight, by contrast, has become noticeably thicker. Thought it was age, but I realized the cat is suffering. Increasingly began to lie, rarely went out for a walk, there was an indifferent look. I went to the doctor, who repeatedly saved my dogs (I have 3 of them). The doctor suspected diabetes, passed analyzes cost. Advised Food Pro Veterinary Diets Plan OM ST / OXOBESITYMANAGEMENT diet. It is a diet food for weight loss and maintaining normal body weight in cats. To taste the cat liked it, the weight began to decrease gradually. I understand that my old man will not become young, but I want my life to live worthily. I recommend this food to owners of elderly cats. ”

Should I buy Purina Pro Plan cat food?

A large amount of information on the composition of the feed, promotions conducted manufacturer, assortment can be found on the Internet, at TV, learn from other owners. It should be noted that reviews About PRO PLAN are mostly good. People are grateful to the manufacturer feed for its high quality. A wide range cannot but to please: age-related problems, individual characteristics of a cat, diseases of the kidneys, stomach, intestines and others are considered by the manufacturer. Purina Pro Plan can rightfully be called a quality balanced nutrition for the cat. Love your younger friends and always pay attention to their health status.

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