Cat Food “Our Brand”: review and reviews

Review of cat food “Our Brand”

Nowadays, cats are an integral part of our lives. About the diet sometimes the responsible owner thinks more than about his beloved pet on your own. And, as a rule, prefers one or several brands of feed. Along with widely advertised products for animals there are other dry feeds, canned food, name and whose manufacturer is not always known to a wide circle consumers. Such food is the products of Gatchinsky KKZ CJSC Our Brand, where since 2006 only dry feed has been produced, and with 2013 and canned food for cats and dogs. In it difficult time for most citizens, many have become increasingly pay attention to the products of “Our Brand”. I would like to figure out what are the pros and cons of this feed. Let’s figure it out on the example of cat food from ZAO Gatchinsky KKZ.

The price of feed “Our Brand” for cats

You can buy dry food Our Brand for cats at such prices *:

  • Dry food NM for cats 0.5 kg – about 83 rubles;
  • Dry food NM for cats 3 kg – about 450 rubles;
  • Dry food NM for cats 15 kg – about 2030 rubles.

* – current status as of May 2016

Composition of cat food “Our Brand”

Manufacturers of cat food “Our Brand” argue that in The composition of their dry feed contains protein of natural fish meat, poultry, lamb, beef, rabbit. To produce a product used natural sources of minerals, biologically active substances. If you independently consider the packaging of feed “Our Brand “, you can identify the main components of this product on Example feed for adult cats with beef and vegetables: corn, bird meal, plant protein extract, rice, sunflower oil, mineral additives, hydrolyzed liver, beef liver, dried vegetables, sugar beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, vitamins, antioxidant. The composition of cat food Our BrandIt should be noted that all feed presented brands have a similar composition, where corn and bird flour make up a significant portion of Our Brand food. If a talk about canned foods then in the composition in the first place still stand meat and animal products, however, in small percentage with other vegetable components, vitamins, mineral supplements. Consider composition of feed for kittens using the example of “Persian kitten” (for Persians kittens): Dehydrated poultry, rice, animal fats, corn, plant protein isolate, animal protein hydrolyzate origin, vegetable fiber, beet pulp, yeast, fish oil, minerals, soybean oil, fructooligosaccharides, plantain shell and seeds, yeast hydrolyzate, borage oil pharmacy, erect marigold extract (source of lutein). IN wet ingredients such ingredients (KITTEN instinctive feed) – for kittens from 4 months to 1 year): Meat and meat offal, cereals, plant protein extracts, offal vegetable origin, milk and products of its processing, oils and fats, minerals, yeast, carbohydrates. Next category – feed for adult animals (over 1 year old and elderly). There are also dry and wet foods. There is feed designed for specific breeds: for Siamese, Persian, for Maine Coon and Sphinx breeds. There are also feeds for sterilized cats, for domestic cats up to 7 years old, for long-haired cats up to 7 years old, for active cats, for fastidious to the taste of the feed, to the aroma, to the composition of the feed, for cats digestive system, for adult cats, suffering from tartar, for overweight cats, for prevention of the appearance of wool lumps in the stomach, to maintain skin and coat healthy, for the prevention of urolithiasis. In addition, you can purchase food for older animals over 12 years (wet in jelly and in sauce and dry, including for sterilized elderly cats). ROYAL CANIN feed composition for adult cats are similar to kittens, except such ingredients (consider dry food “STERILIZED 7+” – for sterilized cats over 7 years old): rice, shell hydrolyzate crustaceans, cartilage hydrolyzate. The third category of feed is veterinary diet for cats. The composition of these products includes those special components and in the quantities necessary for animals with diseases and developmental features. The choice of treatment The feed is large enough. You can choose dry or wet food when diseases: obesity, urolithiasis, renal insufficiency, anorexia, food allergy, violation digestion, diabetes, stress, liver disease and others diseases. The use of such feed should be agreed upon. with a veterinarian, based on the disease of the animal and its condition. Since the medicinal feed of the ROYALCANIN brand is quite a lot, and each one contains special components, we will not research every diet because there are tips for it use should be given by a specialist. It is worth noting only that veterinarians highly appreciate these medicinal feeds for their quality and approach to various diseases of cats.

Cons of cat food “Our Brand”

  • Minus feed in a very small amount of meat and offal, most are plant components and various additives. It’s no secret that those components of the product that the manufacturer indicates first, as a rule, and are, if not basis, then a significant part of the goods. So the question is, why the food has the name “For adult cats with beef and vegetables, “because the beef itself is not there, and the vegetables are almost on last place. In this case, many cat owners can refuse to purchase at all, giving preference to another feed. But it must be remembered that many pet product manufacturers indicate in the composition almost the same set of ingredients as in the feed “Our Brand”, sometimes changing the name of the components. Sometimes in The most elite brands of cat food use natural meat, which makes up a significant part of them, while the price high.
  • Very few vitamins and minerals will get your favorite Murka. The manufacturer does not indicate in the composition a detailed description of all nutrients, vitamins, often just paying attention the buyer for the taurine contained in it, which is beneficial affects the digestive system, vision, cardiac activity. At the same time, such a substance should be contained in meat, and meat in the feed “Our Brand” is not so much. Still listed vitamins A, E, D. It should be noted that such cat is useful minerals like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, the content of which in the feed is silent.
  • Little feed advertising. In many stores “Our Brand” missing. Often, the buyer takes what he sees in the store on TV, on the web, in newspapers. In this regard, of course, feed “Our Brand “will not be in the first place, because there is a huge amount of products that only the lazy did not hear about. In addition, not every buyer has the opportunity visit specialized pet stores and large hypermarkets, and in convenience stores sometimes you will find only 2-3 types of feed most famous brands.
  • Corn content. Most likely, the manufacturer uses corn in its feed because of its low cost, but for the health of our little brothers, it is quite harmful. Many owners cats complain that the use of feed, where there is in the composition corn, leads to allergic reactions and hair problems animal.

Pluses of cat food “Our Brand”

  • The low cost of feed, the ratio of price and quality is normal. Of course, you can choose at least dry food, at least canned food beloved cat, based on its financial capabilities. Wherein it is worth remembering that the cost of a really great product most often high. In this regard, I want to stand up for products “Our Brand.” This manufacturer offers a product if not Super-premium quality, but does not hide the composition, does not use GMOs, such food can be purchased, perhaps, at one of the lowest prices. So we can say that the food “Our Brand” will not harm the animal, if you do not have allergy-prone cats and serious health problems.
  • Attractive packaging. Restraint of colors and not the brightest Sometimes you like a design more often than aggressively screaming packaging. TO in addition, quite simple and understandable are written on the back of the feed to every cat lover, words.
  • Domestic manufacturer. Our Brand food is produced in Leningrad region. Since many buyers trust it Russian products, such a moment will be a plus in the choice of products for cats.
  • The product is packaged in both small and large packages. Since the number of pets can vary from one to several individuals, sometimes even ten, often more, this is very conveniently. One cat – buy a small package, many cats – buy big package.

Reviews about cat food “Our Brand”

On one of the well-known sites, our review of cat food “Our Brand “left Sofia:” Arriving at the pet store could not find one feed that I buy a cat all the time. The seller recommended to get “Our Brand”. I chose dry food “Our Brand” with salmon. Opened at home, the smell was more like smoked herring. Feed composition I didn’t like the cat either. This fish delicacy was eaten by a pet. bad, I had to buy the usual food the next day. “But a product buyer named Boris wrote a kitten feed review “Our Brand” is this: “I have three cats, and for a long time. Therefore, they tried a lot of different feeds. I want to say that for two years now my darlings have not known problems with a chair, vigorous, shiny hair. His cats eat with great pleasure. I believe that the feed can be called high-quality and good, and low price – an additional bonus when buying. Those who complain about “Our Mark “I advise you to feed animals not only with dry food, then there will be no problems, because you do not eat every day only one dish!”.

Should I buy Our Brand food for cats?

A lot of reviews can be found on the Internet, rely on opinion friends, sellers. There are both positive and negative opinions. Because the cat cannot tell us why she likes or vice versa this food, the owner must make his choice by yourself. In fact, feed at a low price, as part of the meat quite a bit, but the manufacturer does not deceive the buyer, categorically hazardous substances the feed does not contain. In difficult times when many people don’t have enough money, such a feed is quite possible acquire your home friends. But keep a close eye on behavior, appearance of a cat, with the appearance of ailments, problems with stool, urination, it is worth replacing food, perhaps consult your veterinarian.

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