Cat food “Animonda”: review and reviews

Animonda Cat Food Review

Animonda brand feeds – professional food for animals, made in Germany by Animonda Petfood GmbH. Products This brand has a balanced composition, the main components which – meat, seafood, poultry. Buyers of these feeds have fairly wide selection provided by the manufacturer, if it’s about wet canned cat food. Selection presented not only a variety of feed types, tastes, but also cost. IN Unlike wet food, the choice of dry food of the presented brand very small – only Vom FeinstenDeluxe Adult (adult food cats). Animonda Feed – Premium Cat Food enriched with vitamins and minerals, not containing soy and chemical addictive additives and diseases in animals.

Animonda Cat Food Price

Dry, wet food and canned food of Animonda for cats can be bought at at such prices *:

  • Animonda Adult dry food for adult cats 250 g – 265 rub;
  • ANIMONDA dry food for neutered cats 1.75 kg – 1100 rub;
  • Dry food ANIMONDA 10 kg – 4 195 rubles;
  • Wet food Animonda with buffalo meat for cats 85 g – 103 rub;
  • Canned food Animonda 200 g – 105 rubles;
  • Canned food ANIMONDA 400 g – 165 rub.

* – current status as of June 2016

Types and composition of cat food “Animonda”

There are 4 types of Animonda wet foods:

  • Brocconis cat;
  • Carny;
  • Vom Feinsten;
  • Rafine

Brocconis cat – canned adult product in iron cans of 400 g each. The manufacturer reports that the use of this food is suitable for daily nutrition of a cat, saturation of the body with mineral and nutrients. Tastes this species: with beef and poultry, with poultry and heart, game with poultry, pollock with chicken. In the composition of all This type of feed contains offal, cereals, various sugars, vegetable protein extract, and vitamins minerals. The meat content in feed is a total of 8% (by 4% of poultry meat and 4% of fish, game or beef meat – depending on taste) .Carny – wet food, including such varieties:

  • Carny Senior – complete canned food for elderly cats, packed in 200g jars;
  • Carny Ocean – Extra Delicious Jar Food 80 g each;
  • Carny Exotic – canned foods in packs of 85 g each, there is meat of buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich;
  • Carny Kitten – feed for young growing animals, packing 200 g;
  • Carny Adult Fishmenue – Extra Nutrition from natural fish and broth, 200 g each;
  • Carny Adult – complete food without additives and excipients for adult cats (200, 400, 800 each d).

Since there are a lot of varieties of Carny food due to the variety tastes and separation by age categories, consider food Carny Exotic kangaroo, its composition: beef (48%), broth (31%), Kangaroo (20%), calcium carbonate. Also consider the composition of Carny Adult beef and heart: 40% beef (meat, lungs, kidneys, heart, udder), 31% broth, 15% beef heart, calcium carbonate. The composition of Carny feeds is characterized by a large number of meat ingredients and lack of preservatives, cereals. Vom Feinsten is canned wet feed and paste in 100 g aluminum cuvettes in packs. Among the varieties of Vom Feinsten feed: for kittens, for young active animals, for elderly cats, for neutered cats, for adult pets, and also additional food – Vom Feinsten Select, as part of whose only meat and broth. All feeds and pastes of this type have different tastes, they are characterized by the content of meat, broth, lack of soy and sugar. For example, the composition of Vom Feinsten for castrated Cats with turkey and salmon: turkey (44%), broth, salmon (7.5%), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride. Manufacturer especially isolates feed varieties Vom Feinsten Select, where in the composition only chicken fillet, broth and other products (cheese, ham, tomatoes, eggs, aloe, seafood). To feed species Rafine come in three varieties:

  • Petit (paste in packs of 85 g, tastes – with heart and with fish). As part of Rafine Petit with fish: meat and animal products origin, fish and fish products (noble fish: not less than 4% salmon and monkfish), oils and fats, minerals, plant products.
  • Rafine Soupe Adult – meat slices in sauce, packed in packs of 85 g. Ingredients Soupe Adult poultry in curry sauce: meat and meat offal (15% poultry), vegetable products origin, minerals, curry (0.1%).
  • Rafine Soupe Kitten – meat blocks with vegetables, seafood for kittens. Composition of Soupe Kitten Turkey, Heart and carrots: meat and meat offal (10% heart, 10% turkey), cereals, vegetables (4% carrots), minerals.

Animond dry food for cats

Animond dry food for cats – Vom Feinsten Deluxe sold in packages of 250 g, 1750 g and 10 kg. In its composition components: poultry, rice, corn, chicken, fish and beef fat, corn gluten flour, poultry liver, beet pulp, hydrology poultry protein, yeast, egg, oat fiber, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, chicory, Yucca Shidiger. The manufacturer reports that the use of this food guarantees the cat a healthy immune and urinary system, prevents the accumulation of lumps of wool in the stomach.

Cons of Cat Food “Animonda”

  • The cost of food is quite high due to the lack of cheap components;
  • As part of some feeds (Brocconis cat, Vom Feinsten Deluxe) cereals and yeast are present, which in some animals cause allergies
  • Feed of this brand cannot be purchased in small stores and supermarkets. Ability to visit specialized stores Not all cat owners have it.

Advantages of Cat Food “Animonda”

  • A large amount of natural rather than dehydrated meat in composition;
  • The manufacturer indicates exactly which meat components are in composition;
  • Some species contain exotic meat;
  • A wide range of wet foods;
  • The balance and enrichment of feed with vitamins and minerals.

Animonda Cat Food Reviews

The most “simple” in composition from the feed of the brand Animonda can be considered Brocconis cat, in this feed the smallest amount of meat from all other varieties. A great quality composition can boast Carny feed. Let’s try to find the positive aspects in poop brocconis and negative in carny by reading reviews Animonda for cats. Natalya buys food Animonda Brocconis cat: Buying This Food Enough often for his cat. I would buy it more often, but at a pet store he is not always. I like the composition, the feed contains meat and offal. The cat eats it with pleasure, cheerful, active. I I think that cereals in the composition is only a plus for feed, because they contain a lot of nutrients. Another attraction is that feed is produced in Germany. I read more than once that the products there treat with great responsibility, not like our feed, it’s not clear what they’ve produced … “. Antonina talks about Carny wet food for adult cats with beef: “I bought This food to the cat after surgery. The seller recommended it as the highest quality and natural. In the composition there are offal – lungs, udder. A decent price for the jar! My kitty’s feed is wrong I really liked it. For the money you can buy a piece of this fresh meat and cook it yourself. Nothing special for myself and I didn’t open the cat in this stern, I didn’t like the smell. A reviews about the feed of Animond are most often good, but I’m not thrilled … ”

Is it worth to buy the “Animonda” food for cats?

Unlike many premium feeds, Animonda’s products most cats do not cause allergic reactions and digestive problems. The composition contains natural meat, in some types and offal, but unlike other brands, the feed producer does not hide what kind of by-products it is. In addition, among the components of the feed there are no incomprehensible to ordinary the buyer of the components, there is no soy, dyes, that is, no harm. A feed buyer can provide a pet with a good product. Price on him, of course, is quite high, but it is justified. If a consider a cat as a predator, then the feed of this brand – high-quality, natural, one of the best of its kind.

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