Cat food “Akana”: review and reviews

Overview of cat food “ACANA”

Today, the owner of the animal, having come to the store for a treat for his friend, will be able to enjoy the wide product range: wet and dry food, vitamins, other goods whose quality can be at least economy class, at least extra premium. But at the same time, animal feed can be quite good quality for a low price, and paying a large amount is quite possible to get the product that does not fit your cat. Of course in it’s impossible to find a middle ground when it comes to animal nutrition, when both price and quality will suit everyone. But sometimes everything depends not only on the taste preferences of the cat, its condition health, but also from the capabilities of the owner’s wallet. Often veterinarians advise you to purchase feeds that contain more meat ingredients, less cereals and various additives. Naturally, the higher the level of product quality, the higher and its price. Interestingly, most often you can hear on television about economy-class feeds, by the way, it is these products most often found on store shelves. But there are other feeds for cats of high quality and the same high price. Is there always benefit from them for the animal? Let’s look at one of these cat food called ACANA, whose manufacturers are proudly call their product holistic (from “holistic” – i.e. holistic) or goods of extra premium class. The example of dry food ACANA for cats, let’s figure out what is offered beloved Murzik for high price – quality product or more promises. Mark for animal feed ACANA manufactured by the Canadian company Champion Petfoods. The buyer is presented with dry food for cats and dogs.

The price of feed “Akana” for cats

You can buy Akana dry food for cats at these prices *:

  • Dry food Akana grainless for kittens and cats with chicken 2.27 kg – 1698 rubles;
  • Dry food Akana grainless for kittens and cats with lamb 2.27 kg – 2116 rubles;
  • Dry food Akana grainless for kittens and cats with salmon 6.8 kg – 4794 rubles;
  • Dry food Akana grainless for kittens and cats with lamb 6.8 kg – 5054 rub.

* – current status as of June 2016

Composition of cat food “ACANA”

Champion Petfoods is committed to the philosophy that domestic cats are nevertheless predators, and predators must eat meat. Therefore, they included only meat (lamb, duck, turkey, chicken, lamb), eggs, fruits (apples), berries (blueberries, cranberries, currants) and vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, yam, turnip). It is noteworthy that in the composition of all dry cat food ACANA uses marine and freshwater fish (perch, herring, zander, flounder, salmon). Also included herbs and plants such as peppermint, chamomile, licorice, lavender, calendula, rosemary and others. Added organic brown algae. As you can see, no corn, no other cereals, no flavoring is not present. Besides, The food company declares that all components of the food environmentally friendly ingredients. Meat contained in the product comes from local Canadian farms. Fish caught in the cleanest local lakes. Thus, the manufacturer avoids cooking your food with dubious ingredients. And home cats that have predator blood in their veins can enjoy feed containing natural meat. For cats, there are three types of dry food ACANA: GRASSLANDS for cats, WILD PRAIRIE for cats, PACIFICA for cats. There is no division by age categories – This is a complete feed for adult cats and kittens. Special food for cats with health problems is also not available. For example, in a product called ACANA GRASSLANDS for cats in ingredients on the packaging manufacturer indicated: lamb meat (12%), dehydrated lamb meat (11%), dehydrated meat salmon (10%), potatoes, dehydrated herring meat (8%), dehydrated chicken meat (7%), peas, sweet potato, duck meat (4%), salmon oil (4%), chicken fat (3%), boneless pike perch (2%), chicken liver (2%), eggs (1%), brown seaweed, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, lactobacilli, vitamins and minerals. Manufacturer ACANA feed warns cat owners that before eating this product is worth it carefully read the recommendations based on the age and weight of the animal, the amount of dry food for consumption varies. Moreover, the number of servings and their size is much lower than if fed cat with other feeds, which include cereals, chemical additives. This is due to the fact that the basis of this feed is natural meat, not offal or in general, additives with the smell and taste of meat. The cat’s body is saturated faster, the cat receives the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Cons of cat food “Akana”

But the negative side of ACANA food can also be found. One of those moments that can push away the buyer is high the cost of such feed. Despite the fact that the manufacturer uses only quality components in production, yet not everyone the owner will be able to purchase such a product due to the set price for ACANA feed. In addition, this dry treat for cats is on sale. not everywhere. On the official website of the ACANA feed manufacturer the addresses of online stores are indicated, but in ordinary large markets it can hardly be found. So if the owner of the cat does not live in large city, then it will most likely find such food impossible. Champion Petfoods Does Not Use Cereals culture, but for cat owners and veterinarians it’s not arouses universal approval. Used in feed ACANA many consider potatoes more harmful than the same rice. ChampionPetfoods produces dog and cat food, but unlike dry feed intended for dogs, product range for cats are quite small – there are only three species to choose from. By the way, even use in the production of quality meat ingredients is not ensures that your pet becomes a fan of ACANA food. Many owners admit that the cat simply did not eat it. Someone did not like the smell, someone tasted the usual domestic feed more native than Canadian high-quality product.

Advantages of cat food “ACANA”

The undoubted advantage of this dry food is its high quality. The composition indicates meat and fish, the percentage of their total content is large enough (up to 80% of meat ingredients in composition). In addition, crops are replaced by vegetables and fruits, thus, fewer carbohydrates, and vitamins much more (when compared with other feeds, where the main the composition is corn, rice, poultry meal and offal). What very importantly, this product has no additives to enhance taste and smell. ACANA balanced food, well absorbed by the body, the owner the animal does not have to purchase special vitamins and supplements. Probably, to the positive aspects of the acquisition of this feed can also include the fact that the cat will satisfy a small amount of hunger product, and get enough nutrients.

Reviews about cat food “Akana”

Tatyana writes a negative review about the Akan feed for cats: “I have been living for 5 years with a purebred kitten named Barsik. I try to consult with a veterinarian when it comes to important moments in the life of a cat. So, from his previous feed often was sick. The doctor gave out a whole list to choose which food can purchase for a cat. I studied at home the composition of all proposed, AKANA most impressed. Bought, was only in one of the stores for animals. I read everything that was indicated on the package, began to give little by little, mixing AKANA into the old familiar food. Cat for a long time sniffed, and then completely left the bowl, did not eat at all. Long thought what was the reason? The composition is good, it costs a lot, the doctor recommended, but the cat does not want to eat. I think it’s about the smell the combination of the smell of fish and the smell of lamb made the food really unusual. None of the feeds I bought had this. smell. This is not so bad. On the third day, the cat seemed to eat a treat, with most of the servings. But already in the evening vomiting began, liquid chair. I had to call the vet. She said that AKANA sometimes doesn’t suitable for cats due to herbs that often cause digestive problems. Then there was an appeal to Vet Clinic, droppers. The doctor said that the cat could and perish. Despite the composition, alas, I do not advise you to acquire. “Elena left positive on one of the sites Akan feed review for cats: “My cat is now 3.5 years old. For a year now I have been giving only ACANA, very pleased. Kitty funny, wool glitters. The appetite is good. I order several packages at once so that I didn’t have to buy other feeds, in which only meat title. It’s very convenient in that the cat receives all the vitamins and beneficial substances, its appearance speaks about it. Most of all to us like PACIFICA. For all the time while we eat it, there was not a single cases that the cat suffered from indigestion. Price of course rather big, but it’s worth it … ”

Should I buy ACANA cat food?

As you can see, all feed, even cheap, even the most expensive can not fully satisfy all the needs of the buyer and his beloved fluffy household. It would seem that in ACANA there is meat, and vegetables, and berries. There are prebiotics, but no harmful additives. But definitely to answer whether or not to buy it is probably impossible. Strange, but only by trial and error you can identify, suitable feed ACANA cat or not. It is worth noting that in the composition There are no categorically harmful products for a cat, but an allergy or each cat may have intolerance to one or another component. Definitely, ACANA is a quality and good feed, the manufacturer approached the issue of preparing this feed from all over responsibility. So it’s probably worth a try for his cat. Due to the fact that this feed is different from many well-known feeds, that are present on store shelves is worth consult a doctor and carefully read the composition and recommendations for use.

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