Cat eats badly

Good appetite and healthy appearance, interest in cat’s life – signs that the animal is in excellent condition. But it happens that the cat refuses food and then the owner has to smash his head, what is the reason for refusing food and whether it is a symptom of a disease. Consider possible factors affecting the cat’s appetite.

Reasons why a cat eats poorly

In fact, it’s not always worth it to panic when the cat doesn’t Don’t eat a couple of days. Especially in cases where the animal is not looks exhausted, he has no fever, no signs of an upset stomach or other malfunction of the body. Самые частые причины, почему кот ничего не ест:The cat is eating

  1. Резкий перевод на новую или непривычную food. In cats they have their own taste preferences, like people therefore, even high-quality feed introduced suddenly into the diet able to cause food rejection. The owner should always carefully study the composition of the feed, manufacturer’s recommendations for feeding and remember that a new product is introduced gradually, only mixing in small quantities to the old and familiar to animal. This situation may occur in the case when cat, accustomed to industrial feed, is transferred to natural пищу. It is unlikely that a cat who ate dry food would become joy to eat, for example, vegetables with meat or cottage cheese. But if business only in changing the usual food, then do not worry, cat I’m just not used to the innovations in my menu. The animal itself is not looks sick, he has no diarrhea, vomiting, profuse discharge from eye, nose.
  2. Stressful situations. Cats are sensitive animals, they, like people can be sad, worried, afraid of something. In stress refusal of food for a couple of days may be quite normal, depressed state, apathy. In this case, it would be nice for the owner first try to find out what is the cause of the suffering of the animal, by opportunities eliminating it. If the situation cannot be corrected (death the one who is dear to the animal, the appearance of a new pet in the house or etc.), it will take time and participation in the life of the cat from the owner. You may need to consult a veterinarian, as well as acquisition of sedatives for purrs.
  3. Weather. When the temperature outside the window exceeds 30 (or even all 40) degrees, even the most gluttonous animal can look for a scrap of shadow on the street or lie exhausted on the floor, forgetting about dishes. In such cases, you should not force-feed the cat and lament why she refuses to eat. The hottest days are better do not overload the animal’s body, however, clean drinking water in such moments are more relevant than ever.
  4. The owner does not monitor the cleanliness of the animal’s bowls. Cats are one of the cleanest animals, so the owner it is worth washing all cat dishes after each feeding, or at least once a day. Dirty dishes, bowls with dried leftovers, crowding around ants, amber from sour food can make refuse to eat a cat. In addition, neglect of cleanliness may lead to various diseases.
  5. Hormonal surge. When the body of an animal rebuilt during puberty, during estrus and pregnancy in cats, the owner can observe the refusal of food in pet. Animals may not eat during cat swallows up to a week, especially females. The owner is not worth it worry because the cat’s appetite will bounce back as soon as the animal will calm down, and the problem of changing the hormonal background will be solved by herself. It may not be superfluous to acquire vitamins in depending on the doctor’s recommendations.
  6. Helminthiasis or the presence of external parasites in a cat. The owner should remember that the presence of worms, as well as external bloodsuckers (most often fleas) can cause a lot of animals problems. All parasites multiply at great speed, and then with their offspring feed on the blood of the animal and poison its body products of their life. The owner of the cat should preventive measures so that the body of a four-legged friend is free from worms and fleas, and monitor the cleanliness of the room. If the owner suspects that the cat has worms, then alarming the symptoms will be: diarrhea, cough, vomiting. Fleas can cause such unpleasant conditions for a cat: poor sleep, thinning of hair, itching from bites.
  7. A lot of shreds of wool accumulated in the cat’s stomach. IN cases when the animal actively licks itself in its stomach a large amount of wool accumulates. This is especially acute the problem is when the owner does not comb out the hair pet. Specialty stores are sold in veterinary pharmacies, preventing the formation of lumps of wool that may be purchased by the owner of the cat. For such a problem, in addition to abandoning eating is characteristic and disorders of the stool, vomiting.
  8. Infection of a cat with a viral or bacterial infection. Even that cat who lives permanently in the apartment without leaving at home, has a risk of catching an infection. Owners should be alert pet lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea (sometimes with mucus and blood veins), fever. Appetite during infectious there is no infection in the animal. By taking tests you can to identify the pathogen and determine the treatment.
  9. Anorexia. Anorexia in cats is considered to be a refusal eating due to loss of olfactory or tactile body functions. The cat loses weight, is not absolutely interested no food, becomes lethargic, sometimes saliva can flow profusely. IN the most difficult cases, the veterinarian may decide on feeding animal through a probe. Causes of Anorexia May Be Congestion chemotherapy or antibiotic treatment, poisoning and more. Self-treatment without medical intervention can lead to the death of the animal.
  10. Diseases of the internal organs. Can endlessly list all kinds of diseases in which a cat can lack of appetite: diabetes, malignant tumors, diseases liver, kidney, problems of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary systems, diseases of the motor apparatus and many, many others. If a cat has, in addition to 1-2 days of fasting, various alarming symptoms, the owner immediately rush to specialist consultation. As a rule, for any scary diseases, the appearance of a cat or cat “screams” about the disease and Symptoms appear: disruption of the intestines (constipation, diarrhea), vomiting, sudden weight loss, discharge from the eyes (sometimes purulent), nose, dehydration, sometimes pain with contact with the affected area, plaintive meow or complete apathy for what is happening around. All these signs are always talk about cat’s poor health and illnesses that should be diagnosed by taking tests, taking scrapings, biopsies, examination by a veterinarian. There will always be pain make a cat refuse food or eat completely Little.

What to do to the owner if the cat eats poorly

If the cat feels cheerful and cheerful, she has normal stool, and the hunger strike lasts no more than 2 days, the owner may be calm. It will be useful to try to gradually introduce into the diet any new foods, depending on what the diet is cats. If the animal eats natural food, then it makes sense offer her any new but healthy products. If the menu animals were industrial feed, you can buy a new species – for fastidious eating cats. But you should introduce any products gradually and do not force the animal to force. Kitten and foodIn the pet store you can buy sprouted weed, vitamin complexes, special cat treats, especially in season change period. Do not neglect preventive vaccinations, deworming, prevention of external bloodsucking parasites. In a word, the owner should not sound the alarm if the cat apparently healthy and refusal of food lasts several (1-3) days. But any symptoms of ill health should always be noticed by the host and serve as an occasion to contact a specialist so that you can identify and eliminate the reason why the cat eats poorly.

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