Can cats see the souls of the dead, ghosts, brownies and other mysticism

In all cultures, from time immemorial, cats are associated with something mysterious and otherworldly. It is believed that they are able to see mystical manifestations hidden from human eyes.


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What mystical cats can see

Almost any cat behaves inappropriately from time to time from the point of view of its owners:

  • frozen, not looking up, looks at one point, where it seems to be no nothing suspicious;
  • suddenly jumps up, even if before that she was sleeping peacefully, and with hissing out of the room for no apparent reason;
  • suddenly scared (back beam, tail pipe, wool on end);
  • stubbornly avoids a certain place (cupboard, sofa, corner rooms, etc.).

Scared cat

When a cat is frightened of something, he can see something mystical

This behavior suggests that the animal sees something mystical:

  • Brownies and house spirits that either play with a cat residing in their territory, or scare her.
  • Ghosts and other entities from parallel worlds that may come for various purposes or randomly wander.
  • The souls of deceased people who previously lived in this house. Often the spirit of a loving and departed master returns to visit your pet.

Our brownie, for some reason it seems to me that we have it, endure cannot cats and in every possible way expels them. Male feline usually behave extremely anxious, startled, scared and by all means tend to run outside. Cats feel perfectly calmly, although periodically they also look at something intensely.

Red Cat

A cat can see what a person does not see


They see not only the souls of the dead. They see the poor and those evil spirits, which sometimes send “good people.” And they’re strange. Maybe just looking somewhere wary or seeing off something look. And if the cat hisses and tries to run away from something that is not visible, it means she sees a demon.

Tanyusha Valeryanova

My cats (we have 3 of them) very often hiss and startle as they walk in the place where my father’s body lay after the shot (he shot himself). Moreover, even my beauty – Maine Coon, does it, appeared in the house 10 years after the death of her father. Since that days, when they took her, she does not like this place and often looks scared walking there. Naturally, we do not see anything.

Irina Solomakhina

Koshak sees a brownie. There is nothing wrong with that. I have all life is like that. (cats have always been). The truth growled with me only one time. Maybe out of habit. Calm down, it’s good when in the house brownie. I take it to all apartments with me. By the way, if the cat looked out the window, still does not say that he saw something there. They just have excellent hearing, maybe the dogs barked outside the window, and scared. I had a fighting cat, so when a dog was under the window the cats will undress, she will immediately purr into another room, or on the contrary, to the balcony, such as a showdown. They scream downstairs, and she growls on the balcony.


Objective reasons why cats sometimes behave it’s strange that they see something

Meanwhile, feline behavior may not be mystical at all the background. The sense organs in pets are much more sensitive than human ones. Cats are naturally gifted extremely thin hearing, so often they freeze and just listen to very faint sounds and rustling sounds insects or rodents that are not caught by the human ears, but perfectly perceived by animals. Alertness or aggressiveness may appear due to unknown or incomprehensible smells. The vomeronasal organ present in cats (Jacobson’s organ) located in the mouth (on the palate), allows you to catch even the weakest and diffuse odor shades at a considerable distance.

All cats are predators, but not all representatives of this a glorious tribe can hunt for the real prey needed for food. Domestic cats are sometimes forced to be content small and choose as a potential victim of small flies, mosquitoes or even fluffs and dust particles flying in the air. All it moves and sways excitingly, but it is far from always visible to the master’s eye.


It was for the ability to see in the dark that the cat was given mystical qualities

The vision of home whiskers is unique and amazing. way, because they are able to see in pitch darkness. it due to the presence of a special extra layer behind the retina eyes that reflect even the faintest light.

Finally, playful by nature murks and murzics can get bored. IN they try to entertain themselves and make incredible somersaults in air, hiss, snort, and randomly rush about rooms.

Our previous albino cat was completely deaf, but at the same time managed to catch mice. He did not hear them squeak and scratch, but perfectly felt the vibrations that they emit during movement.

Video: what the cat sees, but the man does not see

To tell for sure what exactly cats see when they don’t behave quite adequately (from a human point of view), impossible. In any if such behavior does not pose a danger to the owners and for the pet itself, do not focus on this, because the reasons can be very prosaic.

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