Can a person degenerate into a cat

Sometimes people notice that their animals behave strangely or even copy the habits of deceased loved ones or acquaintances. How is it possible to explain? Can a person’s soul move into an animal? Consider this issue from the point of view of different religions.


  • 1 Buddhism
  • 2 Hinduism
  • 3 Taoism
  • 4 Judaism
  • 5 Islam
  • 6 Christianity
  • 7 Life Reincarnation Stories


Buddhism is one of those religions whose followers perceive the idea of reincarnation positively. Rebirth They are a kind of ladder on the path to enlightenment. The latter is considered the highest good and the main goal. Enlightenment can be achieved through the rejection of one’s own ego: vices, desires and etc.

Buddhism denies and even condemns the theory of the existence of the soul, since Buddha rejects individualism. Used instead the term “mind”, which can be compared with the psyche.

According to the followers of Buddhism, there are 6 worlds or ways. They correspond with the following creatures:

  • Infernal creatures. The world is similar to Christian ideas about Ade. There are those who have sinned, but their suffering is not eternal. After prolonged torment, they atone for sins and can be reborn in other worlds.
  • Hungry perfume. This world can be compared to Purgatory. To him all living beings who have spoiled their karma with sins moderate severity. For example, by greed or refusal to give alms the poor. Spirits wander and are constantly hungry and thirsty. As in previous case, after some time the creature gets the right to rebirth.
  • Animals. It is generally accepted that a person can become an animal, which during life was driven by instincts and cravings for pleasure, i.e. e. from the point of view of Buddhism, an ignorant creature. Karma at the same time the latter may be good: a man could have done for his life is a lot of specious deeds. However, the appearance of an animal It also threatens those who were dismissive of others. If the animal continues to help others and improve your karma, it again gets a chance to become человеком.Wheel of Samsara, the cycle of life and rebirth

    Животному очень трудно вновь стать человеком, поскольку оноdriven by instincts, not reason, so to a lesser extent controls his actions

  • People. It can be said that this is the main and most favorable world. Only here is the creature endowed with the opportunity to approach enlightenment.
  • Demigods. In some teachings, this world is placed higher than human, in others – below. This is due to the fact that the demigods in Buddhism is associated with excessive pride, envy and rage. Unhappy asuras are endowed with power, but suffer because of their conflict and uncontrollable energy. The demigods are humans who generally had good intentions but chose the wrong ones ways to achieve goals by hurting others.
  • Gods. In Buddhism, divine beings live a long and happy life, but still they are mortal. God can become a creature who has done many good deeds but has not gotten rid of human passions and desires.

Therefore, rebirth in an animal is undesirable, but possible. A cat can become a person who has not overcome his egoism did not rise above the material. The karma of such a person may be slightly negative or positive.


Followers of Hinduism also believe in reincarnation, however here the idea of having an immortal soul is brought to the forefront every living thing. According to belief, the soul passes through many incarnations to renounce the material and return to God. However, degeneration into an animal wears here undesirable character. It is believed that in an animal that a soul that in a past life was guided by the satisfaction of its needs.

Hindu child

According to the teachings, all living things go through pain when birth to forget your previous life, however sometimes part memories remain

From the point of view of Hinduism, cats “sin” with love for food and sleep. Not It is possible that a person who during life possessed a craving for heavy dishes or was lazy, reborn in a cat’s body. If he will to do merciful deeds, it will again become a man. Probably, that is why the soul can be sent to the previous family: for working off some karmic lesson or getting help from ex relatives.


Followers of Taoism believe not so much in reincarnation as in the transformation of souls. In their opinion, souls are immortal and go through many illusory worlds in which they comprehend lessons to return to true reality and merge with Source. Here, the animal world also stands below the human world. It is believed that in animals those souls reincarnate that past self-destructing or not living in harmony with surrounding and nature. In practice, this may result in excessive susceptibility to feelings of depression, bad habits etc.


The opinion of the followers of Judaism about the possibility of reincarnation ambiguous. In particular, adherents believe in rebirth Kabbalistic current. However, in this case transformation into animals, plants and inanimate objects is the punishment is worse than Hell, which is much more severe than the postulates of others religions. It is believed that the lower order beings only a small particle of the soul, which is designed to redeem the past sins and thus purify the whole soul.

Marriage between man and dog

Curious fact: in India they believe in reincarnation so much that in In 2004 there was allowed marriage between a man and a dog; the man recognized his dead wife in the animal


Although the doctrine promises the resurrection of all life on the Day of Judgment, There are no direct indications of the possibility of reincarnation in the scriptures. Souls animals and believers are either in heaven or between heaven and earth, awaiting resurrection.


Christian teaching does not imply the possibility of reincarnation. In addition, religion completely denies the presence of a soul in animals. the kind we are used to. It is believed that the spirit of the animal is given to him at birth and disappears at the time of death. The human soul has a completely different nature and is immortal.

Life Reincarnation Stories

My father died almost 11 years ago, not by his death. and this in winter, the husband went to work opens the door on the threshold of a cat sitting. we let him go, fed, washed and he stayed with us to live. Affectionate and He loves everyone very much, especially the youngest son, he even licks him. (so between read junior arthritis, this disease is considered incurable). And here recently, my mother watched some kind of program, the story is long but the point is that a long time ago one aunt cursed oddrod and in this family all men died. many years later to this a cat came to the family, and the type of clairvoyant said that this cat is the soul of a deceased one of the children (well, from his own kind) and he came to remove this curse. and then I thought, or maybe it’s my father’s soul returned to cure his son. I look at the cat and I see my father.


Somewhere on February 24 or 26 this year, the cat Tishka died. IN In April, we decided to take a kitten. We called it in tune with “Tishka” – Bear. At first, we didn’t notice anything suspicious, but now, when he is already 4 months old, we noticed the habits of our dead cat. For example, Tishka was very fond of purring in his “hair”, because his very early taken away from mom and he thus “looked for mom” Bear does same. (I didn’t notice this after other cats). After that, as Tishka always purred, he went to bed at his feet. Same makes and Bear. (for if you do not let him purr). Tishka He loved to look out the window, which Michael does. Silence is always gracefully moved his paw when playing or eating. Similarly with Bear. We also have a dog and both cats love to play with him. Can give endless examples.

Katerina Korneva

More than six months ago, my dad died. A month ago to us the cat got into an apartment and decided to leave it live. he was on that moment of month 4, a kitten yet. I look at this cat and see in it his father’s face, eyes, nose and he loves me, despite the fact that sometimes I educate hard, comes and purrs me, licks his legs. I think maybe dad decided to live with us this way?


In some religious movements the possibility of reincarnation denied, in the rest, rebirth in animals is either punishment, or a chance to learn a lesson. However, each man decides what to believe in him. It is possible that the soul may fall into the same family to atone for their sins and help to someone.

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