Can a lactating cat become pregnant

The period of pregnancy of a cat and childbirth – a difficult time is not only for the pet itself, but also for its owner. Not surprising, that after the appearance of baby kittens, the owner hopes a little take a break from the amorous affairs of the cat and its subsequent quirks “interesting” position. But you should not relax, because the cat is able to become pregnant during feeding, i.e. soon after childbirth. Further consider why this may to happen.

Can a cat become pregnant during lactation

Can a lactating cat become pregnant again? Of course! Average estrus begins in a cat after 1.5-2 months after appearing on light kittens. And some darlings are ready to mate even earlier: 1.5-2 weeks after lambing. Therefore, pregnancy can tread on a cat that has recently given birth to babies. in a word, some owners unknowingly claim that during Feeding kittens their mother is not able to get pregnant again. Such opinion is based on what is produced during pregnancy and feeding hormone prolactin prevents the conception of new offspring, blocking the hormones responsible for ovulation. This statement This is true for breastfeeding women, but not for cats. The thing is that ovulation in pets occurs at the time of mating, as only interest in carnal joys will appear during the after lambing estrus. So the question is, can a cat getting pregnant when feeding kittens can be answered in the affirmative.

Why is the contact of a nursing cat with a cat harmful?

Suppose the owner of the cat has the opportunity to attach kittens. So why is it worth stopping cat mating attempts with males, while she still feeds the kids? Причин этому немало:Cat and kitten

  1. Беременность, роды и вскармливание котят – тяжелое время дляanimal. It takes a lot of energy, most of the vitamins and minerals obtained from food is spent on germ growth, in cat moms have hormonal changes. Too frequent childbirth simply wear out the body of the pet. Often often giving birth cats have problems with bones, reproductive organs. Animals that after birth give birth to kittens again, like usually can not boast of longevity. Veterinarians believe that the optimal number of births for an adult healthy pet is one or a maximum of twice a year. Frequent pregnancies are real stress for the reproductive system and the entire body of the animal;
  2. The offspring actually abandoned by the sweeping mom cat you have to feed the owner with a milk substitute from pipette or syringe. And this is quite tiring, because It’s difficult to feed a small kitten. Yes, and financially expensive. Even the pet will not refuse to feed the cubs completely, anyway its lactation will be reduced;
  3. A lactating cat can become pregnant in a couple of weeks after childbirth, when the mucous membrane of her genitals is still exposed infection
  4. A nursing cat mom should eat well, gain strength after childbirth. But if the pet begins to have sex, then her appetite will be reduced or completely disappear, which will negatively affect body condition. As a result, both an adult animal and recently born kittens, and fetuses from the next litter.

How to prevent a lactating cat from becoming pregnant

If the cat is not involved in breeding, and her offspring are not of special financial interest to the owner, the animal It is advisable to sterilize. The best time for this is after the onset of 6 months – 1 year. Theoretically possible surgery and lactating cat mom to rule out her new pregnancy. If sterilization is undesirable, you can give darling herbal sedatives (these include means “Cat Bayun”, “Fitex”). You also need to monitor nursing cat, especially if she appeared soon after pregnancy estrus. That is, it is necessary to exclude the contacts of the girl’s pet with cats. Use alcohol as a natural sedative tincture or valerian tablets are not worth it. This is a home remedy. pets – a drug that puts them in a state of extreme excitement. That is, the cat, which started estrus, after a small amount of a solution or tablets of valerian will have one goal is to quickly connect with the cat. Kittens available naturally go sideways. Also extremely undesirable to calm hormonal drugs that inhibit sexual hunting. Means of such a plan (“Sex Barrier”, “Contrax”, etc.) have a lot of contraindications, and they can not be used by cats during lactation time.

What to do if a nursing cat becomes pregnant

If the tailed “lady” is still in position again, despite the fact that very little kittens are waiting for her at home, the owner has one нехитрый выбор:Cat and kitten

  1. Дать кошке родить очередных малышей, после чего привезти ее вvet clinic for ovarian surgery or removal of both the ovaries and the uterus;
  2. Show a pregnant cat to a specialist and consult on about surgical abortion (an incision will be made on the uterus, through which the embryos will extract). It is important to be in time no later than 4-5 weeks of pregnancy;
  3. Contact a veterinarian for an abortion and sterilization a pregnant pet (cubs will be removed along with the uterus and ovaries);
  4. Consult a veterinarian about medical abortion with the introduction of hormonal drugs.

It is clear that all of the above ways can harm a cat: grave consequences after anesthesia, possible infection, disease gynecological plan and the inability to become pregnant in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in a cat in advance by eliminating her communication with cats and using sedatives. The most radical method against pregnancy is sterilization.

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