Burmese cat


Burmese cat Burmese

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 8
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 6
  • Hair loss: 3
  • Friendliness for children: 10
  • Dog Friendly: 9
  • Love for meow: 8


Burmese cat or, as they are often called, a burmese cat its origin both from the Siamese breed of cats, and from the “copper cats” Burma (currently called Myanmar). It is here that these cats were bred and kept by priests of the temple and cherished social elite for centuries.

They say that cats were so respected that they were given their own servants whose task was to take care of them and make sure that there is no harm to them.

Burmese cats that we see today are descendants of one a cat named Wong Mau that was brought from Burma to America in 1930 year and bred her with the American Siamese.

American and British breeders have developed completely different standards of burmese breed, which is unusual for purebred domestic cats.

Burmese cats were originally dark brown (sable), but now available in a wide variety of colors.

Their official recognition also varies standard. Burmese cat breed was officially recognized in 1936 The Cat Lovers Association (CFA) and then the GCCF in the UK in 1952 year.

Today, the Burmese cat is considered one of the most popular breeds, both in the UK and in other countries of the world.


Burmese cat is a strong, elegant and athletic breed, which boasts a beautiful shiny coat that is one of the hallmarks of the breed.

Burmese cats are medium sized, but they are surprisingly heavy for its size. They have a large bone structure with clearly pronounced muscles.

Today, there are two “types” of Burmese cats that “generally accepted” in the cat community. There are british and american Burmese cat. The biggest differences between the two breeds are it is the shape of the body and head.

If more, the British Burmese cat has a slender and long body, wedge-shaped head, large pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes. Whereas the American Burmese cat is more thick, has a rounded face, ears wider at the base and round eyes.

Adult males of this breed weigh from 4 to 6 kg, and females from 3 to 5 kg Their height is from 25 to 30 cm. Burmese live around 15-16 years old.

Both types will have the same coat, which will consist from short and thin fur. Their color is continuous throughout the body.

American burmese is dominated by shades of sable (black), blue, platinum (lilac), coffee with milk, while british burmese cat – purple, brown, shades chocolate, tortie.

No matter what type of Burmese cat you choose, both versions of the breed, American and British, are known for their unique social and playful temperament and constant vocalization.


Burmese cat – one of the most sociable and oriented on people from all domestic cat breeds. Burmese likes to set very close ties with their owners and other home animals.

Burmese is known as a nice, affectionate and funny cat, which loves to be part of the family. They long for human contact, not loving nothing more than being involved in everything that happens in their environment.

They are quite sociable and extremely social in their nature, and therefore they need to be busy to avoid boredom. They get along very well with children, which is another reason by which they are such a wonderful pet.

Warning: living with a Burmese cat is addictive. If you are not careful, she will soon wrap you around her velvety tail :-).

Common diseases

This cat breed has a life expectancy of 15-16 years, if about they are properly cared for and fed with the proper food of good quality. The record holder is a Burmese cat in Australia, who lived to be 27 years old.

Burmese is known to suffer from several hereditary health issues worth knowing if you are planning share your home with one of these energetic, fun cats.


    • hypokalemia;
    • gangliosidosis;
    • amyloidosis;
    • sensitive skin (feline hyperesthesia).

Approved by vets, a well balanced diet will help prevent some diseases. Regular checkups with a veterinarian will help you find problems that can develop into pain and discomfort for your feline buddy.

Also, be sure to keep track of annual vaccines.


Burmese cat does not require special care. Weekly cleaning and wiping suede is all that is needed to keep their fur in good condition with good gloss. Trim your nails regularly your burmese kitten and clean your ears if they look dirty.

Interesting facts 1. Burmese cats were used to create three other breeds: Tonkin, Bombay and burmilla. 2. Burmese cat is among the five most popular cat breeds in the world. 3. Among the famous owners of the Burmese cat Nicolas Cage, who lovingly praises this breed and often photographed in her company.

Did you know? They say cats were so respected that they were given their own servants, whose task was to take care of them and make sure that there is no harm.

Breed Information

Country of origin Thailand
Life span 15-16 years old
The size medium
Weight Males: 4-6 kg, Cats: 3-5 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color black, blue, purple, coffee with milk, shades of chocolate
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group shorthair, for children, hypoallergenic
Price 250-1500 $

Breed photo

Burmese cat Burmese Burmese cat breed Burmese kittens Burmese Burmese burmese

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Burmese cat

Brief description of the breed

The average weight of Burmese cats can vary between three – six kilograms. Burmese cats are happy holders of beautiful wool of medium length, with a characteristic pointy pattern similar to a Siamese cat (slightly darker on face, ears, paws and tail). Wide round head crowned attractive ears of medium length. The special beauty of this cat bring her extraordinary bright blue eyes, and tenderness white paws accentuate. Cats of this breed are medium in size, which is sometimes not very commensurate with the playful behavior of the animal. The medium-length coat has a silky texture and a small undercoat. A characteristic ruff forms around the cat’s neck, but on belly hair has a wavy structure. The body of cats of this breed has the same shade as wool. Burmese cats can be born in different colors: from pale fawn to cream shade, which gradually brightens to the stomach and chest. There are characteristic “glasses” brownish color. Need to draw attention that cats of this breed may also have blue, chocolate and purple shades or different shades at the same time.

Burmese cat photo:

Burmese cat photo 1 Burmese cat photo 2 Burmese cat photo 3Burmese cat photo 4 Burmese cat photo 5 Burmese cat photo 6Burmese cat photo 7 Burmese cat photo 8 Burmese cat photo 9 Pictures of Dog Breeds |

Burmese cat story

A beautiful cat deserves a beautiful story of its origin. Burmese cat is considered the sacred cat of Burma. Own according to legend, a cat has got a magnificent appearance thanks to the intervention of the blue-eyed goddess who turned the dying priest in a cat with golden white hair and sky blue eyes. But the paws remained white, as a symbol of cleanliness. The origin of the Burmese cat remains unknown. Researchers believe that the breed appeared in the process of crossing siamese cat with angora but when and where it happened remains a riddle. Perhaps the appearance of the breed occurred in the southeast parts of Asia in the process of crossing different breeds of cats that led to the mixing of genes and the appearance of various colors with spiky patterns, as well as pets with blue eyes and long hair. There is also a theory regarding which cats breeds appeared originally in France from cats of European breeds, which were brought by the French by Auguste Pavi and Gordon Russell, and subsequently transferred to the temples as thanks priests. The breed was first recognized in France. It happened in 1925, but then the breed was called “Sacre de Birman.” From this and went the modern name of the breed. Burmese cats for the first time in the USA were imported in 1959. They have been recognized by the Association. cat lovers, as well as the Canadian Cat Association and International Cat Association in 1967.

Burmese cat character

If you like the look of Siamese cats, but don’t really like them meowing, then your choice should fall specifically on the Burmese cat. These pets are obedient and calm, they love people, therefore always follow their master, including escort from the room to the room. Be prepared for Burmese cats to be yours faithful companions, but not as powerful as the Siamese cats. Obedient cat – this does not mean stupid. Burmese cats are very smart and curious. They love to explore everything is around. It often happens that representatives of this breeds fall into various funny situations due to excessive curiosity. Communicates with family members and their owner Burmese cat with a gentle, soft voice. These pets love wallow on the couch with the owner or just sit in the affectionate hugs of a family member. In relation to children, pets are very friendly and friendly. They will be happy to play with small family members. But do not forget what to leave An animal with children cannot be unattended. Caused it is not aggressiveness of the animal, and the fact that during the game the child can hurt the animal, and the animal will scratch it in response. As a rule, pets of this breed do not require special socialization, but if in the house there are other animals, it is necessary from an early age to introduce a kitten with him.

Maintenance and care

Burmese cat belongs to those breeds that, despite relatively thick and long coat, do not require special care. Therefore, they are often chosen by those families that do not have large the amount of free time, but this does not mean that you don’t have to deal with the pet at all. Despite the length of the coat (from medium to long), in Burmese cats it has a silky texture, which ensures relative simplicity in care. A weekly combing will be sufficient for complete removal of dead hairs and stable distribution of cutaneous oils. With the advent of spring and the beginning of molting, the pet should comb a little more often. As for bathing, it is carried out by as necessary. It’s best to bathe a cat in the shower, without immersion of the pet in water. To weekly compulsory procedures also includes brushing your teeth, which will prevent the occurrence of a periodontium. Once a week you need to trim the claws. True sometimes active cats, often walking on the street, themselves grind them. attention should be paid to eye hygiene. To prevent infections, eye corners should be wiped with tissue with a cloth moistened in a special solution or in a prepared alone (from vinegar and water in a proportion of one to one). pay attention to the ears. Make sure that they do not occur pollution, inflammation or irritation. Ears process solution prescribed by the veterinarian. Avoid using cotton swabs for cleaning the inside of the ear. It will be nice if you significantly reduce the communication of the Burmese cat with other yard animals, you will not allow walks without supervision. Because of the special the values of cats of this breed often steal.


Health and Disease

Any cats, domestic or thoroughbred, may have problems with health, including those caused by genetic abnormalities. Consider the main diseases that can occur in cats Burmese breed Congenital hypertrophy, which manifests itself with congenital baldness, leads to immune deficiency, which, in turn, often causes death animal. Corneal dermoid suggests the presence of thin skin or hair on the cornea of the eye or in both eyes. With ailment you can to cope exclusively with surgery. Spongy degeneration – it is a progressive degenerative central nervous system disease systems that leads to limb weakness and problems with coordination of movement. In advanced cases, the pet can generally be immobilized. Body tremors. This condition is most often observed in small kittens about ten days old and can last as long young animals will not reach the age of three months. Reason for this deviation unknown. The disease can also disappear spontaneously, as An unusually high concentration of creatinine in the blood of a pet – also a common problem encountered by representatives of this breed. The ailment mainly indicates kidney problems. the first manifestation of any disease symptoms is necessary contact your veterinarian immediately. Timely, and most importantly – proper diagnosis will help cope with the disease and will the key to good health of the pet. The main diseases Burmese cats are associated with genetic abnormalities that, according to experts, caused by the crossing of the ancestors of these cats with representatives of different breeds.

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