British kittens – funny noble kids blood: rules of care

Британские котята, словно плюшевые мишки – их так хочется "потискать"

British cats attract their aristocracy and grace.

Self-esteem manifests itself in them early age that’s why british character kittens can demonstrate at the first mistake in handling them.

They are very offended when people humiliate by some actions them.

That is why, before you bring the pussies to the house, you need to prepare well.

Blue and Cream British Twin Kittens

Blue and cream british twin kittens


  • 1 Preparation
  • 2 First acquaintance
  • 3 Feeding
  • 4 Care
  • 5 Vaccinations
  • 6 Parenting
  • 7 Toilet training
  • 8 Prevention of bad habits


The preparation includes several stages:

1. Explain to children how to handle British kid.

It must be made clear that a kitten is not a toy that you can constantly carried on hands, dragging by the tail or paws and so Further.

Children must learn that a British blue kitten needs that he was not disturbed when he climbs into his house, goes eat or go to the toilet.

2. Solve organizational issues: where will the cat be eat, go to the toilet and sleep.

At first glance it seems that it is not so difficult. but cats in general, and the British in particular, are conservative animals.

About how to make a bed for a cat with your own hands, you can learn from articleshttps: //

In matters such as the location of familiar places, they do not like change.

Therefore, the selected corners should be assigned to the animal, according opportunities for his whole life. There should be scratching post.

Mrr, I haven’t done it yet.

Mrr, I haven’t done it yet

3. Purchase items necessary for a cat. This includes:

  • a tray, it’s a toilet;
  • filler at least he will first time needed;
  • house for cat – it can be done yourself, then you need to take care of suitable materials;
  • carrying, it will come in handy and when the baby grows up to transportation of the animal, for example, to the veterinarian or to the country;
  • toys, like a house, you can make them yourself, which means we care about the safety of materials;

Stylish house for a British cat

Stylish house for a British cat

  • bowls for water and feed; you can not buy something special, and use resistant ceramic bowls, but it is important that their inner side is completely smooth, without cavities in which food can clog and mold there;
  • claw cutter;
  • cotton buds;
  • shampoo for shorthair cats;
  • spray repeller – just in case, to prevent development bad habits, we will talk more about them later.

About how to make a house for a cat with your own hands, will tell articlehttps: //

First meeting

Like most of these babies, including Maine kittens kuna, the little british were with you mother, brothers and sisters, they are used to such an environment.

Once in your house, they found themselves in conditions alien to them, therefore, at first they will be afraid of everything.

If the baby is hiding in a corner, do not try to pull it out by force. from there.

About how to trap a cat, will tell articlehttps: //

If you really don’t like his place, show ingenuity and lure the cat with a toy, in excitement the kitty will forget about stress.

The British kitten is carefully studying the parrot to understand - to be friends with him or to hunt for him

British kitten carefully examines a parrot to understand – be friends with him or hunt him

Immediately show the british baby his bowl of food and water, a berth and a toilet tray, in which not only fresh filler, but also a handful of the former in his former pot.

Do not let the kitten walk all over the apartment on the first day. Firstly, it is likely that he will get lost and again with a fright clogs into the next corner.

Secondly, the kitty may not run to the tray and relieve the need for the path to it.

A few days later, when a new family member is fully accustomed, you can open before him the doors of all rooms.

However, the gray-blue color of British kittens sometimes allows them merge with the carpet, so look carefully under legs.

British kittens know how to properly care for indoor plants

British kittens know how to properly care for indoor plants


There is an opinion that when a cat is fed with dry food, then exclude natural.

It is partly true, since the rate of assimilation of, for example, meat and dry food is different.

Therefore, you can simply arrange a cat separate meals.

That is, at least 30-40 minutes before you are going to give dry food, remove from a natural bowl the food.

In this case, the animal’s body will learn everything correctly.

How to feed a British kitten?

It is important to understand that up to 2 months the digestive system kitties are still very tender, so you should never give raw meat.

The diet of two-month-old kittens should include such products:

  • cottage cheese, fat content not more than 5%, without various additives;
  • canned meat, boiled chicken;
  • baby food;
  • special dry food.

British kittens comfortably housed in a pink basket

British kittens comfortably housed in a pink basket

When british shorthair kittens reach two months age, raw beef may be present on their menu.

It must be frozen and twisted in a meat grinder with large sieve (holes up to 7 mm).

From four months of age, a British blue kitten can there is everything that adults give.

And if before that he had to be fed 4-5 times a day, now the number of meals should be reduced slightly, the food in the bowl should appear a maximum of 3 times a day.

Raw beef, cottage cheese, must be present in the diet boiled chicken, dry food.

British kitten who loves to hide in secluded places

British kitten amateur hiding in secluded places

It is strictly forbidden to give:

  • Dog food. It is designed for dogs!
  • Bones. They do not carry nutritional value and can injure the stomach and intestines.
  • The fish. From it, cats form stones and problems with genitourinary system.
  • Milk. Females have no need for him.
  • Smoked meats, spicy, too fat.


From childhood, a British cat should be accustomed to the fact that over it, certain care procedures are performed.

Then, in adulthood, he will not resist them.

British kittens are interested in learning everything around them.

British kittens with interest study everything around them

The following are included in the care of British kittens:

  • Claws should be cut once every two weeks. It’s worth doing very carefully, cutting off only that part of them, which translucent in the light.
  • The eyes usually do not need to be cleaned. Dark plaque in the corners of in the mornings kitty herself cleans when washing, but you can help, gently removing it with a cotton swab dipped in a special liquids.
  • Once a week, you need to inspect the ears and rinse them if necessary through the same special liquid and cotton swab.
  • Every week at least once you need to comb out your coat favorite. Moreover, a purebred British kitten, unlike his fellow tribesmen of other breeds, loves when it is scratched against the coat. Combing should be carried out with a brush with rubber teeth, first by, and then against the growth of wool. Adult pets are combed out. by the facilitator.
  • Bathing procedures with shampoo for the British shown once every couple of months.

You can learn more about how to bathe a cat. here: https: //

Charming soft lumps

Charming soft lumps


The first vaccination is done at the age of 2-3 months or after a change in milk teeth – at 8 months.

Before this, deworming is necessary. Then after 3 weeks, vaccination is performed.

You can read more about how to treat cats for worms. here: https: //


Toilet training

If you decide that the baby will go to the filler, then special there are no tricks here.

Just bring a handful of used filler from the pot, which the kitten went to before, pour it into the tray and show it kitty.

A curious British kitten secretly watches what is happening in the room

Curious british kitten secretly watches what is happening in the room

When do you want the cat to go naked afterwards tray, you need to show patience and ingenuity.

To begin with, the cat must be accustomed to his pot with a filler. Then the amount of the latter should be gradually reduced.

If a kitten accustomed to a bare tray is still somewhere put it on, soak a piece of toilet paper in his urine, put this is him in a pot and show him.

In theory, the baby should understand everything. Wash the tray preferably with with a little whiteness (very little!), cats love this smell.

Prevention of bad habits

British blue kitten – restless kid, he needs not just look into all angles, but also try on the tooth all that fit into your mouth.

Such objects may be wires.

If you notice that they came to taste the cat, spray their spray-repeller, well, or, in extreme cases, juice citrus fruits.

Well, glomerulus - hold on.

Well, glomerulus – hold on

When a little kitty breaks any rules, you can never screaming or spanking at her.

Cats generally do not associate such punishment with their action, they connect him with the one who punishes.

Therefore, for example, if you notice that the cat is trying to sharpen claws on the sofa, clap your hands out loud and say strictly: “It is impossible!”

Then take the baby to the claw point and wrap it in front paws about her.

If you want to learn how to make a scratching post yourself, we advise you to read articlehttps: //

This principle applies to all undesirable actions. animal.

It’s important to repeat the same word every time – “you can’t” – then the kitten will remember him as a ban, and you will not even have to clap your hands to stop some wrong action pussies.

British blue kitten playfully tugging a pink flower

British blue kitten playfully fingering a pink flower

In general, it is precisely with his curiosity, a lively mind and enough British kittens, videos which replete with the Internet, this is confirmed.

British kittens – funny babies of noble blood: rules care

British blue cats are attracted by their aristocracy and grace. Self-esteem manifests itself in them early age that’s why british character kittens can demonstrate at the first mistake in handling them. They are they are very offended when people humiliate them by some actions. Exactly therefore, before you bring fluffy to your house, you need to get ready.

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