Breeds of dogs with short legs – review with photos and names

Among hundreds of dog breeds, a special group of tetrapods stands out pets with short stature and small paws. Most of them was created for hunting game living in narrow burrows. Now it the lesson is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and yesterday’s rangers have become indispensable companions in the families of their owners. So let’s get to know them.


  • 1 Features of short-footed dogs
    • 1.1 Video: mini-bulldog tries to get a ball
  • 2 Overview of thoroughbred dogs with small limbs
    • 2.1 Larger Ears
    • 2.2 Long torso
    • 2.3 Hunting
    • 2.4 Similar to a fox

Features of Short-Footed Dogs

Each squat rock is characterized by “squeezed” but straight bones in the paws. Body Proportion in Low Rise Pets non-standard – they have a relatively large body and head. Thick toe pads on fingers on the musculoskeletal system of the animal. Puppies of undersized breeds much longer than others learn to control their body and more often are injured.

Video: mini-bulldog trying to get a ball

If you think that short dogs only go out of the blue and not able to climb to a height, then I will refute this misconception. Climb the slopes of the mountains and hilly terrain for them is a common thing. And at home, stunted pets can easily get up on hind legs to explore the assortment of food on the kitchen table. Yes and the bed is not an obstacle to soak on it next to the owner.

Overview of thoroughbred dogs with small limbs

For fun, you can distribute short-legged representatives of the dog families in several categories, starting from appearance or destination of the breed.

More ears

  1. Basset Hound. With low legs with thick bones, this dog runs, overtaking the wind, only the dust curls like a pillar. Not even I believe that the heavy weight of the basset does not bother him at home запрыгнуть на диван.Three-color Basset Hound puppy

    Из-за того, что лапы бассета слишком коротки, кожа на нихfolds

  2. Sussex Spaniel. A short dog with a thick wool adorns the back of the front legs. Compared with with the basset, the elbow and shoulder joints are less curved with одинаковом весе.Brown

    Длина костей предплечья у суссекского спаниеля вдвое короче, чемordinary shepherd

Long torso

  1. Skyterrier. A dog just a quarter meter tall is small, but muscular paws. They are strong enough to make him чемпионом по бегу и прыжкам.Two puppies of skyterrier

    Длина тела скайтерьера от носа до хвоста в 4 раза превышает ростthis dog

  2. Dandy Dinmont. From a group of terriers, small in size, with elongated back and round head. Tiny, but massive paws. It was specially bred for living on a farm in the XVI веке.Dandy Dinmont Terrier

    У низкорослого денди динмонта самые миниатюрные лапки средиother terriers


  1. Dachshund. The hound with a narrow body has short legs as if propping up the chest. Wide feet slightly deployed наружу, чтобы вес животного распределялся равномерно.Dachshund Shorthair brown

    Такса с проворством догоняет в норе лису или барсука благодаряhis height

  2. Scottish terrier. A born hunter who can dig prey from the hole. The paws are so small and the head is long that the nose the pet almost touches the ground when the Scot walks along следу.Scottish Terrier of brindle color

    Шотландские терьеры имеют резко укорочённые конечности, чтоscientifically called brachypodia

  3. Sealyham Terrier. Agile dog with small, straight set legs, easily catch the rodent and catch a wild duck. Отличие силихема — круглая пятерня, как у кошки.Sealyham Terrier chasing a rat

    Сто лет назад силихемы защищали жителей Европы от крыс иpreserved skill to this day

Similar to fox

  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Long, low body and powerful but tiny paws helped the dog dodge in his shepherd’s work от копыт рогатого скота.Welsh

    Вельш-корги пемброки — любимцы британской королевы ЕлизаветыII

  2. Welsh Corgi Cardigan. Another species of Welsh breed “shorts” with a heavy skeleton and a deep sternum is different опушённым и более длинным хвостом.Welsh

    На древнем кельтском языке слово “корги” означает”dwarf”

All pets of small stature – playful and funny, are suitable for maintenance in an apartment and in a private house. These are devotees and kind creatures faithful companions for every family. Whatever you choose know that you will make a real friend who will give to anyone man the joy of lively communication.

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