Breeds of curly cats – names and photos

Fans of feline animals will, of course, confirm that four-legged tailed from this family with curly hair cause a lot of tenderness and delight. Anyone interested breeds of curly cats, it will be useful to find out their names and see photos.

Selkirk Rex is one of the young cat breeds, friendly, gentle and patient.


Laperm – a rare, but unique breed from the family feline.


Boredom – a breed that was bred by crossing munchkin and laperm.


Devon Rex – cats with a light and playful character.


Cornish Rex – intelligent and curious natures.


Ural rex – feline representatives with pleasant habits.


German Rex – sensitive, but annoying.


Bohemian Rex will always ask the attention of its owner.

Bohemian RexBreeds of curly cats with photos and names

Cute and characteristic, independent and subservient – choose a cat to your liking now it’s definitely not difficult!

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