Brazilian shorthair cat

Brazilian shorthair

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Brazilian Shorthair

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 3
  • Friendliness for children: 8
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 6


Brazilian shorthair cat is not artificially bred or some special breeds. In fact, it can be meet the city streets in Brazil where she is fine herself feels hiding from the hot sun in a cool shade. Everything breeders and specialists agree that this breed belongs to the ancients, and dates back at least 500 years.

It is believed that cats appeared in Brazil from crossbreeding. british shorthair that the english brought with them sailors, and local cats, wild and domesticated, who at that time inhabited this territory. English sailors, like any other sailors in the history of mankind were afraid of rodents that started in the holds and ate food supplies, and taken to protect against rodents swimming cats.

Paulo Samuel Rushi, founder of the Cat Federation in Brazil, and also the Cat Club in Rio de Janeiro, achieved breed recognition in 1998 year.


Brazilian shorthair cat – an ancient breed that perfectly socialized and over the centuries accumulated invaluable genetic experience of communication with humans. These are wonderful hunters, best friends of children, and a thunderstorm of mice and rats.

The breed Brazilian Shorthair has medium and large size, slender, elongated legs and muscular physique. Cat medium size, wedge-shaped muzzle. There is a mass different colors of this breed, and therefore you have great freedom of choice. Life expectancy is an average of 15 years, but good care and food can increase this figure.


These are unusually affectionate and loving animals that store in itself, as it sometimes seems, an inexhaustible supply of vitality and energy. At the same time, they cannot be called hyperactive – they love and lie on the owner’s lap and relax in the fresh, soft grass, when it’s a hot sunny day outside.

On the other hand, they love to hunt, and have achieved this true mastery. Affects genetics – for hundreds years, these animals were necessary for people to fight rodents, in addition, there are wild cats in the pedigree. Brazilian a short-haired cat is able to become very attached to its members family, to domestic life, to the place in which he lives. She is very inquisitive, has a developed intellect, likes to watch everyone that happens around and participate in various home processes.

By and large, she doesn’t care what exactly you do – a cat, and she does not understand what a computer, work or laundry is. She just likes to be with his family, with his master, and to feel that she is involved in some kind of activity. Brazilian cats are playful and get along well with children. Perceive normally other pets, unless it is rodents or birds. TO strangers are calm.

Common diseases

The breed Brazilian Shorthair is excellent health, does not have any pronounced genetic problems. At her persistent psyche, excellent immunity and excellent metabolism. The only thing that can be noted is high sensitivity to cold, but this is true only in the winter. And then if you going to walk your pet on the street.


Short hair means that you will not have problems with leaving. It is enough to brush the cat once a week with a brush, and enough. Teeth need to be cleaned at least 3 times a week, claws are cut every 10 days, bathe the pet every 2-3 months. Definitely needed keep your eyes and ears clean.

Breed Information

Country of origin Brazil
Life span 14-20 years old
The size medium-large
Weight Males: 4-5 kg, Cats: 3-4 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color any colors and patterns of wool
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group shorthair
Price 1000 – 1200 $

Breed photo

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Brazilian Shorthairbrazilian shorthair cat Brazilian Shorthair brazilian shorthair cat

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