Beggars Dogs – Photo of the Eternally Hungry pets

Dogs are still beggars. And their owners are great about it they know. And all the same, they are carried on to their tricks. But how not to treat this cute face when she SO requests?

Probably everyone is familiar with this situation during the feast. And after all everyone treats.

Beggar Dog

Beggar dog

Beggar Dog

“Well, a piece, please.”

The dog asks for food

Pug asks for pizza

How to resist when there are so many with hungry eyes?





Well, what eyes. How not to treat?

A dog with hungry eyesPug begsThe dog begs

“Thinking of food.”

Beggar Dog

Maybe he threatens at all?

Beggar DogThe dog begs foodDog asks for pizza


The dog helps to cook barbecue

“Look how we can. Now treat!”.

Dogs Begging

On pizza all greedy.

Pug asks for pizza

“And here I am! Well, share it.”

The dog under the table asks for meatThe dog asks for food

“If anything, I already brought a plate.”

Dog with an empty bowlDog with an empty bowl

Have you now seen that it is impossible to resist their gaze? Dogs are still beggars and they do it extremely cute.

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