Barking parrot: video where the bird behaves like dog

The barking parrot is a very funny and sweet sight. Video from snow-white cockatoo, which barks in a pack of dogs, won the hearts many internet users.

Not so long ago, a funny video appeared on the Internet where a snow-white crested parrot barks and whines like a dog. The action takes place at the gates of a private compound, where three dogs and feathered rushing from side to side, scaring away passers-by. It is noteworthy that the parrot very well joined the pack of dogs. His barking, habits and movements are practically no different from canine.

The action on the video takes place in the city of Rudepurt in South Africa. As the parrot owner himself notes, the feathered pet lives in their the family is already 19 years old. He grew up and raised with dogs, so easily imitates their language and habits.

Video: cockatoo barks like a dog

This video seemed very sweet and unobtrusive to me. Met such a barking parrot on the street or in the courtyard of a private house, I would I definitely watched him for a couple of minutes. Moreover, revising a sufficient number of videos featuring cockatoos, I concluded that this breed of parrots is distinguished by its intelligence and talent for imitation. Perhaps this is one of the pets that I could have at home at home.

With whom you will lead, from that you will be typed! This old proverb best fits the description of this video. After all, parrots – very talented and intelligent birds that quickly catch and imitate habits, habits and voices of people, animals, as well as sounds household appliances.

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