Baby panda makes apchi

We all sneeze sometimes. Sometimes it happens so all around suddenly startled by the sudden sound of loud sound. Animals are not much different from us in this situations: they sneeze and get scared.

In a 16-second video that gained 220 million views, The baby panda is about 3 months old. At this age they are already something they see and hear, but even crawl still very little and uncertainly. Kid lies next to her mother, who, in turn, is attractively crunching with something. Suddenly the baby sneezes loudly. It was unexpected for mother, she even startled and looked dumbfounded at the cub. Chew, however, not stopped.

Video: how the baby panda sneezed

Panda cubs are born blind, almost naked and very small: their weight ranges from 50 to 150 grams. They are essentially differ from adults, so black spots begin appear on the skin and coat only closer to a month.

Sneezing is one of the protective reflexes that is not peculiar to only to people, but also to animals. But sometimes the reaction of others to this loud sudden sound is funny, and the videos that captured like, enjoy incredible success on the Internet.

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