A growling dog says la-la-la – popular video

Video jokes with animals are a popular category that does not has been losing fans for years. What kind of sounds do not make pets in the skates – sing, howl, growl, try to repeat human speech, but units are becoming popular. One such the audience’s favorite is a rabid dog that says la-la-la.

The clip where the dog says “la-la-la” cannot leave either one person without a smile. In fact, a pet named Momo growls rather viciously, but the owner did not leave it unattended – he fingers covers the jaws of the dog, and therefore clear La-la-la sounds. The first video, which acquired a huge popularity, appeared in 2017 on the owner’s channel – Alexandra Zekudze. After that, to this day rare videos with an unusual and very charismatic dog.

Video: original video where a growling dog says la la la

It’s worth noting that a growling dog that says “la-la-la”, did not remain known exclusively in its original form. Thanks very melodic roar it is often used to create others video jokes with pop stars, for example, with Lady Gaga.

Video: growling dog in Lady Gaga’s videos

An emotional dog and an inventive owner – this tandem enough for popularity on the net. Growling dog talking “la-la-la”, has become a real hit and an excellent base for a huge the number of other video jokes.

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