7 flea myths

Nobody wants to face the problem of appearing in a pet tiny, wingless parasites – fleas that feed on blood animal. Although fleas have successfully parasitized mammals, for hundreds of centuries, there are still many myths about these annoying insects, in particular that there are ways that can completely protect your pet from fleas. Of course you can disagree, but you need to face the facts and understand that fleas can appear in any cat and dog. Today we will try debunk the seven most common flea myths.

The seven most common flea myths are:

  • Garlic saves from fleas. Garlic added to your food a dog or cat also rescues from fleas, as well as from vampires. Neither unified scientific evidence that garlic protects against fleas – not. Moreover, feeding an animal with garlic can negatively affect his health. The fact is that garlic, in large quantities that damage red blood cells, which can lead to to the occurrence of anemia. It’s best to use only those drugs. from fleas that are prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • You can catch fleas only on the street. Your cat or the dog spends most of his time at home, so you think that protected against fleas? You are mistaken! Even with pets who never leave the house at all, fleas may appear. Of course, if the animal goes outside, spends time in company with others animals – the risk of fleas increases, but these small parasites can also get into the house on people’s clothing or on wool other animals.
  • Do not worry about the appearance of fleas in winter. Although fleas and love warm weather, but this does not prevent them from living in the winter. The thing is that your home represents the perfect environment for them in the cold season. Frost can kill fleas on the street, but not in warm corners your house. Moreover, in the absence of a host whose blood parasites feed, they can fall into a kind of hibernation. it means that fleas may be waiting the victims. That’s why fleas are a year-round problem, measures precautions must be taken constantly.
  • Cleanliness in the house is the key to the absence of fleas in animals. Of course, cleanliness in the house is not a bad thing, but it is not one hundred percent guarantee that fleas do not appear. As soon as fleas will appear in your animal, you are unlikely to be able to clean your home from these small parasites. This is primarily due to the fact that fleas breed fast. They can lay 40-50 eggs per day. For several months, one flea can delay several hundred to several thousand eggs. If you have several pets, then everyone will have to be treated. So as not to disappointed in the results of treatment, it is best to turn to to a specialist.
  • Fleas love carpets. Eggs and Pupa Fleas can lurk almost anywhere: in bedding, in clothes, furniture, skirting boards, etc. Therefore has not the slightest values ​​of whether the floor of your house is covered with wood or carpet.
  • As soon as fleas disappeared, the problem disappeared. Do not make hasty conclusions. The main problem is caused adult fleas that feed on animal blood. Their number accounts for 5% of the total number of these parasites in the animal. The remaining 95% of the parasites are eggs, larvae and pupae. From them also need to get rid. The problem is that seeing them is not so simply. You should know that there are drugs that are aimed on the destruction of adult fleas, but there are those that affect eggs, larvae and pupae. Be sure to ask your veterinarian to appoint a drug that completely destroys parasites. Maybe for complete disposal of fleas, treatment will have to be carried out in several stages. Sometimes they even resort to the services of pest control completely destroy parasites and their larvae in the house, as well as in the yard. Permanent monitoring of your pet is essential will reduce the risk of infection.
  • My pet does not scratch itself, so it does not have fleas. Though the first indicator of fleas is constant scratching because of the itch, it’s still not worth thinking that if the animal doesn’t itches, then it does not have fleas. Fleas are parasites that can cause the appearance of other parasitic diseases. Of course it is does not mean that every animal should have fleas, but not worth it forget about the existence of such a threat. Therefore best consult your veterinarian for advice on medications for prevention and ongoing monitoring.

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