5 secrets of a happy domestic cat

Yes, you have no way to open the door and let the cat out more interesting life. But, in fact, having examined your home with your cat’s point of view and adding a few objects to it, your the domestic cat will be both safe and happy. Let’s look at five easy ways to do this:

5 secrets of a happy domestic cat

1. Think vertically

Cats love to climb, so give them such an opportunity. For it’s possible to install peculiar trees from floor to ceiling, covered with sisal rope and upholstered with platforms for sitting – these trees will give your cat the opportunity to look at the world from above. The cat will receive special satisfaction if you have a family dog. Which cat, in the end, does not want to look at the dog down?

2. Add toys

Cats really like to win toys. Every domestic cat must have toys to fight and chase them so hide in them and play all kinds of interactive games. Not forget that some toys must have catnip inside. Although not all cats can enjoy this mint, but those who can can experience real bliss from her. If your cat “addict”, then you can pamper her very often. Grate fresh catnip on trees, scratching post, or any other objects and toys. It is completely safe for your cat, and she will enjoy the light euphoria.

The most beloved toys in humans and cats are interactive. Every cat lover should have a “teaser toy,” which can be made from a flexible rod with a ribbon and something fluffy on the end. On this toy the cat will be able to use its hunting instinct. Another interactive toy might be a laser pointer that the cat will be able to chase (just be be careful not to direct the beam into your cat’s eyes).

3. Provide a good view

Regardless of the size of your home, a pet cat should know nearby sights and sounds. Provide the cat a little visual stimulation by placing a bird feeder outside the window and providing the pet with a place for comfortable observation.

However, it must be remembered that a good review will not always be suitable for your cat. If there are other cats in your yard, then your pet can be very disappointed at their sight (he even can turn this frustration into aggression and attack people in home!). The solution may be to prevent other cats from to your yard. Otherwise, you may have to close some windows from your cat.

If the view does not work, try a TV. Some companies offer special discs for cats. Try one of them, and if it will entertain your cat, you you can use others where they will be friendly for cats images, including birds and rodents.

4. Use plants

Cats like to chew on plants. In any book about cats you can find a list of plants that do not need to be used at home animals. You can also contact your veterinarian and ask about plants dangerous for cats.

Once you are sure to choose safe plants, you can place them all over the house, but especially valuable decorative Plants are best placed out of reach. So that the cat does not dig in pots, place a layer of small rough stones in them. you too you can place pots in a place convenient for the cat with the usual grass so that she can chew and rub against it.

5. Pay attention

Of course, one of the best things you can do for your domestic cat, is to spend time with her. Games, courtship, petting, and just stroking – she will like it all. Your cat loves you and loves spending time with you.

Keeping a cat in the house is one of the best ways to ensure her long and healthy life, but she will not be very glad ordinary life, if you do not add some intrigue to the environment. It will not take much time and effort, and your cat will truly grateful to you!

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