20 Costs to Know Before get a cat

If you are trying to find out if a cat or kitten will be good For pets, it’s important to consider all costs. related to its content and make sure that you will be able to cover them. This is especially important if you have never before. kept a cat or kitten, and therefore you can’t be sure that missed nothing.

20 Costs to Know Before get a cat

Like so much in life, spending on various things can vary significantly, so no one can give you the exact amount, how much will the content of your future cat cost. But by However, it’s important that you figure this amount out for yourself and make sure that really didn’t lose sight of anything before accepting the decision to get a cat.

To this end, we have compiled a list of 20 main expenses, related to cat content.

1. Cost of buying a cat

If you have not received the cat as a gift, then you need to purchase it from a breeder or elsewhere. Cost cats can range from “free” to several thousand dollars! Therefore, the purchase price can be very different.

2. Food

Whatever you feed your cat, the cost of food throughout her whole life will be a very large sum! Quality feed for cats is vital, it will help keep her health in the long run.

3. Bowls for feed and water

Bowls for water and feed can be bought relatively cheaply, but you may consider more expensive options such as auto-feeder and a drinking fountain.

4. Bedding and heat

Cats need warm and comfortable places to rest and sleep, so you can spend quite a lot of money when buying these or those makeshift blankets. Also keep in mind that the cat demanding on heat. In winter, when you leave home, you can just turn off the heating, but when it’s very cold, your home your cat may well need heat regardless of whether you’re at home or not.

5. Vaccinations

A cat needs an initial vaccination when she first gets it, but it will be better if later on, throughout life, she will undergo annual vaccination. Total it can be quite a significant amount.

6. Chipping

Chipping is a one-time expense that gives your cat the best chance of her returning home after get lost or get lost. This is especially important since cats tend to lose their collars, therefore, in case of any dispute, Chipping will also help you prove ownership.

7. Sterilization and castration

Another important one-time expense is sterilization or castration. your cat to prevent an unwanted pregnancy as well also remove the cat’s instinctive desire so that it doesn’t wander about long distances. If you are not going to breed your cat, sterilization and castration is a must!

8. Treatment for fleas

The cat needs periodic flea prophylaxis in order to protect her and her family from bloodsucking pests, and more to bring out fleas, a good medicine may cost quite expensive.

9. Worms

Every three months (or even more often if your cat likes to eat prey) you must check your cat for intestinal worms and parasites.

10. Cat’s toilet

Even if your cat goes to the toilet on the street, sometimes you have to keep your cat indoors and provide her with a tray with filler. Filler can be quite bulky in transportation and storage, and if your cat uses it all the time tray, can be quite expensive!

11. Equipment for grooming

It doesn’t matter if you keep shorthair or long-haired cat, you need some basic grooming equipment, such as anti-flea comb, brush, removal hook ticks and other appliances that are needed to take care of her wool.

12. First Aid Kit

You must have a first aid kit for your cat. in case of any emergency. If your pet gets injury, it will help you take care of it before it gets to to the vet.

13. Carrying for cats

If you hold a cat, then of course you will need transport a cat, for example, outside the city or to your to a veterinarian, so it’s important to always have a convenient and convenient quite strong carrying.

14. Collars

If you decide to put a collar on your cat, then make sure that it is safe and the pet can get out of it if gets stuck, so always be prepared to buy a new collar instead of the old!

15. Caring for the cat while you are on vacation

Who will take care of the cat when you are on vacation or left the house for more than a day? Do not forget to consider the cost a shelter or carer for your cat, when you yourself can not about it take care.

16. Veterinary care

In addition to vaccination, most cats occasionally require veterinary care and treatment. Insurance in this case may cover most of the costs, but even it does not apply to any treatment!

17. Insurance

If you do not have a significant cash reserve in case of illness or emergency for your cat, then its insurance will help you cover almost any unforeseen veterinary costs.

18. Door for cats

If your cat lives not only indoors, but is also allowed on street, then it will require convenient and quick access to the outside to the world, the door for cats in this case is one of the best decisions.

19. Scratching post and toys

Cats need entertainment and should be able to poach their claws. Providing your cat with a claw point and toys has great value at any age.

20. Safe home

Finally, it’s important that you make sure your home is safe for your new pet. That means you might have to make some changes in your home in order to ensure the safety of the pet so that he does not get caught in any trapped or not come in contact with something toxic.

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