10 pets that live better most people

Some pets live better than humans, which often causes not only quite sincere bewilderment, but also bad the hidden envy of others. Surprisingly, every year the number of millionaire animals is only getting larger.


  • 1 Maltese Trable
  • 2 Chihuahua Conchita
  • 3 Cat Tommaso
  • 4 Cat Tardar Sauce
  • 5 Shepherd dogs Gunther III and Gunther IV
  • 6 Spaniel Toby Rimes
  • 7 Chimpanzee Kalu
  • 8 Chicken Gigu
  • 9 Bull Terriers Minter, Juice and Colloom
  • 10 Retriever Pontiac

Maltese Trable

Trouble and her mistress

Dog Trouble breed Maltese lap dog after the death of his beloved mistress Leona Helmsley absolutely not in which does not deny itself. This dog inherited 12 million $.

Leon Helmsley and her Maltese lap-dog

Chihuahua Conchita

A dog that lives better than many people

After the death of Gail Posner, her chihuahua Conchita and two other dogs inherited a mansion worth more than $ 8 million and a trust fund – $ 3 million.

Gail Posner and her favorite Conchita

Cat Tommaso

A pet that lives better than man

Childless widow Maria Assunta left everything after death a fortune valued at $ 13 million to his cat Tommaso, who was picked up by an elderly millionaire on the street.

Cat Tommaso

Cat Sauce Tardar

Tardar Sauce

Tabata Bundensen, owner of the Angry Cat, carefully hides how much her pet earns, but, according to British tabloid, media star status has already exceeded 100 million $.

Sheepdogs Gunter III and Gunter IV

Sheepdog Gunther is having lunch

Gunter III and Gunther IV Shepherd dogs are famous for being the richest dogs in the world. They are the owners of a luxury home, ride in a convertible, relax in the Bahamas and eat truffles for thousand dollars for one thing. Accurate Shepherd Dog Status kept secret, but according to some reports it is 324 million $.

You can read more about caring for puppies of this breed. here: https: //kot-pes.com/shhenki-nemeckoj-ovcharki-foto-kak-vybrat-chem-kormit-kogda-privivat/

Dog Gunther

Spaniel Toby Rimes

Toby Rimes and his mistress

Spaniel named Toby Rimes owes a multi-million dollar legacy to his mistress. Exactly your favorite pet Ella Wendel bequeathed everything that was acquired to her – $ 92 million.

Ella Wendel and her favorite

Chimpanzee Kalu

Chimpanzee Kalu and her mistress

The richest monkey lives now in the suburbs of Cape Town. Chimpanzee Kalu became the heiress of millionaire Patricia O’Neill, who famous for its boundless love for animals. Now monkey owns more than $ 100 million.

Kalu and Patricia O'Neill

Gigu chicken

Chicken Gigu

Gigu chicken is by far the richest bird in the world. She owns ten million fortunes inherited from its owner, the famous British publisher Miles Blackwell.

A bird that lives better than man

Bull Terriers Minter, Juice and Colloom

Alexander McQueen and his dog

English designer Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide suicide, named as his heirs three bull terriers. Dogs Minter, Juice and Colloom become richer at 81 one thousand dollars each.

Alexander McQueen with a dog in his arms

Retriever Pontiac

Pontiac and his mistress

Ninety-year-old American actress Betty White recently became the creator of the $ 5 million trust fund, which is intended to keep her four-legged pet retriever nicknamed Pontiac.

Betty White and her favorite retriever

Many of the richest people on our planet experience their home pets have a deep and sincere affection, so they try do everything possible to provide them after their death comfortable and comfortable existence.

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