10 most intelligent cat breeds

Everyone knows that cats are animals that possess not only wayward character, but also a special intellect. Specialists distinguish the ten most intelligent cat breeds that are considered the most savvy among his brethren.


  • 1 Maine Coon
  • 2 Munchkin
  • 3 Scottish fold
  • 4 Oriental cat
  • 5 british cat
  • 6 Canadian Sphinx
  • 7 Bengal cat
  • 8 Siamese cat
  • 9 Burmese
  • 10 Siberian

Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds. They are not just smart, but easy to learn. Often their even compared to dogs. With such a pet you can even walk on leash.

Red Maine Coon



These unusual cats, featuring short paws, are smart and are curious. Munchkins rarely meow and love to hide things. They are are sociable and get along well with people, but know and obey well only the owner.

Three-color munchkin

Scottish lop-eared

Scottish lop-eared

Such cats attract not only the mind, but also the appearance. Rounded shapes and soft wool make them look like plush a toy. Scottish fold can stand on hind legs. They can be taught to perform other tricks.

Scottish lop-eared

Oriental cat


The animal is extremely sensitive to mood person. Oriental cats are also considered good. biotherapists. They lie in the area of the affected organ and relieve pain.

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Oriental cat sits

British cat

White british cat

The British are loyal to the owner and miss him lack of. They know their stuff well and don’t like when strangers touch him. To toys and a bowl of such pets allowed to touch only the owners.

About how to choose the right bowl for the pet, will tell articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/miski-dlya-koshek/

British cat

Canadian Sphinx

Kitten of the Canadian Sphinx

Sphinxes are unusual cats. They have absolutely no hair. Nevertheless, this breed is considered one of the most popular among cat lovers. Sphinxes do not like loneliness, become attached to owner and amenable to training. According to research, sphinx intelligence can be compared with mental abilities child 3-4 years old.

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Bengal cat

Bengal cat on the floor

Her ancestor is a leopard cat. She really looks like a color on predator. Bengalis are closely watching the owners and are capable of repeat their actions. They can open doors and windows and even use the switch.

Bengal cat

Siamese cat

Siamese cat is sitting

This breed was bred in Asia. Her name is called one of the smartest. However, taming such a pet is not easy because wayward character. They obediently obey the owner, can perform tricks with proper training and not they disrespect themselves.

Siamese cat


Burmese cat

Burmese people love communication and can be trained. They enjoy showing off their skills not only to the hosts, but also in front of the guests. Representatives of this breed get along like with adults as well as with children.

Burmese cat in a gold collar


Siberian cat lies

Some call her the smartest cat in the world. She is not only brainy, but also very beautiful, and because many people dream of such a pet. Especially appreciate her lovers of peace. Such cats are considered good hunters and the watchmen. When strangers approach, they begin to meow.

Siberian cat

The smartest cats will become not only a decoration at home, but also a good one. friend for its owner. However, it is important to remember that cats the shrews. Even the most intelligent representatives train quite difficult. The cat will show its quick wits only if he wants. IN otherwise, she would easily pretend to be lazy and stupid.

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