Why you need to clean up the dog on the street – several new approaches

Each responsible dog owner knows what to clean for his a dog in any public place is a must, even if this is one of the most unpleasant parts of the animal. By however, few admit this, but not every dog owner conscientious in terms of cleaning for his animal. Therefore many the owners, when they go for a walk, almost every time they see abandoned piles of excrement.

Why you need to clean up the dog on the street - several new approaches

Dog feces are harmful to human health and in terms of pollution surrounding land, and in terms of creating confusion and inconvenience, that perhaps could lead to even more trouble if someone accidentally stepping on or passing through them, and then forced to come back home.

Despite the various fines that may be given for untreated excrement, as well as the efforts of various local councils and community organizations in some areas still seem there remains a large percentage of irresponsible owners leaving feces anywhere but in the garbage can. Therefore to the decision similar problems have to apply alternative approaches.

The following are some of the more unusual methods. solutions for cleaning the dog who use various committees and organizations, as well as some new tips like make this problem less acute in your area.

Note the problem

One of the important issues that owners contribute to is not clean up after the dogs, this is what the feces merge with the background on sidewalks and soil. It makes it easy for irresponsible owners to simply leave and pretend that they have nothing to do with it.

In order to counter this problem, some organizations at local or even national level with a whole series of new methods seek to make these sewage more noticeable. For example, there are precedents when organizations armed of their cleaning workers with spray cans, with with the help of which they marked the left impurities with bright colors, which shamed the irresponsible owners.

Other approaches to the problem at the local level are notes posters, signs and messages such as “irresponsible the owner of the dog left it here “or” Warning: canine feces! “. All this helps to emphasize the problem and makes owners take responsibility for the dog themselves.

How can dog owners help?

Each responsible dog owner, of course, always cleans after your pet and dispose of the waste in an appropriate place. Own example, therefore, is one of the best ways to encourage other dog owners to do the same most, after all, those who saw this simple procedure are much less tend to think it’s okay to leave your dog’s feces on the street.

If the territory is clean and without any debris, then people are much less likely to think it’s okay to contribute into the problem with the help of a dog. The mess creates the mess, and in areas that are heavily polluted with feces, often even responsible owners neglect cleaning their dog so they don’t think it matters.

What else you can do is always have a spare cleaning bags that can be offered to other owners animals, if they are on the verge of abandonment of feces due to their lack of package.

One of the best ways you can help. improve the environment in your area, it helps with the cleaning process itself. No, of course, no need to clean after the dog another owner, should be responsible for his pet only the owner himself.

But if every time you walk with your dog, you clean just one “bunch” that was left by the previous owner, and dispose of it with your dog’s waste so you can do your own bit to help support the terrain clean and encourage other dog owners to do the same.

Do not forget that unreplaced excrement can actually be illegal, and dog owners may be brought to liability and fined for it. If during a walk you noticed that someone left behind dog feces, especially if this happens regularly, then report it to your local a responsible organization that must take steps to independently identify the culprits and resolve this issue with them directly.

Lastly, don’t forget that dog excrement can carry parasites and diseases, so always wash your hands thoroughly after contact with them, even if you did not physically touch them naked hands.

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