Why is the dog barking?

Why is the dog barking? The short answer is to attract our Attention. She may let you know that someone is standing outside the door, either just wants to make you play with her since her barking hard to ignore, and he usually gets a response. Domestic dogs can also bark at each other, while communicating among themselves, inviting to play or warning to stay away. Barking on its own does not necessarily convey the mood of the dog, its tongue body also matters. Wild relatives of dogs such as wolves, coyotes and dingoes do not bark, unlike domestic dogs. They are sometimes they pretend to be like barking, but actually they howl, communicating in this way among themselves at a great distance. It is believed that for many generations, people have grown dogs according to their correct barking, in particular because create effective guards.

Why is the dog barking?


Our dogs bark to inform us of the danger. When there is a real danger, for example, of an attacker, then this exactly what we need for the dog to let us know about intruder and scared him away. However, if no There is no danger, then barking is simply annoying. However not worth it overestimate the dog’s hearing and smell. How can she know that real threat, and what not? For example, it’s clear to us that it’s just the postman who is standing outside the door, or the neighbor just throws out garbage, but the dog does not understand this. So, anyway, dogs barking so that you can rally against this unknown entities together, and become a team. Probably the worst you can do in this situation is ignore your dog so she will bark until you respond, or until there will be no danger. If the latter happens, it turns out that the dog was right, and her barking made the danger disappear. So way, she will do the same thing the next time. Postman is a classic example of this. Another bad option would be that you will react angrily to this barking by telling the dog “Shut up!” (or something similar). So your dog will think that you also bark at the danger, proving that she was right, when it bothers you and, due to stress in your voice, she will have even more reason to keep barking at repeated the appearance of danger.

Therefore, all you need to do when your dog barks at something, is to respond to her barking in a quiet voice and say something like “thank you, good boy.” You can also do it is from a distance, for example, if you are in a house or in a garden. So you acknowledge that you heard the dog, and answered her that about it do not worry, and that she should not do anything about it about. But if she doesn’t believe you, and continues to bark, come closer to her and repeat “thank you”, confirming that you accurately checked the object of danger and are sure that everything is fine. If anyway, the dog will bark, just remove it to another place, without saying anything, this will be the final gesture meaning that you no longer desire any barking.

You can use a different technique when your dog barks at potential prey, for example, in a garden. You should admit that he saw something, perhaps tasty (but not dangerous), but you must tell him that you are not interested. Be careful and don’t go too far with praise and recognition right dog, do it as simple as possible. Otherwise you can teach your dog that barking is great a way to get your attention and then you can create another a problem.

Barking to attract attention

The dog quickly recognizes what attracts your attention. Attention can be any eye contact, word or touch, that is, not only a full hug, play or treat a treat. So when you look at the dog and tell her “shut up” when she barks, you give her your own attention. If you think your dog barks just to get something from you (not because of potential danger), then you you should completely ignore her – or even go to another room if necessary. If your dog barks to go on street to the toilet, then there is no need for additional attention – just open the door, do not look and do not speak with it. If she really need to go out, she will come out. You may notice that she doesn’t really need to go out every time she asks, but if you talk to her when you open the door, and even swearing at her, whether she wants to go out or not maybe the attention she is waiting for!


Gadgets to prevent barking are not fair to to dogs. When a dog barks, what happens naturally and because that she believes that there is a good reason, and to punish her for it, to hurt – she will become very uncomfortable and she will get confused. Gadgets such as electric shock collars give only a quick solution, but it is a mistake to assume that the problem will be resolved. With the help of such gadgets you will go to where come and your dog will become injured.

It is much better to invest time and effort in the root problem and solve it forever, even with professional help, in case necessary – preferably an experienced coach who does not rely on gadgets. If you have a dog that barks continuously when is one, then perhaps the problem is in separation, and it again Needs expert help.


When your dog barks, you need to quickly determine if is it a real threat or just an attempt to get your attention for fun. Where is she looking? Her sight, hearing and sense of smell are directed on you? What does the rest of her body say? You should be calm accept her notice or completely ignore her.

We should not try to stop the dog barking completely, but we should be able to control it when it starts. One day, in the event of a real emergency, we will really happy about it.

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