Why dogs lick their faces

The habit of licking is the instinctive behavior of dogs that they used for communication with people and other animals. When your dog licks your face, it may try to send you message, get information about you, clear you, or maybe she just enjoys the pleasant feeling and communication with the owner.

Why dogs lick their faces


Your dog loves being with you. Dogs can lick person to show his affection – this is behavior, which puppies adopt from their mother, as well as siblings. Maternal licking and licking peers helps strengthen family ties. A dog licking your face or ears expresses his affection for you and is trying to strengthen family ties with you.


The dog respects its owner. Dogs are pack animals who follow the established social order. Wild dogs lick the face of the pack leader to show him respect and subordination. When your dog licks your face, it can show you that recognizes you as a leader.

Collection of information

Dogs are interested in how a person feels. Dogs have special receptors in the mouth and nose that they use to processing and interpretation of substances in human sweat. By licking the owner’s face, the dog can determine whether he is satisfied or feels stress.


Dogs are almost always hungry. Sometimes they use licking, to report that they are hungry. Puppies lick mother’s lips to stimulate her gag reflex so that they can eat the food that their mother will burp. Like their ancestors, wolves, dogs may lick the leader’s face for begging. If the dog licks your face while feeding, then she can tell you that ready for feeding.


The dog wants to make sure its owner is clean. Dogs often lick yourself and your littermates for the purpose of purification. If your dog licks your face, she might want to help you stay clean.


The dog may think that the taste of the person is pleasant. Sweat man has a salty taste that some dogs can enjoy. When your dog licks your face or ears, it may just enjoy the salty taste of your skin.


Dogs love to lick. During licking, dogs stand out endorphins that give them a sense of comfort and security. Your a dog can lick your face simply because it is like.

Some considerations

While many dog lovers do not mind and even enjoy dogs licking their faces, some dogs may get too carried away with this. Determine how you feel about that your dog licks a person’s face, and then train her to comply acceptable behavior for you.

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