Why does the dog eat grass

Your four-legged companion is clearly not a cow, so you can be embarrassed when you see him eating grass. Most likely you even be bothered. Is he hungry? He’s bored? Or maybe he is ill?

Why does the dog eat grass

Firstly, this happens with many dogs, especially if the animal eats grass and has vomiting. Sometimes this behavior indicates that the dog is deficient in certain nutrients, although often this is just a sign of boredom, especially in puppies and young dogs.

In fact, dogs eat grass quite often, which also observed in wild dogs and is quite natural. Most specialists and veterinarians consider this normal. behavior. Small studies show that if dogs have constant access to the grass, most of them ate it though would be time.

Why does my dog eat grass?

There are many reasons why dogs can eat grass. like herbivores.

Some believe that dogs can eat grass when they feel yourself is not very good as a way to induce vomiting. Others dispute this point of view and believe that dogs are not smart enough to decide what to eat to treat indigestion the grass.

Observations show that most dogs that eat grass, don’t feel bad, or at least don’t seem sick. In fact, no more than 10% of dogs are sick, who eat grass. In addition, the food of herbivores leads to vomiting. only 25% of the dogs.

Other suggested causes of eating grass are digestion improvement, treatment of intestinal parasites and the need for some nutrients, including fiber. there is evidence that one miniature poodle ate grass every day and then he vomited, which lasted for seven years every day in day. Another case describes a situation where a dog for three days fed a high-protein diet, and then it is literally with difficulty could be “torn” from the grass. And of course, also remains the possibility that your dog just likes the taste and smell herbs.

Should a dog be stopped and prohibited from eating grass?

If you suspect your dog is eating grass because of boredom, then it may be useful for her to receive additional activity and exercise. You can also take her extra walks or activities. Or try to buy enough a sturdy toy that the dog can chew but not swallow.

If the dog eats grass due to nutritional deficiencies substances, the transition to better feed, especially with high fiber content can help solve this problem.

Although eating grass in general is not harmful in itself, it’s important not to forget about the possible presence of herbicides and pesticides in it, which are often used on lawns and which can be quite toxic, especially if swallowed. Also some home and garden plants are toxic and poisonous to dogs.

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