Why does a dog dig holes

Dogs dig holes because such behavior is related to their origin. Many domestic dogs, like their wild ancestors, do not can resist digging holes in the yard. Despite the fact that some people interpret digging as bad behavior, the main motive of dogs is the instinctive desire to get pleasure. There are many specific reasons why some dogs dig holes, and the most common ones are the following:

Why does a dog dig holes

Boredom and separation

While dog owners are at work, some of their pets are anxious about separation. Your dog can start digging holes to counteract the stress of waiting, the pursuit of somewhere and some other reasons. When the wait and looking out the window becomes tiring, digging may very well become an interesting pastime. Provide the dog some activity or interesting toys, try to take it to reduce her desire to dig. You can also use rubber toys or challenging puzzles to support mental activity of the dog.

Burying valuables

The burial or burial of edible values is an innate trait of dogs that is transmitted to them from their ancestors. Some researchers believe that the wild ancestors of modern dogs relied on burying as a way to protect leftover food from scavengers. You probably use food storage refrigerator, but some dogs prefer to hide surplus food in special pits, which are then buried. To warn at puppy like behavior, you can provide him with useful an alternative in the form of exercise, such as long walking or playing with several people alternately.

Garden help

You and your furry friend may have a different idea about the purpose of the garden. Dogs do not distinguish between planting and digging. For them, this is one and the same thing – digging. Some dogs love to delve into fresh soil, especially with the smell of fresh fertilizer. Try allocate to your assistant your own separate piece of the yard, where he will be able to practice digging. Praise him when he uses his plot, and perhaps then he will leave yours alone.

Escape and rescue

Some dogs start digging to avoid a conclusion, when they are lonely or anxious. Restless dogs can search something or someone to play with him. If your dog is digging pits under the fence, then you should provide her with distractions. Dog sterilization can also reduce seasonal problems with digging. Runaway dogs can become so determined that their cannot stop a single fence.

Food search

Active and diligent dogs may find that diligent digging in some parts of the yard gives you delicious mined food. Dogs can find edible roots in the ground, as well as Harvest on your site. Fresh carrots, beets and other vegetables may be a tasty snack for some dogs.

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