Why do dogs stick together when mating?

Dog mating is natural a phenomenon when the male’s penis swells inside the female’s vagina. Two dogs become practically connected for 15-20 minutes, and in in some cases a little longer. During this time ejaculation occurs.

Why do dogs stick together when mating?

As soon as the “binding” occurs, the male, as a rule, throws his leg over his back, and the dogs are blocked, or connected.

Dog sticking is a common occurrence. Do not do it apply ice to dogs so that they get rid of. Male almost always gets stuck inside the female for a period of two to thirty minutes.

Dogs should be closely monitored during clumping, but keep calm. If you panic, dogs may copy this behavior and complicate the mating process or even injure yourself. Both dogs are usually during the process they behave calmly, they feel helpless and stand or lie motionless. In no case should you try to separate dogs.

After sticking, dogs can write, this is also quite normal. phenomenon.

Questions and answers

Can a female mate with more than one male and to have puppies from several of them?

Yes, if a female mated with several males and stuck with by some of them, she can give birth to puppies from different males.

Can a female give birth to puppies of different rocks?

Yes, a female in the same litter can also give birth to purebred puppies, and mixed. Litter size in dogs is determined by the female, and gender puppies determined by the male.

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