What you need and how to take birth in a dog

If you are preparing for the birth of your dog, then you have something to think. When approaching childbirth it is very important to be fully prepared for various turns of events and have everything you need at hand.

What you need and how to take birth in a dog

Unseen circumstances

When the birth of the puppies is approaching, make sure that you have everything, even taking into account unforeseen circumstances.

  • Make sure your bitch’s veterinarian knows about the upcoming birth, and you have his phone number on hand (including the phone for out of hours calls). Also check that you have everything veterinary records and documents, in case your regular vet is not available.
  • Make sure you have the right vehicle, with with the help of which you can 24 hours a day if necessary take the dog to veterinary care.
  • Try to get at least one more experienced phone owner of the dog who will be available on call to help to you if necessary.
  • If you have children or any other pets, make sure that someone can look after them in case if you will need to accompany the dog to the vet.

Suitable delivery box

You will need a delivery box where the bitch will give birth and which will be the first home for puppies in the first three weeks of their of life. This box or box should be large enough for your dog so that it can stretch out, turn around and generally comfortable to fit in it, and also could accommodate all new puppies. It should have high enough sides to hold puppies from sprawling.

You will need to place boxes on the floor and around the edges a sufficient amount of soft litter. Also keep at hand newspapers and some old rags to use during childbirth, which for obvious reasons can be quite dirty. In addition, keep several hot water bottles (wrapped to prevent burns) and warm bedspreads to provide puppies with sufficient heat if necessary.

What is required for the birth itself

Remember that dogs give birth without assistance, so the likelihood that you will play at least some role in yourself childbirth is minimal.

However, some breeds of dogs need help more often, than others. In particular, breeds with large heads may need in substantial assistance during childbirth or even a cesarean section. Some dogs almost always need a caesarean section. These are, for example, breeds such as brachycephalic: boxer, pug and some others. English Bulldog is a good example of this, more 80% of the births in these dogs are through surgery. If you know that your dog is likely to need cesarean section, then you must constantly keep in touch with veterinarian and plan veterinary care for an approximate delivery time.

If you decide, consult with your veterinarian that your the dog will give birth at home, then you should have the following equipment to be able to use it immediately upon essentials. If this is your first birth, then you may also It’s helpful to have a veterinarian or an experienced breeder on hand, so that he can help you or give the necessary advice. You will be required:

  • Hemostatic cord clamp
  • Clean scissors to cut the umbilical cord
  • Warm towels to wipe newborn puppies
  • Surgical gloves
  • Suitable veterinary lubricant such as agrogelan
  • Thermometer for temperature control, notebook and pen for recording results
  • Paper tags or collars for each puppy to facilitate their identification after birth
  • Suitable milk replacer and pacifier bottle, intended for puppies.
  • Calcium supplements for dogs during childbirth to support parathyroid gland
  • Water and dog food during childbirth, e.g. nutritious broth or high-calorie drink to suit dog needs. Talk with your veterinarian so that he advised you the best choice for the needs of your dog.

Do not forget about yourself!

With the approach of childbirth, you will likely have to regularly monitor the dog during the day and night, recording its temperature and checking for stress. Make sure you have convenient a chair, a place to sleep and a pillow with which you can make Staying next to the dog is more comfortable. Do not forget that you water and food are needed, especially if the delivery lasts for a long period of time. Remember that you cannot help your dog and work at full strength if you yourself are not in their best conditions!

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