What to call a pit bull

Pit bulls are wonderful family animals, despite their unfair reputation. The breed undeservedly gets bad reviews from the media, although almost any a dog can attack a person under certain conditions. Fact in volume – that pit bulls (American pit bull terrier, as well as bull terrier and Staffordshire Terrier) – excellent guardians and defenders, representing an almost perfect system security.

What to call a pit bull

Do not let their harsh appearance deceive you, many of these, a tender and loving heart that also wants to be loved. Pit bulls are known for their intelligence, power and infinite devotion when brought up in a right and loving environment.

So your pit bull needs a name. Remember that his name or you’ll repeat the nickname tens and hundreds of times every day and a week! Therefore, try to choose a name that will be the soul of both you and your family. A later change of nickname may last confuse the puppy.

Also remember that your pit bull’s name should not be like any team. For example, the nickname “Sid” is very similar to the standard sit command, so such a nickname may simply confuse your pet.

Here we have presented a list of over 160 clicks and names for pit bulls of boys and girls, and hopefully with it you will find yourself the very best option! How else can you find ideas for interesting name? Try to remember the names or names of yours or places that you associate with good points. it maybe your favorite travel destination, island, exotic cocktail, mountain pass or memorable city in an unfamiliar country. Try also to search for a name in verses, stories or stories that have been heard or read.

Nicknames for Pit Bulls Boys

Archie, Rex, Apollo, Dexter, Parker, Rich, Tim, Smile, Thunder, Loyd, Marty, Mike, Polkan, Teddy, Toby, Luke, Baron, Bucks, Tyson, Spartak, Chucky, Buggy, Beckham, Bike, Arnie, Pike, Butler, Gray, Ernie, Largo, Rockefeller, Ringo, Simon, Stark, Cliff, Clark, Claude, Hans, Henry, Osborne, Gore, Volt, Nord, Bond, Oscar, Valley, Zidane, Zack, White, Prime, Stitch, Sonic, Harris, Caesar, Dave, Dante, Dobie, Diesel, Dustin, Stif, Sultan, Snake, Forest, Kazbek, Duncan, Pele, Ronnie, Sheldon, Shah, Alvin, Ryder, Walter, Yakut, Slark, Hardy, Hulk, Bugs, Georges, Zeus, Chester, Clyde, Wonder, Umka, Spikes, Milo, Monty, Maurice, Menny, Norman, Yarmak, Walt, Phil, Fred, Osman, Olympus, Wooddy, Chase, Onyx, Harold, Green, Hans, Oliver, Casper, Ice, Kurt, Scout, Twix, Tyler, Troy, Timon, Teach, Jack, Nick, Simba, Torias, Fry, Nike, Frank, King, White, Courage, Leo, Larry, Lexus, Rations, Eric, Happy, Heidi, Tsesay, Chip, Justin.

Nicknames for girls pit bulls

Jesse, Tori, Barca, Isa, Penny, Richie, Rexie, Doxy, Poly, Bleka, Dusya, Angel, Tosya, Aisa, Casey, Bucky, Beta, Bert, Busya, Bessie, Beauty, Viol, Gizma, Wiki, Vega, Viva, Amber, Gretta, Julia, Dolly, Dana, Leela, Jeta, Dean, Diya, Sherry, Lucky, Gretchen, Kira, Gabi, Gucci, Ilse, Irma, Utah, Yumi, Kara, Tiara, Thaya, Tessa, Remy, Sanda, Arrow, Goldie, Terra, Ulli, Maya, Pug, Thea, Tracy, Holdi, Alma, Gerda, Selina, Salma, Keri, Nancy, Cher, Candy, Kessie, Masya, Miley, Roxy, Rhonda, Fiona, Umbra, Chloe, Bug, Zara, Helga, Hani, Sheldi, Party, Pixie, Piggy, Chucky, Chess, Shelley, Perry, Alice, Fanny, Suzy, Cessa, Chelsea, Cherry, Chasey, Elba.

Do you think your pit bull has a great name?

Please tell us his name and why you chose it his? Just add a comment below!

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