What to call a pit bull – part 2

Pit Bull Terrier is a smart and moderately aggressive pet, capable of stand up for your master if necessary. American breed previously banned in some countries due to excessive aggressiveness. Today, breeders managed to change the situation. Pit bulls are a worthy breed with a peculiar character and temperament by nature. They are decisive, fighting qualities, courage. Although girls can be quite gentle, soft, charming and make friends with all family members. It’s better, if it is a consonant, short name closer to dog perception, which will help with training and in everyday life. let’s see what to call pit bull right.


  • 1. Nicknames for boys pit bulls
  • 2. Names for Pit Bull Girls
  • 3. Tips for choosing

Nicknames for Pit Bulls Boys

Of course, when choosing a name, you can contact the club. If there are the parents of the selected puppy, it is best when taking with one litter, pick a name for 1 common letter, for example: Thunder – Graph. Pit bulls boys, as representatives of the English breed, can wear such nicknames: Silver, Kevin, Fortress, Gloom, Pirate. Puppies often there are spots or marks on the body, different in shape and location may be quite original color. In such case names come in: Gray, Black. very beautiful pit bull

You can search for a name by referring to ancient mythology: Atlas, Tver, Hercules, March. The main thing is that the nickname should sound good, consist of no more than 2 syllables, pronounced easily and clearly. So the pit bull will get used to it faster.

You can come up with interesting and original-sounding nicknames, but it is advisable to take into account temperament, behavior this fighting breed, which is characterized by a certain aggression, bold and decisive actions. Although pit bulls are hot-tempered, they are excellent security guards capable of fearlessly defending their beloved master. When there is danger, they are distrustful of strangers, but for their own faithful defenders and helpers. Acceptable nicknames: Tyson, Sheriff, Bandit, Abrek, Killer, Tank, Anchor.

If the dog has softer and more tender traits of character, there is respect for all family members, then formidable the nickname is completely useless. You can call: Eccentric, Circassian, Fakir, Nabat, Opal, Lestor, Fortress, Zenith, Uzbek, Scythian, Jaco, Efim, Versus, Diamond, Amulet, Raisins, Humor, Emil, Charles, Makar, Indigo, Gomel.

Pit bulls, like the natives of the United States, may well wear an American nickname: Enkelad, Evrit, Atlas, Apollon, Kronos, Zeus, Hercules, Bronte, Chaos, Phobos, Theseus, Mars. Puppies – pitas are playful and restless, especially males. Some owners are trying to pick up cool original nickname: Puzo, Atlas, Atom, Ballu, Devil, Scotch, Ace, Shuks, Watermelon, Dandy, Cactus, Latte, Pudding, Fruit, Elvis, Banana.

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Names for Pit Bull Girls

Despite the visual massiveness of the pit bull terrier girls, they still less aggressive, unlike cables. It is caring, quivering, emotional nannies that can become good friends for their owners. Pit bull girls fit foreign nicknames – easy to remember and original in sound: Avril, Alma, Margot, Astra, Maggie, Norma, Peppy, Rosalie, Rose, Sinti, Paris, Kimi, Sophie, Teri, Yoko, Whitney, Miley, Macbeth, Haley, Chelsea, Sheri, Yuka, Lassi, Namiko, Olva, Flora, Nelly, Paula, Bjork, Vivien, Justin, Daisy, Ami, Jarrah, Camella.

Slavic names are also suitable, if the girl is different in character from birth and turns everyone on with its energy, wags tail and caresses constantly. Touching, soulful sound nicknames: Chimera, Justina, Nyusya, Fosya, Gina, Spruce, Delight, Blizzard, Naida, Zara, Orchid, Buzzing, Avva, Bonya, Veda, Snowball, Ulya, Yuka, Omega.

Funny and funny are also suitable for female pitas: Ariel, Britney, Mittens, Gioconda, Fiesta, Swell, Indie, Busya, Tiny, Lady, Monroe, Assol, Tender, Button, Plush, Shakira, Enigma, Yula, Berry, Vanilla, Bella, Nut, Gucci, Ju-ju.

Girls are tender, emotional, moderately capricious, smart. Differ in logical movements and actions, are able to accept independent decisions and act in accordance with them. Better select a short name that will help with training. In the presence of unusual color or birthmarks, such nicknames are suitable: Brownie, Faded, Cinnamon, Blizzard, Ice, Blondie, Night, Redhead, Milka, Almond.

These are hostesses, excellent mothers, in the future in every possible way taking care of their puppies. Affectionate, accent nicknames are suitable to attract attention: Lucy, Linda, Nancy, Lelia, Drop. They are all voiced and catchy. The nickname should sound beautiful, reflect the inner world, appearance or individual qualities of the pet, despite the formidable harsh look of the pit bull terrier.

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Selection tips

These are brave, strong, warlike animals. Rare dog breed banned in the recent past for breeding in a number foreign countries. Pitas were specifically bred to participate in dog fights, today these abilities are aimed at protecting the owner. All this should leave a certain imprint upon choosing the right nickname for the purchased Pit Bull Terrier Puppy. pit bull in the forest

Dog handlers and breeders, based on their experience, offer future owners of pit bulls when selecting a nickname to consider the following factors:

  • in no case resort to diminutive nicknames that are perfect do not fit this breed, but in in some cases, they can even cause some kind of aggression;
  • literally from the first days of the appearance of a new family member in the house accustom to your name, talking more with him and calling him by name, it helps to tune in a friendly wave and conquer puppy confidence;
  • you need to choose a name easy, consonant, beautiful. You can take into account take character, habits, habits, temperament, degree of playfulness this breed;
  • better if the name is short, easy to pronounce, starting with a dull consonant, consisting of one word (1-2 syllables), so as not to cause aggression again, not affected annoyingly at the hearing of the pet;
  • the name should not be evil, repulsive, emphasizing the origin of pita, it is better to choose a calm and moderately serious;
  • if you intend to raise a pet – a fighter, you can find consonant name starting with the letter “P”, for a better and intelligible the sound of commands, quick and adequate perception of their dog;
  • girls, as more docile and balanced, fit bright, catchy and easy-to-pronounce nicknames;
  • Pit’s coat can be of different shades, so you can take color (Walnut, Almond, Jasmine, Agate);
  • if you want to emphasize the American affiliation of the pit, you can pick a decent name with an English accent (Richard, Ben Tyler);
  • if pitas have Slavic roots, then the nickname should be Russian and reflect the vibrant energy of the pet;
  • all family members should take part in the selection of nicknames, for this to be a joint decision, and everyone’s opinion should taken into account.

Useful: than feed the pit bull.

Of course, in the huge variety of existing nicknames for pit bull terriers (males and females) can be confused. But if take into account certain nuances, this can be done easily and simply. Most importantly, the chosen name should be pleasing to the pet and pronunciations by his master.

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