Top 10 best dog breeds for families with children

Many children often ask their parents to give them a puppy. AT in most cases, the appearance of a dog in the house is a real joy for household members, and given the fact that these animals are widely used in pediatric therapy, the purchase of a dog is simply necessary. Pets positively affect mental and psychological child development. For your baby, the dog will become a true friend, you can trust and play when your parents do something busy. In addition to the mentioned advantages, the dog can become real protector of the house, she may not let thieves or bullies into the yard, house or apartment. Often, after deciding to get a dog, another question arises before people: “What breed to choose?”. Most families want a dog that’s perfect for living in the same house with a child. Especially for those who have not yet decided which breed to buy a dog, we prepared TOP-10 the best breeds of dogs for keeping in families where there is children.

No. 1 – Boxer

BoxerOne of the hallmarks of a boxer is unlimited love for children. This dog loves to be among people, and therefore gives them all the tenderness and affection. Energetic boxer active exercises are required, and therefore he loves to play and to run with children.

No. 2 – Mastiff

MastiffThis good-natured giant is simply made to live in family with children. His tenderness and attention to children leaves no one indifferent.

No. 3 – Old English Shepherd

Old English ShepherdThis dog is considered affectionate and loving, although often the instinct for protection wakes up in the dog her beloved people, when they are in danger, but it’s not bad. You will have not only good and loving friend, but also a reliable defender.

No. 4 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador RetrieverAnother popular breed is the Labrador Retriever. This is a fairly active and obedient dog that loves games and active exercises. She also loves to swim and frolic in water and ashore. Labrador’s athletic leanings positively will affect the physical development of the child, because the dog will constantly run, and play with your child.

No. 5 – Dalmatian

DalmatianDogs of this breed endlessly love people to play and have fun. The spotted Dalmatian will perfectly join any family and will become a real pride! Dogs of this breed are energetic, they will play with children during the day, and at night reliably guard their sleep.

No. 6 – Dogue de Bordeaux

DogueDogue de Bordeaux is a cute dog with a sporty, but calm temperament. The animal will be faithful and affectionate. friend of the child. He generously bestows tenderness and love to those who are about him cares.

No. 7 – Golden Retriever

Golden retrieverActive, energetic, friendly – that’s all just a few words that characterize the golden retriever, the dog, which is one of the most popular breeds among Americans. Animals are very smart, obedient, love to play, run with children. These qualities made golden retriever extremely popular among families with children.

No. 8 – American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire TerrierDogs of this breed are very loyal, they need nothing but to be part of the family and give your affection to its members.

No. 9 – Newfoundland

NewfoundlandDon’t be afraid of the size of Newfoundland! These gentle giants are great family dogs. Often dogs of this breed affectionately called “horses.” The reason is that they adore in the winter frolic in the snow and ride kids on a sled.

No. 10 – Mongrel

CurDo not forget about the curs, which are also very affectionate and gentle! A mutt or a mixed-breed dog is possible without it’s especially difficult to pick up from the shelter, in this case a tender attitude and love will be guaranteed to you! Choosing a mutt is best dwell on an animal of small or medium size.

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