Therapeutic animal laser

What is a therapeutic laser?

Therapeutic laser is a device that uses light energy to stimulate the healing of various injuries. it exposure to light is also called photobiomodulation. In the past, healing laser was referred to as a low level or “cold laser” (unlike surgical hot laser).

Therapeutic animal laser

Laser light differs from “normal” in that this light has one wavelength (monochromaticity) and is focused. Wavelength Affects Biological Effects therapeutic laser and is measured in nanometers (nm). Wavelength The laser determines the depth of its penetration into body tissues. Most medical laser devices use light with a length of waves ranging from visible red to infrared. Visible the waves are shorter and therefore penetrate to a shallower depth than infrared, which are slightly longer.

When is a therapeutic animal laser used?

The most common practice is the use of such lasers in treatment of muscle sprains, severe pain with injuries, osteoarthritis, postoperative incisions, various wounds and in any other situations where the animal is experiencing musculoskeletal pains.

How does a therapeutic laser work?

The effects of the laser on the tissue create many effects in the cells. organism, but the most significant effects are associated with a decrease pain and better healing. For example, laser reduces pain by reducing inflammation as well as by exposure to chemicals that increase pain and affect on nerve conduction. Therapeutic laser in animals (dogs, cats, rabbits and many others) also speeds up healing by increased microcirculation (movement of blood in the capillaries) and stimulation of cell activity.

Are all therapeutic lasers the same?

Therapeutic lasers are not all the same. Lasers are different light wavelength and power, so various lasers have various procedures. In general, more powerful therapeutic lasers are used for a shorter time.

How is the dose of light energy calculated?

The dose of light energy is expressed in joules on the surface of the skin. The applied dose is calculated using the type of laser, surface the affected part of the body and the size of the patient. Dosage of treatment deep tissue is largely dependent on the size of the animal, for example, the larger it is, the more energy will be required.

Does a pet need to shave their hair to apply a therapeutic laser?

Unlike ultrasonic devices, for use a therapeutic laser does not require shaving.

How long does the laser treatment take?

The duration of a therapeutic laser procedure depends on the length light and its power, but usually the time of applying the laser takes 5 to 20 minutes.

How often an animal may need a procedure therapeutic laser?

Most patients receiving treatment with therapeutic laser, undergo a procedure from 2 to 5 times a week. In acute problems, the frequency of use may increase, while time as in chronic diseases, it can be reduced.

Is there any reason not to use a therapeutic laser on pets?

The therapeutic laser should not be used in areas of active bleeding on the eyes, testicles, tumors and during pregnancy.

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