The smartest dog breeds – how smart your pet?

Different dogs have different levels of intelligence – just like we humans. Some are good players, while others they just don’t understand that they, for example, should bring the ball back. However, this is not entirely a matter of chance. Some dog breeds are known. the fact that they are more intelligent and, when buying, you can choose one a dog that has a more insightful look. It all depends of course, from what you are looking for in a dog, but overall, more intelligent breeds require more motivation and exercise. High level Dog intelligence must meet the following criteria:

The smartest dog breeds - how smart your pet?

Understanding new teams: must be less than five repetitions.

First time execution: dogs with the highest ratings fulfill the team the first time at 95% cases.

There are some simple tests you can do. by yourself.

  • Put the treat on the floor in full access for your dog. Put your pet in a specific place near the goodies. Then place one jar with a treat over it, and two more empty cans on the floor. Now let her find a treat – if your the dog will immediately find goodies – give her 3 points, if from the second times – 2 points, if from the third or more – 1 point.
  • Move your room furniture to your dog’s favorite spot – if she immediately identifies him and goes to him, give her 3 points if it takes more than 30 seconds, then give 2 points, if even longer – 1 point.
  • Build a barrier that the dog cannot overcome, but will be able to get around. Throw a familiar toy or treat across the barrier. If she immediately goes around the barrier and gets a toy, then the reward will be 3 points, if it takes 30 seconds or longer – 2 points, if she surrenders or is confused to sit – 1 point.

According to the test results, if the dog scores 9 points – this high performance if more than 5 points – average if below 5 points – indicators below average.

So which dogs are the smartest and most capable of learning?

Border Collie:

This dog loves movement and obedience. Known as “workaholic” in the dog world, the breed is the most famous a shepherd dog. Be careful though this dog will a slow walk is enough, but she needs to walk along at least two hours a day. The breed is also known for its resourcefulness and great for people with disabilities opportunities. In capable hands, the dog really becomes great family favorite.


This may surprise, but the poodle is far from a stupid dog, and, moreover, one of the most obedient and trained. Dog and in actually has special features than just a pet. The breed has the added benefit that it hypoallergenic and practically does not shed. Poodles have different sizes and can take root in a house of any size. However not less, they require daily exercise.

German Shepherd:

In a sense, the German shepherd is the worst enemy poodle. Being a fearless and reliable companion, these dogs often work in the police or military organizations. Because of this breed has a rather nasty picture of himself. However in in fact, this dog can become a magnificent home pet. She is faithful and develops strong bonds with her family, including children. Their aggressiveness stems from training and is not natural. Energetic and funny, these dogs require a lot physical exercises.

Golden retriever:

It is no coincidence that this dog is often used as an assistant. She is smart and always keen to please, with astounding instinct never disturbing its owner. The breed is also very It looks good and has a beautiful golden coat, which follows from names. These dogs adapt quickly and fit easily into your lifestyle, the only thing he needs is a couple daily easy walks.

There are many more dogs in the ranking, but the breeds mentioned are cream from this list. If you get to the very bottom, then the most low intelligence is suing like this:

Understanding new commands: 80-100 reps or more.

Execution of the team the first time: 25% cases

Among these dogs you will find Shih Tzu, Basset Hound, Pekingese, greyhound, chow chow and others …

However, this does not mean that they are unpleasant dogs, or that they so stupid they can’t be fit as a home pet. This can be clearly seen if we consider, for example, basset hound, which has several other qualities of its own, by which he will make you love yourself.

Basset Hound:

They are gentle and non-confrontational dogs, but nonetheless excellent hunting dogs, and as soon as they find something, they will follow this to the end. These dogs can sniff out everything anything, and truth, and untruth …

It is important to remember that the dog’s intelligence is very agile, and that one owner will be able to consider smart traits in his dog, and the other will simply be unable to do this. Any measure intelligence has its limitations – so you should not expect from dogs of something that is characteristic of humans.

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