Soothing remedies for cats and dogs

If your cat or dog is over-inflated, prone to stress or suffering from behavioral problems, do not despair. there is several ways you can calm them down reduce the effects of stress and keep them normal condition.

Soothing remedies for cats and dogs

Feeding and nutritional supplements

There are several special supplements for dogs and cats, aimed at minimizing their possible stress associated with all kinds of problems. One of them is a supplement from royal canines.

Royal Canin Calm CD 25 for dogs provides them with the necessary nutrients and soothing effect on those dogs who suffer from stress related to skin problems and gastrointestinal tract. Royal Canin Feline Calm – Helps cats that have experienced stress after treatment, and also provides essential nutrients for cats with skin problems, digestive tract and urinary disorders.

Both of these foods are intended for palliative support of the pet and should be applied after consultation with a veterinarian. Wherein root causes of stress should also be treated and behavioral problems.

There are also various supplements such as MagiCalm that you you can purchase and add to your cat’s or dog’s feed to reassure the pet and provide it with a sense of well-being.

Your veterinarian or pet behavior specialist may recommend other specialized diets to you or nutritional supplements for your particular pet – so don’t forget to ask them about it.

Feliway and D.A.P.

D.A.P. (pheromone for dogs) – comes in the form of a spray, a room diffuser or an impregnated collar. Consists of synthetic pheromone that is designed to simulate well-being produced also by lactating bitches. Dap recommended for dogs that suffer from general anxiety, anxiety from separation, fear of knocking and other loud noises. is he also used to calm nervous dogs.

Feliway (pheromone for cats) – is a natural compound, designed to mimic the pheromone “wellness” which cats use when they mark their territory and communicate with other cats. Available as a spray or room diffuser, a person cannot distinguish the smell of Feliway. Using one or multiple diffusers in a home for spraying bottled Feliway help your cat stay calm for a long time and relaxed and also allow her to feel in security.

There is another remedy called “Felifriend”, which comes in the form of a small atomizer designed specially for transporting cats in cages and for dating new cats with each other.

Both D.A.P and Feliway can be purchased in online stores, most veterinary organizations sell and recommend these facilities.

Cat mint

Catnip is a natural herb that can be grown at home, or can be purchased in packaged form. Catnip is available in dry form, as a spray, as well as in many other formats, including vegetable capsules medicines. Mint is also often used in production of toys for cats, and has a light effect for them euphoria.

Although not all cats are affected by catnip, small kittens are generally not susceptible to her, until they become by adults. Most cats love to eat, inhale and play with various objects of catnip. You may also be very interesting to observe the “natural buzz” of cats prone to the effect of this mint.

Drops Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy contains a combination of natural soothing herbs and flowers, and is sold as an aqueous suspension to relieve shock, stress and anxiety. Maybe you already familiar with this tool, as it is used for people.

Rescue Remedy is safe for use on dogs and cats, and has no known side effects. But, if your pet uses any other medicine or undergoing veterinary treatment, it is best to consult with a veterinarian before using any other means, to avoid the possible interaction of various ingredients.

To treat dogs and cats with Rescue Remedy, you need add four drops of concentrated solution to 30 ml of water, either add the same amount to their feed or drinking water.

You can also rub diluted Rescue Remedy on the inner surfaces of your pet’s ear where it can absorb it through the skin or inhale. Never pour water or any other funds in your pet’s ears, and don’t use that much money, that his coat or ears were getting wet

Behavioral therapy

Try to identify the source or cause of stress and nervousness. your pet. Maybe you need to watch him interaction with other pets, or perhaps you some territorial changes should be considered, such as establishing a specific territory for a pet, or, for example, rethink how and where to feed it?

Do you have other animals in the garden that might be sources of stress for your pet and what you can do to try to minimize stress from them?

If you have not found any obvious reason or cannot quickly fix it, then you might need to talk to your vet about what else you can do. Vet may recommend you work with a professional therapist on cats or dogs. These specialized experts have a large experience in reading various signals and signs in your behavior pet and can reveal the root causes of stress or inappropriate behavior. They will be able to retrain your pet and help him overcome negative behaviors so that he always stays happy and relaxed.

This type of specialized care can be quite costly but also benefits from it in the long run both for you and for your pet will be really tangible and useful.

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