Shorthair dog breeds

When choosing a four-legged friend, the future owners are not the last turn pay attention to the coat – pets with short they require much less hair care and do not need to be trimmed. What short-haired breeds of dogs use a special popular with lovers of these animals?


  • 1. Small Shorthair
  • 2. Medium Shorthair Dogs
  • 3. Large and giant shorthair breeds

Small shorthair breeds

If you look at the big picture, today most Dog breeders prefer small animals. They can keep in modest living areas, take with you on trips and in for the most part, small dogs live longer than giant ones. AND even having chain dogs in the courtyard, the owners do not deny themselves the pleasure of having a little hand-made doggie – for the soul.

The following small breeds were in the top of the most popular:

  • Smooth Chihuahua. Representatives of this breed are the smallest dogs, in size they are inferior even to cats. A large individual Chihuahua weighs only 3.5 kg, which allows it literally carry and accustom to the tray. It is decorative breed whose true origin is still shrouded certain secrets. Its representatives, despite the dimensions, very brave, characterized by mobility, curiosity and developed intelligence. But during training, they can be capricious, reminding child, in this case will help patience and affection. Smooth
  • Russian toy. For many people, the name of the breed is more familiar, which is not used today – toy terrier. But whatever you call it, Toy are wonderful miniature companions devoted and affectionate. Once the breed was brought out to exterminate rodents, and with time, its representatives became smaller, but did not lose their hunting skills. At home they can play with a toy mouse, and on the street to catch the real one. They are also “calls” and always raise an alarm in case of danger. Russian toy
  • Pug. These are short-haired dogs with an original appearance – flattened muzzle and big eyes. At one time they were Queen Victoria’s favorites, and before that, the Chinese aristocracy. These pets need constant attention from the owner, quite lazy and cunning. Pugs love to cuddle, be all the time next to the owner. Their intelligence and ability to imitate makes the learning process is quite pleasant and even a beginner can do. Owners should definitely consider the fact that dogs of this rocks do not tolerate low and high temperatures, and are also prone to obesity. Pug
  • Dwarf Pinscher. Like all pinschers, the smallest of them (they are also called miniature pinschers) are also very active, mobile and inquisitive. They like to play, run and learn new skills. BUT the independence of the dogs allows them not to lose heart when there is nobody with to chat. Unlike some small breeds, dwarf Pinchers have a strong psyche and do not get nervous over trifles. Once upon a time there were magnificent Pied Piper, today Pinschers – companions. In addition, they, despite the modest dimensions, possess security qualities. Dwarf Pinscher
  • Dachshund. There are several pedigree varieties of dachshunds – dwarf and rabbit, and they are all popular. it a buried breed with exclusively hunting instincts, which determines their appearance – an elongated torso with short, strong paws. Dogs are active and need long walks. They are very hardy, sociable and obedient. But if the pet offend, he will remember this for a long time. At certain points it becomes arrogant and wayward. Like other hunters, dachshunds are not very get along with small pets. dachshund

Medium Shorthair Dogs

In this category you can find dogs of almost any kind. orientation – hunters, companions, rescuers:

  • Sharpei. The oldest Chinese breed, bred before the start ad. Looking at its modern representatives, it’s difficult imagine that once sharpei were intended for fighting. Many people are attracted by the amazing appearance of dogs – their skin forms deep folds. But it’s worth taking into account that pet training can cause difficulties – dogs often show stubbornness, deciding that they better know what to do. And, in general, these are the kindest, the smartest dogs, perfect as a family pet. Sharpei gets along with almost everyone, but he belongs to strangers incredulously, therefore, can show protective qualities. Shar
  • Labrador Retriever. Researchers were unable to figure out the exact the origin of the breed, but there is some evidence that their grandparents were once North American Indians fishing business. Once in Europe, Labradors showed themselves in various areas – hunting, transportation of goods, they saved people and guarded. But the modern Labrador Retriever is more of a companion, smart, helpful and friendly. The dog is suitable for families with children, since it does not have a gene of aggression and is well trained. because of love for everyone around, the Labrador does not show distrust, therefore and cannot be a good watchman. Labrador Retriever
  • Dalmatian. Another mysterious breed by origin, existing since time immemorial. But at the same time its representatives extremely popular and do not lose their position. For his the story these animals played the role of a “carriage” dog, accompanying crews, later they were assistants to firefighters, were used in as service dogs. It is also worth mentioning their role in model business and cinema – their graceful becoming and The unique color here was appreciated. Its useful to note, that the Dalmatian is a friend, if not a family member, with his advantages and disadvantages. The dog is happy to be with his family, but if the kids are too familiar, able to show irritability. Needs socialization, as without due raising a dog can become timid. Dalmatian
  • Bulldog. Representatives of this breed have a rather fierce appearance, because once they participated in the hunt for large predators and bullfights. But the modern bulldog is the cutest most devoted creature with a huge heart. There are many varieties of breed, but most often you can find French or english bulldog that combine watchdog skills and excellent companion qualities. They get along great with the kids, unobtrusive and suitable even for a small apartment. Bulldog
  • American Pit Bull Terrier. One of the most controversial breeds, still not internationally accepted, but enjoying very popular. Pit bulls were bred as fighting dogs, but today they are used in sports, in the service – they are capable detect drugs and explosives. The breed is pretty specific and not suitable for everyone, as it requires early socialization, vocational training and education. American Pit Bull Terrier

Large and giant shorthair breeds

The larger the dog, the higher the responsibility of the owners. Besides big pets also need more space and food. However in in some situations, no one will do the job better. Among large breeds, the following can be called popular:

  • Rottweiler. Fortresses with a harsh appearance were bred on German territory as human assistants. Main the function of the rottweilers was to drive livestock to the slaughterhouse, so their called “butcher” dogs. They should not only watch for cattle, but to collect it in a herd, to see that no one fought back and even tame the raging bulls. And for this they should have developed intelligence, remarkable strength and courage. Naturally, today this is not required of dogs, but thanks to his stamina, ability to make decisions and courage, they found many other uses. Rottweilers can meet in the army, police station or on the border. They are excellent guards, and they are also suitable for of being companions. Rottweiler
  • Mastino Neapolitan. Neapolitan mastiffs today is not so many, but they are spread all over the world and are very much appreciated. The breed is very ancient and has long been used as the watchmen. Naturally, mastino has these qualities in the blood. Dog has a very colorful appearance and, having met with an attacker nose to nose, this will be enough for a person to change his plans. Dogs of this breed do not really like strangers, this is necessary consider while expecting guests. And at home it’s affectionate, balanced and playful pet. Mastino Neapolitan
  • German dog. These are not just giants – representatives of this The breeds are considered the tallest in the world. Dogs are amazing elegant dogs, one look of which is admirable and respect. They are confident in their own abilities, therefore they do not respond to irritants unworthy of attention. Owners are sure – kinder, affectionate, more devoted creatures are hard to find. Of course, like others large breeds, Great Dane needs good care and nutrition, maintaining the health of large dogs is much more difficult than more small ones. German dog
  • Boxer. At one time, the breed’s popularity literally went wild, and Her representatives could be found in every house. Today interest has faded somewhat, but this is rather a general trend. Once these dogs performed hunting functions – they caught up with the game and kept her until the hunters arrive. And looking at a formidable appearance a boxer, you will believe – such a dog is sure to hold. And even earlier – were fighters. However, due to the long selection, boxers managed to get rid of aggression by making friendly and contact dogs, while retaining their physical quality. The dog does not trust outsiders, therefore these dogs used for protection and protection. But in the family he is cheerful simple-minded pet who does not know how to trick and to dissemble. Boxer

Tiny, gigantic, medium sized – all have in common only a short coat and devotion to his family. Never mind, whether it is a service dog or a couch, each of them has individuality, requires attention and care. And then communication with his four-legged friend will bring only pleasure, outside depending on the breed and other qualities.

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