Shar Pei – facts and features of the breed

Shar Pei, who is also often given the prefix “Chinese”, is a relatively large breed. It is energetic and confident in dogs of Chinese origin. Sharpei hard not notice due to its massive folds that create a look of “deep wrinkles. ”

Shar Pei - facts and features of the breed

Breed history

Sharpei originated in ancient China, where it was used on farms. to perform many tasks, including guard, security and pest control. It is believed that their homeland is a province Guangdong, located in the southeast of China. In the west, the breed appeared for the first time in 1966 when several sharpei were imported from Hong Kong to America.


The growth of sharpei at the withers is from 46 to 56cm for males, and for females. Weight is from 20 to 30 kg. These are strong dogs have all colors, including black. Sharpei eyes are small, head large, with a dark color around the ears and mouth. As you grow older folds in the skin of dogs become gradually less pronounced.


Sharpei are considered stubborn, but smart, alert and loyal. dogs. Their character can be described as calm and confident. how pets, they are faithful and value their masters. However from new and strangers often stay away. If business comes to protect family members, sharpei becomes serious and even dangerous animals. Although they are not considered cruel dogs, careful training during adulthood and socialization can significantly smooth out the general character and make their behavior more positive.


Sharpei without exaggeration can be called one of the neatest rocks, although they, like most breeds, sometimes require a bath. In addition to bathing, it is important for dogs to trim their nails and brush their hair. every 5-7 days. Periodic inspection is also recommended. internal parts of the folds, since in these places it is possible the appearance of discomfort for the dog.

Activity and physical training

Regular activity and exercise are necessary for maintaining a healthy and happy state of any dog. BUT periodic long walks outdoors will great idea for this hard working and entrepreneurial worker breed.

Key facts about sharpei

  • These are confident and calm dogs.
  • Easy enough to learn
  • Love to be clean
  • Sharpei almost bark
  • Loyal to their family and owner
  • Are good watchdogs
  • They are stubborn enough, have a strong will
  • Not suitable for beginners and inexperienced owners
  • May be aggressive towards other dogs and to animals
  • Often snore and snort due to the structure of the muzzle.

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