Ringworm in dogs – symptoms and treatment fungal infection

This may come as a surprise to many dog owners, but ringworm is not a parasite. Ringworm – it is a fungal infection that affects the skin and can also spread to other parts of the body, such as claws. Ringworm lichen is not an internal parasite, therefore it is not treated with ordinary helminth tablets.

Ringworm in dogs - symptoms and treatment fungal infection

An important feature of ringworm is that it transmitted to many other animals. Ringworm is a zoonotic an infection, which means that it is transmitted between dogs, cats, other animals, as well as humans. Ringworm is highly contagious and can be transmitted through simple contact with the affected area skin.

What is ringworm?

Medically, ringworm is known as “dermatophytosis”, i.e. fungal skin disease that affects upper layers of the skin, hair follicles, hair itself and sometimes claws (nails).

How do dogs become infected with ringworm?

Although ringworm is easily transmitted from dog to to a dog or from a dog to a person and vice versa, this disease does not is very common in dogs. Lichen transmitted to dogs either by direct contact with another dog (or person, or another animal) that is infected with the infection, or through use of the same items (bowls, litter, etc.). Some varieties of ringworm can live and develop in soil, and therefore, can be passed on to dogs while on affected areas, making infection prevention very difficult.

How to protect yourself from ringworm infection?

Ringworm is a zoonotic infection, so it can easily dogs will be passed to you too. Ringworm can be very unyielding to complete eradication, as it can repeatedly transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa if any of this the chain was not completely cured of him. In order to provide the best chance of avoiding getting infection from your dog, follow recommendations:

  • Always wear gloves when treating your disease. wash your hands thoroughly after each use (even if you are wearing gloves).
  • Wash and sanitize all your pet’s items, bowls and all the upholstered furniture with which he had contact. This also applies to to the carpets.
  • Clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner to remove any ringworm debate.
  • Do not let the dog lie on your bed or climb to any other furniture.
  • Be careful with your own clothes, towels and etc., to avoid the further spread of the dispute.

How to identify ringworm?

Ringworm got its name because of its outer manifestations on the skin, which takes a circular shape. May deprive develop on skin covered with wool, but ultimately it falls out, exposing a scaly patch of skin that looks like red edematous spots.

Ringworm usually does not cause irritation and itching, although dry and flaky patches of skin can be quite itchy. Itself the infection is usually painless.

Lichen can also spread to your dog’s claws, which leads to their drying and cracking.

Dog ringworm treatment

Before starting treatment, you should receive an official diagnosis from your vet, as ringworm may look like many other skin diseases, including scabies and dermatitis, each of which requires different treatment approaches.

The problem with ringworm can be resolved independently after several months, but this does not always happen. Besides, keep in mind that any dog infected with this fungal infection, throughout this time the fungus will transmit other animals and people.

Ringworm treatment includes topical application antifungal drug if only steam was found or some small spots of fungus. In case of infection spread more widely, several others can be used treatment methods. Bathing with Antifungal Shampoo May dogs with a thick or long coat are required. In the case of very long hair, the dog will need a haircut to ensure more effective treatment.

In severe cases of ringworm when infection spread very widely, the veterinarian may prescribe more aggressive antifungal drugs, despite the fact that they may have side effects.

All medicines and antifungal drugs for treatment ringworm must be prescribed by your veterinarian and not may be replaced by any other similar drugs (substitutes).

How dangerous is ringworm in dogs?

It is believed that ringworm is one of the least dangerous diseases that dogs can suffer from. Not less, any fungal infection can endanger the immune your dog’s system, which will make it less resistant to a number of other more dangerous diseases. In addition, damage to the claws deprive can be difficult to fix, which can greatly complicate movement of the dog in the future, therefore, given the extraordinary contagious infection, treatment of a dog with ringworm should be started as soon as possible from the moment of infection.

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