Puppy socialization: the key to a well-balanced the dog

Everyone knows how important early dog training is, but you know Do you have puppies that also need to be socialized? To puppy raised into a good tamed dog, you have to create for him like that many new situations and positive experiences as far as this maybe when he will be between the age of three weeks and six for months. It is recommended that you start introducing your puppy to the outside around the age of about 12 weeks, or after he will receive all the necessary vaccinations. This will allow the puppy to get basis for his subsequent positive changes in behavior in the future.

Puppy socialization: the key to a well-balanced the dog

This preparatory work will also help you keep your nerves when an insufficiently socialized puppy turns six months, and he may develop phobias and aggression in strangers and new situations, and as they grow older, these problems will be solved more and more complicated. Serious problems caused by poor socialization, can take a lot of time after the maturation of the dog, so it’s important Introducing your puppy to all new things as early as possible.

A calm and balanced dog can visit much more places than the one that is used to one place or just met a lot of people. The goal of socialization is so that the puppy gets a new experience with joy, that you let him Explore new places when he feels safe. By doing so, you can better predict behavior puppy in the future.

You and your puppy

Understanding when a puppy is nervous or hesitant is The first important step in the process of its socialization. Some scary events can injure dogs, causing them to fear certain situations throughout life. Your actions at this stage very important as you can strengthen your puppy’s feeling security so that he himself overcomes all his fears. Signs that the puppy begins to be afraid are:

  • the tail is located between the legs
  • yawning, licking lips
  • lying upside down
  • eyes wide open
  • whining
  • tense expression

If your puppy begins to exhibit this behavior in the process of socialization, you should calm him down or approach close quarters. A good way to calm a puppy and develop it a sense of security is to approach him and allow him to hide behind with your feet. Praise him, and you can even give some goodies. By protecting your puppy in this way, you reinforce the relationship between you and help him feel more confident in a stranger situation.

You should also teach your puppy various types of grooming. Care for wool, brushing your teeth, bathing – all this you can do much easier if your puppy gets used to it.

Making new friends

Letting your puppy get used to new people and others help animals understand that he will be friendly to new acquaintances. Of course, the puppy will quickly get to know everyone people in your house, but what about the other dogs he can meet on daily walks? In order to understand rules, your puppy must first play the game. One of the best ways for your dog to become familiar with oneself find a local group or club of puppies. Even if you have several dogs in the house, your puppy will benefit from meeting other dogs of different ages and temperaments, he will learn how to interact with new dogs and read their signals to avoid aggressive confrontation. He will also learn how not to play too rudely.

It is recommended to take the puppy to the park or outdoor as often as possible. air so that he can see other species of animals. Large animals like horses can be scary and alluring when he encounters them for the first time. If your puppy gets to know them from a very young age, then he most likely will not react to them too sharply when faced with them repeatedly. Familiarity of small animals with large ones should take place under strict control, as your puppy may try to play with them, as if they fit its size!

And finally, perhaps most importantly, you must make sure that your puppy meets people of all sizes and walks of life. He will become more calm when meeting people in uniform, wearing glasses or helmets, and will behave in a balanced manner when he meets them in next time in adulthood. It is also important that the puppy learned to be gentle and calm with children. Give baby some goodies and let him carefully give his puppy so that he received him softly and calmly enough, without snatching.

Hello World!

Socializing a puppy will also help him learn more about the environment. his environment – he learns new signals, sounds and smells. Compulsory the place the puppy needs to get used to is the vet. At provided that he is vaccinated, you can bring him to the veterinarian every several weeks, for example, for weighing, so he get to know and with a new place, and with the vet. Busy streets busy roadsides, car or public transport are also good places to visit, provided the puppy is enough well managed. Finally, make sure your puppy meets everyday noises like music, home appliances and road traffic


This article presents far from all the possibilities and methods. proper socialization of your puppy. There are so many more ways, but the gain from them is always great: well-socialized the dog can become a faithful companion, can calmly play with other animals and children, and will respond positively to new situations. In order to make sure that you went through all basic situations and dating, you can create your own own list and go through it before the puppy reaches six months. Socialization is a key element to successful dog ownership, it provides the basic foundation for a dog became a successful and excellent pet.

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