Pug problems and diseases

Of all the dog breeds, pugs probably have the most unique and their characteristic face. Their flat faces, big eyes and folded ears make their facial expressions very unusual and in their own way attractive. However, unfortunately, pugs are prone to a number of eye problems due to their size and shape.

Pug problems and diseases


Pug cataracts are usually cloudy and bluish. a touch of the eyeball, which, ultimately, without treatment is always leads to blindness. Fortunately, your vet can pretty quickly correct cataracts with a simple surgical procedures.


Pugs have very large eyelids. In some cases, this leads to to the fact that one of the eyelids develops inside the eye. Despite, that entropy affects both centuries, when this happens to the upper, then eyelashes of the eyelids begin to put pressure on the eyeball, which, in in turn, can cause irritation and infection. If your the dog constantly rubs its eyes, it has redness eyes, or, as you might think, she is experiencing a general discomfort associated with the eyes, then you need to carefully them to survey.

Entropy tends to become apparent at age six months. In some cases, your vet may simply remove irritating eyelashes. However, if the problem is not resolved completely, the veterinarian will likely have to remove a small part of the eyelid to shorten its length and prevent it folding.

Red eye

Pug eyes can turn red and start to watery due to inflammation of their lacrimal ducts. In severe cases, the channel may become so inflamed that it can slip out of the duct. However, despite the rather unpleasant appearance, this eye disorder is usually not too painful or dangerous. Your the veterinarian will first begin treatment with eye drops. AT otherwise, he can stitch to bring back the tear channel into place. In more severe cases, it can probably removal of the canal and passage of a course of ophthalmic drops.

Dry eye syndrome

Dry eyes (dry keratoconjunctivitis) is quite a common problem with pugs. The cause of the disorder is inability to create enough ducts fluid, causing the eye to dry out and become painful. Without enough fluids, irritants and specks will gather on the surface of the eye. If your pug has red eyes or he constantly blinks, then, the cause of this, most likely, is dry eye syndrome. This disease can be cured. with the help of special drugs that will stimulate lacrimal ducts so that they produce more fluid.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This hereditary disease is not treatable and, in ultimately leads to blindness. Progressive atrophy is not causes pain or discomfort. Pug’s eye in the last stages diseases stop responding to light. However, this the disease develops very slowly and begins at the end of life dogs. For this reason, the life of most pugs is already approaching end before the disease comes to the last stages.


Due to the shape of the face, the size of the eyes and the inquisitive nature of the breed, Pugs are prone to minor but frequent eye injuries. Shrubs sharp corners and surfaces, as well as many objects located on the level of the pug’s eyes is a danger to them. Make sure that Your dog’s environment is free from eyes objects and reduce the likelihood of injury.

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