Photos of puppies Alabay from one to 12 month: weight and height by month

Alabai is a rare breed whose representatives look just like their first ancestors. This formidable dog is a loyal friend of the owner, a reliable house guard. And alabai puppies – touching “teddy bears”. Moreover, their development is uneven: a large puppy in the litter may become adult dog with average rates. And not different bright With characteristics, a baby with good heredity grows in exemplary handsome.

Brief characteristics of the breed

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (Alabai, Turkmen Wolfhounds) differ in the following:

  • “Bear” head, strong neck, cropped ears, powerful lower the jaw. Round wide-set eyes.
  • Massive bone corset, well-developed muscles. Powerful chest, large strong legs. The tail is acinaciform (its stop) With external massiveness, the dog is not inclined to set excess weight.
  • Adult animal weight: 6 0-80 kg.
  • Height (at withers): up to 80 cm. Standardly, males are larger females.
  • The coat is straight, stiff, the undercoat is thick. Its length reaches up to 10 cm.
  • Color: white, red, brown, gray, black with symmetrical tanning spots. There are tiger alabai.

Puppies repeat characteristics of adults:

  • Massive head with a large forehead. At a young age she disproportionate – the jaw is heavy, but the lower incisors are not yet perform.
  • The nose is large with a dark lobe.
  • Eyes are dark, large, widely set.
  • Ears are small, low, triangular (up to stopping).
  • The body is large, developed: powerful chest, strong neck, straight back, tight stomach, strong legs, solid croup.
  • The coat is straight and stiff, the undercoat is thick.

Boys and girls at a young age may be the same sizes. Tiger, white and black puppies look interesting.

puppies alabai 1 month

Height and weight by age

According to the development of Alabai, only average figures can be given. Puppies this breed develop unevenly. Small, weak dogs can overtake (and surpass) peers by teens, adults by individuals.


A newly born baby with the shape of a calf resembles a barrel. Its weight is 300-350 g.

1 month

The weight of the animal increases to 3-5 kg. Monthly puppy at the withers reaches already 30 cm. The body is slightly stretched, but still short paws.

2 months

The puppy’s growth is almost unchanged – it is in the range of 30-35 cm in withers. However, in weight the doggie will add significantly – up to 10 kg. it associated with the fact that the skeletal corset of a young beast is actively formed.

2 months

The puppy’s growth is almost unchanged – it is in the range of 30-35 cm in withers. However, in weight the doggie will add significantly – up to 10 kg. it associated with the fact that the skeletal corset of a young beast is actively formed.

3 months

The animal grows up to 45 cm at the withers. Weight doubles – up to 20 kg. At this stage, there is a big difference in development among puppies of the same litter. Even experienced breeders are not always true determine the future sizes of their pupils. For the baby to grow strong and large beast, from this age, it is important to timely good nutrition.

4 months

The following active stage of growth sets in: dog height – 50-55 cm at the withers. The dog weighs up to 30 kg. The body changes – from the “barrel” turns into elongated, narrow.

5 months

The stage of active development slows down for a short time. Animal grows, a maximum of 2-5 cm at the withers. Weight increases by 5-7 kg

6 months

In the sixth month of life, the Turkmen Alabay becomes similar to adult. His body expands, chest, paws, back become more powerful. At the withers the animal is already 70 cm. Six-month-old weighs Alabai 50 kg.

9 months

The period of active muscle building in the body young dog. Height at the withers – 70-80 cm. Weight – 80 kg. Already in this An aged animal may stop growing.

12 months

By the first year of life, active physical development is Alabai ceases. The indicators of a healthy animal in the future will not be vary significantly: weight – within 60-80 kg, height – 70-80 cm. Some dogs even decrease by 2-5 cm, but become tighter and more powerful.

Table with average indicators for young Central Asian shepherd dog.

Age (month) Height (cm) Weight, kg)
Males Females Males Females
1 25-30 22-25 4,5-5 3,5-4
2 40-45 40-43 15-20 14-17
6 65-70 60-63 45-50 35-45
12 70-80 65-75 70-80 60-70

Buying a puppy

When choosing a small alabai, it is important to pay attention to following:

  • The number of puppies in the litter. If there are more than 5, there is a chance that they will grow weakened, prone to disease.
  • Characteristics of the dog. Healthy puppy is active, inquisitive, trying to crawl, run, play. Wool, eyes are shiny, nose wet, there are no wounds on the body, bald spots.
  • Compliance with breed standards. Wide head, massive forehead, oval paws. The tail is powerful at the base. The coat is thick “plush”.
  • Age of mother. According to statistics, bring healthy offspring female Alabai can reach the age of 8 years.

The nature of the future pet often depends on gender:

  • The boys. Active, perky, but more stubborn. Animal can fight for leadership in the “pack” with the owner. Therefore important to educate, train him from an early age.
  • Girls. More docile, calm. Get along well with small children in the family.

The cost of a little alabai is 15-50 thousand rubles. It affects availability of documents:

  • Vet passport (certificate of the veterinarian, information on vaccinations), a puppy’s card (dog’s name, parent’s name, brand number information about the breeder). Papers guarantee purchase purebred representative of the breed. They are needed for confirmation. lack of hereditary diseases, congenital malformations development.
  • No documentation. Perhaps the puppy is not a purebred alabai. But there may be exceptions – for example, when his parents at the time mating has not yet received a tribal rating.

The cost of a puppy depends on heredity, external characteristics, as well as the place of his birth, color. For example, white alabai without tanning will cost higher.

Feeding rules

The full development of the animal depends not only on heredity, but also proper nutrition:

  • The first 10-14 days after moving to a new home feeds the animal with the same food as the breeder. It helps to avoid digestion problems while eating unusual foods.
  • The dog is gradually transferred to another feeding, adding to a bowl of little new food, increasing these servings weekly. it necessary if the breeder fed the puppies with dry food, and the owner – for natural nutrition (and vice versa).
  • While the puppy is small, dry food is soaked before feeding for 10-15 minutes.
  • The components of the alaba diet are as follows: 50% meat (of which not less than 15% of offal), 25% of fruits and vegetables, 25 – milk products, porridge.
  • Vegetable oils, raw eggs, low-fat added to food fish.
  • Even with a balanced diet, vitamin supplements are important for puppies of large, rapidly developing breeds.

Although alabai nutrition should be sufficient, the owner should control him. Even slight obesity leads to problems with the heart, respiratory system, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract. Central Asians are large dogs, which is why overweight is fraught for them diseases, and even deformation of the joints.

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