Photo and development of collie puppies from 1 to 12 month

Collie (Scottish Shepherd) – a faithful friend, obedient to the domestic animal. In addition to quick wits and balanced temperament the dog is striking in appearance. Collie will be a real star of the exhibition, the pride of the owner. However, the owner must from a young age properly care for the pet, based on its features development.

1 month

Until about two weeks, newborn collies hear nothing and they don’t see, they sleep almost all day. Puppies have enough love and care mothers, however, they begin to understand that man is their friend.

From the second week, animals independently go to the toilet, crawl, running around. They begin to learn “fellow tribesmen”, mom, begin to get acquainted with people. The owner protects them from danger – a strong fear, fear before anything at this age can affect becoming the nature of the dog.

The puppy’s weight does not exceed 2 kg. At first, enough for kids breast milk. As soon as the collies open their eyes, they will begin run, gradually introduce complementary foods, watching the reaction. The best thing use a special balanced food for monthly puppies. Frequency of feedings – up to 6 times a day.

2 months

The owner can pick up babies, stroke and caress. Person gradually educates dogs: sets the boundaries of what is permitted, encourages for exemplary behavior. The animal begins to understand the value of barking, dog behavioral patterns, what is a bite, what is to be bitten.

Kids gain weight up to 2.5-3 kg. Already introduced into the diet complete food – balanced, replenishing energy puppy costs. You can give cloves sharpened on a large “sugar” bone.

3 months

By this time, the young animal is assimilating social behavior. of his kind, learning to interact with dogs and others animals in the family. Trusts a person completely, begins to understand place of people in their lives. You can teach your dog a leash simple teams.

Collie puppies weigh 4-5 kg. Frequency of feedings is reduced up to 4-5 times a day. You can add a little vegetable to your diet. meat, a pinch of chopped greens. It is useful to give the dogs a drop Calcephite-15 and Trivitamin.

4 months

It is important to protect the animal from dangerous situations that frighten animals. FROM his fears must be fought together. But it’s not worth patronizing a collie – he begins to “probe” how far one can go in games with a person. Attempts to bite, fight are suppressed by the owner – he says no, “Not,” ignores the animal a few minutes after the prank.

Young dogs reach an average weight of 7 kg. Their diet can diversify as follows:

  • raw meat (portion – not more than 100 g);
  • milk porridge;
  • calcined cottage cheese;
  • raw egg yolk.

When feeding a puppy with unprocessed products, the owner should ensure the reliability of its supplier to prevent poisoning, infectious diseases of the animal.

5 months

The dog may try to dominate children, others animals. The owner stops this behavior on time, asks members Families should not be overly soft with a pet. If the dog has become aggressive, agitated, counteraction – ignore it.

Puppy is active – requires an increase in servings, so that he has time restore strength. He is also fed raw meat (serving size increase to 200-250 g), porridge, cottage cheese. Harmless little sweeten dairy products with honey. If a puppy likes fish, you can occasionally feed him small portions of boiled pitted product.

6 months

By six months, the dog begins to show character – this is similar to “problematic” adolescence in humans. It is important for the owner clearly limit the circle allowed for the puppy, but do not get involved in the game “who is in charge here.”

The animal is actively developing, so it can eat more than adult dog. However, the size of its servings should be commensurate with physical activity. For overall development, maintaining health supplements – omega-3 fatty acids, are introduced into the diet of wool and teeth Omega 6.

9 months

A teenage dog is full of energy – I want to explore the whole world. It is important for the owner to finally accustom her to a leash, a muzzle. A person begins to offer the animal more difficult commands. Already important understand that the dog has become a full-fledged companion.

Since the skeleton of the animal is formed at this time, Collie teenager is growing rapidly, you need to make sure that in his diet there was enough calcium and phosphorus contained in offal, dairy products, muscle clippings.

Meat, fish portions are increased to 300-350 g. Supplements are useful to food: 2 drops of drugs – “Calcephit-15”, “Trivitamin” or “Have finished.”

12 months

By this age, you can safely start training pet. The animal entered a time of physical, emotional maturity.

By the first year of life, a collie is considered an adult animal: nutrition need to be reduced to 2 times a day – only breakfast and dinner. Overfeeding threatens a lot of problems: intestinal diseases, obesity, pathologies of the cardiovascular, respiratory system.

Collies in 9-12 months themselves stop eating intensely – often one feeding a day is enough. Some decrease in appetite in this age is normal – for a balanced diet reduce portion.

Video – about collie puppies

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