Nicknames for little dogs boys and girls

It is worth bringing a small pet to the house, as in front of the owner there is a dilemma – what nickname does the baby choose? Nicknames often reflect the nature or external characteristics of the animal include the name nursery, parents’ names or dates of birth. Nicknames for little ones dogs, boys and girls should be easy to pronounce and attract pet attention.


  • 1. Nicknames for little boys dogs
    • 1.1. Beautiful names and nicknames
    • 1.2. Funny nicknames
    • 1.3. Russian nicknames
    • 1.4. Names with a value
  • 2. Nicknames for little girls dogs
    • 2.1. Beautiful names and nicknames
    • 2.2. Funny nicknames
    • 2.3. Russian nicknames
    • 2.4. Names with a value

Nicknames for little dogs boys

There is a fashion for dog names as well as for names, which tend to change. Before you name a puppy, you should think about it – how fast this mode will go, and whether the widespread nickname on walks? cute dog

If you analyze the lists of the most popular clicks for kids, the leaders in the ranking are Smile, Fight, Chico, Ginger, Ludo, Spike

Beautiful names and nicknames

The most beautiful short nicknames for boys are:

  • Abrek, August, Augur, Adams, Ike, Archie, Asko, Aster, Asker, Astor, Agate, Amok, Amir, Amin, Amigo, Angel, Anur, Akira, Alarm, Alf, Diamond, Ali, Aldo, Apollo (Apollon), Andre, Aztec, Ajax;
  • Bart, Buster, Bobo, Bingo, Beck, Bambino, Fight, Bob, Black, Basket, Bunge, Briggs, Bruce, Boomer, Berry, Barton, Berg, Bragg, Baby, Bugs, Bucks;
  • Willie, Vatar, Vox, Woolf, Whist, Vel, Vitus, West, Winnie, Vincent, Vivat, Viscount, Watson;
  • Garfield, Godfrey, Hector, Groom, Gocha, Hector, Grover, Gross, Gall, Gucci, Glenmore, Hertz, Homer;
  • Dudley, Dexter, Jimbo, Jin, Joe, Doggy, Jake, Jim, Dolph, Junior
  • Jules, Georges, Jacques, Giles, Jean, Julien;
  • Zorro, Zenith, Zabar, Zero, Zeus, Zippo;
  • Izzy, Iggy, Yorick, Yoda, Yoshi;
  • Klein, Cookies, Carat, Cliff, Kent, Casper, Kid, Cody;
  • Lucky, Locky, Leon, Leroy, Lord, Larry, Lux;
  • Mickey, Moby, Merlin, Monty, Mike, Max, Mambo;
  • Nike, Nabbi, Nick, Nom, Norris, Nino, Norbit;
  • Otis, Orbits, Orlando, Otto, Orbis, Orpheus;
  • Paris, Paul, Prince, Prince, Proust;
  • Roy, Richie, Reggie, Rod, Rocky, Rezvan, Ralph, Ramsey (from Ramses), Redi
  • Sol (Solomon), Sykes, Sixtus, Stick, Simba, Starr;
  • Torro, Teddy, Trust, Toffee, Tim, Toby, Tyson, Toto, Task;
  • Wilber, Uno, Udo, Wesley;
  • Haggis, Jordi, Horn, Harvey, Khan, Higgs, Hilton;
  • King, Chang, Chappi, Chow, Chibo, Chester and others.

Funny nicknames

If the owner is all right with a sense of humor or he wants call a pet fun and original, there are many nicknames, which will cause a smile among others. But before you train your puppy to the “cool” nickname is worth considering, because what they laugh at Today, tomorrow may cause a negative reaction.

It looks funny if the nickname of a representative of small breeds “beats” the size or character of the pet: Giant, Brave, Knight, Viking, Conan, Schwartz, Strog, Sherkhan, Tyson, Rambo. the dog is running

Often in a nickname of a puppy the owner “encodes” associated with his profession concepts. For example, a programmer might name a pet Fortran, File, Basic, Byte, Unix, Api (API), Virus, Bot, Tambourine, Google, Nibble, Fix, Server, User, Chip.

Use “cool” nicknames that mention products food – Cheesecake, Toffee, Bagel, Cookie, Nuts, Pepsi, Milky (from bar “Milky Way”), Apricot, Azu, Biff (from the “beef stroganoff”), Yogurt, Perchik, Baguette, Korzhik.

Art lovers can call their pets names artists – Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Titian, Daega, Gauguin, Hopper, Calder, Warhol.

Russian nicknames

In Russia, dogs were called so that the name reflected a characteristic feature pet. For dogs of dwarf and small breeds, such Russians are suitable nicknames like Fluff, Buddy, Toddler, Ball. In old books there are such unusual nicknames as Lute, Agate, Funtik, Belek, Source, Rogue, Chernoukh, Umka, Testament, Sudarik.

Today, in order to give the baby a Russian nickname, the owners call puppies with old Russian names: Gvidon, Erem, Elisha, Egor, Elizar, Eroshka, Lyubomir, Matvey, Fedor, Filia, Yasha. kid

Small, decorative dogs were kept by noble ladies, bohemia, therefore, they were given names in the French manner – Lulu, Mimi, Juju. Therefore, a large variety in Russian nicknames of small dogs no breeds.

Names with a value

If the owner wants to seriously choose a name for his pet, you can pick up a nickname with a value. For example, crumbs can be called:

  • Hart – hard, nickname for the serious, strong and courageous doggie;
  • Baster – happy, restless;
  • Bosar is a crushing, great nickname for a leader;
  • Joy – joy, pleasure;
  • Ren –lotos;
  • Buddy is a buddy;
  • Brave is brave;
  • Smart – smart;
  • Aiko is a universal favorite.

It is impossible to list all the nicknames of dog boys. Even for babies can find the original, sonorous name in which he will happy to respond. Some owners of crumbs, translating randomly selected pet name, amazed at how accurate it is conveys his character or habits.

Nicknames for little dogs girls

Tiny girls enjoy no less love and popularity, than the boys. They also need to be given a name that would corresponded to affectionate, gentle domestic favorites. Diversity names of girls are no less extensive than boys, but a fantasy, Attached to the selection of nicknames, it is simply amazing.

Beautiful names and nicknames

The baby can be called:

  • Abby, Ava, Avis, Aurora, Aggie, Agatha, Agnes, Aglaya, Ada, Adis, Azalea, Quince, Ivory, Ika, Aimee, Aisha, Alegra, Alika, Alma, Alia, Alusha, Alfi, Alba, Alka, Asti;
  • Babette, Britta, Brigita, Butterfly, Banga, Banzi, Baroness, Basia, Basta, Buffy, Baby, Becky, Bi, Biya, Turquoise, Black, Bonnie, Brandy;
  • Wajda, Wanda, Varda, Vega, Veri, Vesta, Vivienne, Vizi, Wilma, Virt, Whoopi;
  • Gabby, Gadget, Gamma, Gwen, Gale, Geisha, Gerti, Gypsy, Gledis, Goldie, Grana, Greza, Gracie;
  • Dhaka, Lady, Dana, Dara, Darlene, Duffy (from Daphne), Dasha, Debbie (Deborah), Devi, Daisy;
  • Ezhenka, Fidget, Elga, Elsie, Herra, Yeshka;
  • Jeanne, Jeanette, Zhuzhu, Zhelana, Zhesi, Givenchy, Zhuzha, Zholy, Cheating;
  • Ida, Zest, Illada, Ilga, Inga, Iris, Ipsy;
  • Kama, Carmen, Calva, Capa, Country, Caprice, Cara, Caramel, Kasia, Kashmir, Kashtanka, Quest, Kelly;
  • Lavender, Lavelis, Lada, Lucky, Lala, Lamia, Lapochka, Swallow, Lady;
  • Madame, Maggie, Baby, Raspberry, Baby, Margot, Martha, Mask;
  • Naira, Naida, Nani, Naomi, Nevlichka, Nelga, Nelma, Nessi, Nefertiti;
  • Ode, Odalisque, Oira, Olsi, Onli, Orsa, Odessa, Charm;
  • Pava, Palm, Panna, Passion, Patricia, Peggy, Penny, Peach, Petsy;
  • Rada, Radmira, Rummy, Rasta, Rachel, Rea, Reni;
  • Tabby, Tavi, Tabitha, Tanita, Theil, Thelma;
  • Upsi, Clever, Urima, Delight, Ussimusi.

Funny nicknames

Funny and cute nicknames for little girls dogs – diverse and cheerful: Agusha, Avoska, Bentley, Byaka, Donna Rosa, Dodo, Klepa, Pupsik, Makaroshka, Mamzel, Flash drive, RuNet, Donut, Sweet, Simka, Fimka, Fanta, Fixy, Chika, Yushka, Yupi.

Russian nicknames

The little ones are called: Matryoshka, Squirrel, Button, Weasel, Sugar, Button, Butterscotch, Dyusha. In these nicknames conveyed a tender attitude towards little darlings.

Watch a video camera choose a nickname for a dog:

Names with a value

Beautiful and nicknames of babies, which mean:

  • Bonita is beautiful;
  • Alba, Belle – white, light;
  • Iris – Iris;
  • Ivory – ivory (color);
  • Darlene – dear;
  • Stella is stellar;
  • Emma – faithful, reliable;
  • Glad – elegant.

If the dog has an aggressive disposition, an absurd character, then you should not call her names in which there are many “P”. Dog handlers claim that so the doggie becomes even more aggressive. nicknames for dogs

Before you pick a name for a pet, you need to find out what it is denotes. Many dog lovers pick a nickname based on pet reaction. So the puppy gets used to his name faster and more willingly responds to it.

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