Nicknames for Dogs Boys

The first thing that awaits the owners of the puppy is just appeared in the house – this is the choice of his name, that is, nicknames. Experts recommend not to rush, look at the new member families. It should be a sonorous word that is easy to pronounce, like both the owner and the dog. It is worth considering the most successful nickname ideas for dog boys.


  • 1. Choose a nickname correctly
  • 2. Beautiful nicknames for dogs of boys
  • 3. Funny nicknames for dog boys
  • 4. List of cool nicknames for dogs
  • 5. Fashionable nicknames for dogs from various languages
  • 6. Names with oriental flavor
  • 7. Nicknames for small breeds

Choose the nickname correctly

Nicknames for dogs of boys

It’s not enough to choose the right word that you like, you should make sure that the pet can quickly learn its new name:

  • It is desirable that the nickname be short, consisting of one or two syllables. It’s easier to pronounce to the owner of the dog, and the pet learns its name faster.
  • It is important that the nickname is pronounced clearly and simply.
  • If the owner is a little “wiser” and subsequently encountered difficulties, you can not change the nickname, but consider its diminutive option.
  • The nickname should not be like any command, for example The pound sounds like the command “Fu!”, And Commi – “Come to me!”.
  • If a question arose with the choice of a nickname, then you can apply for variants of the country where the breed comes from.
  • It is not recommended to call the dog too common. name, since subsequently there is a chance to run into difficulties.

Beautiful nicknames for boys dogs

To people who surround themselves with beautiful, harmonious things, they would like their pet to have a harmonious name. Of course tastes everyone is different, but more often in this case the names of fame are taken, and also mythological heroes, gods and just good-sounding the words:

The list of beautiful nicknames for dog boys can include following names:

  • Cupid, Amadeus, Alfonso, Apollo, Angel, Antei, Amadeo, Aramis. Amigo, Aragon, Avatar, Ayran, Amethyst.
  • Big Ben, Beckham, Banderas, Brian, Baikal, Briand, Baron, Boston, Barkhan, Bond, Balkans.
  • Wolf, Volcano, Vincent, Wulf, East, Woland, Viscount, Viking, Heather, Vakhtar.
  • Helios, Grice, Grazian, Hephaestus, Heracles, Goodwin, Hephaestus, Guy, Grimm
  • Dario, Danai, Duncan, Julian, Daimon, Demon, Danko, Dionysus, Danielle, Dexter, Dolph.
  • Yeremey, Eli, Erkhan, Emelyan.
  • Jasper, Jean Christophe, Julien, Gerard.
  • Zeus, Zoltan, Golden, Zack.
  • Ymir, Ilmir, Ikar, Emerald, Ishtar, Irbis, Irtysh, Impulse.
  • Cupid, Kazbek, Casper, Kai, Cristiano, Colosseum, King, Space, Courage, Clyde.
  • Leonardo, Leo, Leonel, Locky, Lexus, Lucas, London, Lord, Limeus, Louis, Lucian, Lacoste, Larion.
  • Mars, Magnum, Marquis, Milton, Marseille, Mercury, Merce, Maximus, Marat, Madrid.
  • Neptune, Napoleon, Nice, Nord, Nelson, Noris, Narzan, Neville, Knicks. NEXT.
  • Oliver, Octavian, Ontario, Odyssey, Orlando, Orion, Oscar, Olympus.
  • Pegasus, Prince, Pele, Paphos, Perseus, Poseidon, Porthos, Prometheus, Paris, Pierre.
  • Rafael, Rio, Richie, Rango, Ryder, Rave, Rockefeller.
  • Sirius, Sensei, Severus, Solomon, Salvatore, Sunny, Selenium, Saturn, Simon, Sydney, Stealth.
  • Theseus, Texas, Tyler, Tiberio, Titanium, Troy, Tamerlane, Taylan, Tyrone, Tyson, Tokyo, Teddy, Theodore.
  • Urman, Walt, Ural, Urfin, Winslet.
  • Phoenix, Philip, Forest, Fresh, Ferdinand, Fabio, Fabian, Flavio, Fidel.
  • Javier, Hachiko, Hammer, Harley, Hulk, Hancock, Caliph.
  • Centurion, Caesar, Cerium.
  • Charlie, Champion, Chester.
  • Storm, Charles, Sheldon, Sherlock, Sherkhan, Sage.
  • Everest, Elbrus, Eden, Alvin, Alian, Emir, Elf, Emilio, Edmond
  • Eugene, Justinian, Eutos, Eugene;

Funny boys dog names

A good sense of humor helps in life and is even her an integral part. Often owners want their name a four-legged friend caused a smile and a wave of positive. Why not not? The main thing is that the nickname is to your liking, but in no case was offensive or insulting to a devoted comrade.

What can one navigate in choosing a “cool” name? For example, the size of a dog. Here you can use opposite meanings so tiny one or yorkshire terrier can with the light hand of the owner turn into Gulliver, the Giant, Cerberus or Grozny. Such names for babies sound unexpected funny, and if the dog is with character, then quite eloquent.

Funny nicknames for dogs of boys

There is a reverse trend when representatives of giant The breeds are called abbreviations. You can meet Caucasian a shepherd named Fluff, Great Dane Krosh or, intimidating surrounding, mastiff Tsvetika. But here you should be more careful Considering that the name leaves its mark on the character of the pet, and, wanting a vigilant guard, there is a risk of becoming a master good-natured giant. Medium-sized pets can be unleashed fantasies and come up with a nickname based on characteristic qualities.

The owners of four-legged Métis friends often happen unintentional embarrassment with nicknames. Initially tender, tiny a creature nicknamed Donut, Ray, or Mouse can reach up to decent sizes. And there are reverse situations when they take puppy, which the former owners position as large, guardian, but in fact a doggie the size of a dachshund grows. And such Polkans, Mukhtars and Caesars run, and several owners confuses their original, not quite suitable name. If not desire to choose a playful nickname, and the future size of the pet is not clear, it is worth calling the puppy so that the name is not associated with dimensions.

You can focus on the color of the pet. In this case, the nickname will reflect the inherent quality of the pet – his suit:

  • A black-haired boy can be called Coal, Imp, Blackie, Demon, Zorro, Gypsy, Agate, Demon, Black, Blade, Raven, Rook, etc.
  • Dogs with white hair can use names like Snowball, White, Belyash, Frost, Bars, Buran, Nord, Crayon, Light, Casper, Edelweiss, White, Zephyr, Polar, Sugar, Refined.
  • Dogs with a spotted fur coat are called Spot, Puffy, Spotted, Motley, Bright, Domino, Harlequin. Among the English nicknames in this In the case you can consider options such as Bad, Spotty, Patch, Tabby.
  • Chocolate favorites can be named after your favorite goodies – Snickers, Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Tobleron, Picnic, Chocolate. Also Nicknames like Brownie, Chestnut, Mocha, Bruno, Bob, Darkley, Maroon, Brownish, Choko, Porter, etc.
  • Dogs with gray, ashy hair can be called Ashes, Gray, Gray, Silver, Smoke, Smokey, Smoke, Steel, Style.
  • Red-red dogs are often nicknamed, one way or another, associated with red, fiery color – Fire, Scarlet, Pepper, Red, Bright, Ruby, Pomegranate, Fire. Pets whose fur is like a fox coat called Fox, Fox, Foxy, Golden, Orange, Honey,

When choosing a nickname, you can focus on the nature of the pet. Puppies, like any children, begin to show almost from birth some of their outstanding qualities. What to say about the grown up kids falling into a new home. For puppies with clear leadership qualities should choose and the nickname is appropriate: Commander. King, Leader, Favorite, General, Pharaoh. Captain.

A loud barking, restless pet can become a bell, a beep, Whistle, Horn, Voiced. Great appetite for dogs affectionate nicknames such as Zhorik, Glutton, Baton, Termite, Zhivoglot, Pie. Dog with pronounced high intellectual abilities may be Nerd, Spinoza, Einstein, Jobs, Sage, Kulibin, Freud.

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List of cool dog nicknames

Those who wish to name their pupil unusual, fit and such cool nicknames:

  • Apricot, Android, Artist, iPhone.
  • Barmalei, Buddha, Keychain, Bourgeois, Bamboo, Banana, Bobo, Eggplant.
  • Whiskey, Cog, Broom.
  • Garik, Hegemon, Google, Homer.
  • Dollar, Dragon, Driver.
  • Emelya, Jumble.
  • Zhorik, Groom. Zhigan, Zhivchik, Zhadyuga.
  • Zombies, Hare, Zampolit.
  • Ilya Muromets, Icarus, Judah, Raisins.
  • Krutysh, Zucchini, Capital, Carlson, Idol, Korzhik, Cupcake, Squid, Kuzya, Combat. Confucius, Kissel.
  • Lemon, Bast, Dashing, Dashing, Buttercup, Lemonti, Burdock, Lucifer, Luntik.
  • Malets, Mamai, Major, Mickey Mouse, Mr., Mixer.
  • Nolik, Insolent, Narcissus, Napoleon, Nemo.
  • Othello, Okay, Annealing, Nutlet.
  • Gingerbread, Cartridge, Foreman, Pluto, Hang, Dodger, Pappi, Dumpling, Powder.
  • Rimbaud, Robinson, Romeo, Examiner.
  • Syrup, Sniper, Hipster, Cheesecake, Santa, Scooby Doo, Sausage.
  • Timati, Tarzan, Tube, Truffle, Tetris.
  • Umberto.
  • Fan Fan, Fant, Date, Funtik ,.
  • The Hobbit, Boss, Happy, Tail.
  • Citrus, Compass.
  • Chapay, Cheburek, Che.
  • Screw, Shaman, Shkodnik, Chanson.
  • Hercule, Electron, Elf.
  • Jung, Julius, Humor.
  • Iago, Yakhont.

Fashionable nicknames for dogs from various languages

There are nicknames funny, there are beautiful, and there are still fashionable ones. Yes, yes, if not so long ago we met on the street through one Baron and Counts, today the trend has changed somewhat. Worth considering The most relevant names for dogs.


  • Buddy
  • Bronx;
  • Baxter
  • Arches;
  • Buffalo;
  • Brandy;
  • Brooklyn
  • Brandan
  • Harvard
  • Hudson;
  • Ginger
  • Jordan
  • Junior
  • Dan;
  • Cowboy;
  • Concord
  • Maxine;
  • Malibu;
  • Madison
  • Pentagon;
  • Rocky
  • Spider
  • Scrapie
  • Sandy;
  • Tuffy
  • Holi;
  • Henk;
  • Chicago;
  • Freck;
  • Shadow;
  • Shrek.

The dog can be called in the English manner:

  • Armstrong
  • Bentley
  • Near;
  • Burgher;
  • Webster;
  • Duke
  • Greenwich
  • Colin;
  • Cromwell;
  • Maxwell
  • Rigby
  • Spencer
  • Tennyson
  • Winston;
  • Wesley
  • Chelsea
  • Bacon;
  • Yardley.

Will initially call the pet an Italian name:

  • Alfons;
  • Baggio;
  • Bambino
  • Bettino;
  • Gucci
  • Giovanni
  • Casanova;
  • Cappuccino;
  • Mario
  • Lamborghini;
  • Romano
  • Fabio
  • Figaro.

Austrian-German nicknames:

  • Blitz
  • Hans
  • Gunther;
  • Vandal;
  • Klaus
  • Conrad
  • Siegfried;
  • Wilber;
  • Schnitzel;
  • Schultz.

If we consider the original Russian nicknames, then here you can discover interesting enough options, although maybe not always graceful: Bandit, Tramp, Bayan, Boar, Volodar, Veles, Savage, Gift, Dobrynya, Bully, Zagrai, Boar, Nightmare, Lute, Handsome, Svarog, Mischievous, Perun, Ratibor, Fog, Horse, Zimun, Chance.

There are also “northern” nicknames, of course, that fit they are far from all breeds:

  • Storm;
  • Igloo;
  • Klondike;
  • Kenosh;
  • Nordic;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Tundra;
  • Yukon;
  • Utik;
  • Yamal;
  • Scimitar.

Quite exquisite nicknames can be found in French Language: Andre, Bijou, Benji, Destin, Cavier, Cousteau, Kenzo, Maurice, Rochelle, Seymour, Soleil, Tyson, Toby, Eiffel, Enzo, Finn, Chevalier.

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Names with oriental flavor

Acquiring dogs of eastern breeds, mainly shepherd’s, owners often turn to Asian languages, choosing beautiful and a sonorous name for your pet. Since most often cognition languages of this group are insignificant, it is worth knowing in advance what means a particular word:

  • Anor is a pomegranate.
  • Avlod is a tribe.
  • Akhtar is a comet.
  • Adjar is a dragon.
  • Askar is a soldier.
  • Barfie is snowy.
  • Bark – Lightning.
  • Borac – spring.
  • Bodom – Almonds.
  • Betars – brave, fearless.
  • Wafo is faithful.
  • Wehim is horror.
  • Byron is a destroyer.
  • Gurg is a wolf.
  • Ganda-Gir – tightly grabbing and biting.
  • Dard is a pain.
  • Dovlet – wealth, prosperity.
  • Dauchi is a brawler.
  • Eckemen – unsociable.
  • Jasur is the brave.
  • Zafar is a victory.
  • Jermen is a glutton.
  • Cordon – knows his job.
  • Climb – necessary.
  • Munkar is the name of an angel.
  • Osmon is the sky.
  • Oyalchan is shy.

Nicknames for small breeds

Today, decorative dogs are common small sizes, and the smaller the pet, the larger it is appreciated. Naturally, tiny animals require respective names. Among the suitable, the following nicknames, as if hinting at any qualities of a pet: Ali, Winnie, Barrick, Pancake, Chaffinch, Cash, Croche, Cube. Kefirchik, Zhivchik, Ray, Minik, Masya, Toddler, Nutlet, Soup, Peach, Cherry, Flower, Little Bee, Pupsik, etc.

Nicknames for small breeds of dogs

The following names will tell about the size: Gnome, Atom, Micron, Pixel, Elf, Mouse, Baby, Little. For crumbs, you can choose something neutral, short names are especially harmoniously combined: Nick, Rick, Steve, Eddie, Leo, Nol, Steve, Lenny, Tys, Tim, etc.

If a little doggie has a serious character, then you can him pick and proper name, for example, Amadeus, Pascal, Edison, Cooper, Glen, Jason, Watts, Marx, Sebastian.

The nickname for the dog is that name for the person. It affects the character pet, his behavior, and also determines the position of the new member in family. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a nickname calmly, without rushing and it is desirable that the whole family participate in the process. She should first try what’s called “taste” by saying it slowly, and then try to repeat quickly. And after offering her baby – he happily reacted? So this is what you need! BUT if the pet has not betrayed any emotions, then the search should to continue.

It doesn’t matter whether the dog is a Thunderbolt or a Pancake, much more important to love and care for his four-legged friend, and he will answer reciprocity.

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