Long-haired dog breeds

A dog is man’s best friend, and these are by no means empty words, for it is hardly possible to find a more faithful and trusting being. For the owner of the most-most is his pet, and it does not matter, thoroughbred he or a mongrel, furry or without hair. But still always there was a fashion for various breeds, and today among long-haired dogs also have the most popular representatives.


  • 1. Longhair breeds of large sizes
  • 2. Medium long-haired breeds
  • 3. Small long-haired dogs

Large Longhair Breeds

Among the pets who, in addition to long hair, possess impressive sizes, the following are most often found breeds:

  • Newfoundland. Once they were fishermen’s assistants on the island of the same name and astonished by amazing working qualities and abilities to stay on water, to dive. No, modern representatives the breeds have not lost their abilities, but their poise and calm disposition allowed them to become excellent companions for human and family dogs. Newfoundlands – dedicated and very strong pets loving children and their family. Newfoundland
  • South Russian Shepherd Dog. Huge dogs similar not snow-white, less often – a grayish snowdrift, have a large black nose. They remind lapwings, but much larger. The breed was bred for in order to graze cattle, however, modern handsome practically not used for this work, since their woolly the cover requires special care. Dogs have congenital anger, endurance and unpretentiousness – therefore they are successfully used in different climatic zones as guard animals. South Russian Shepherd
  • Tibetan mastiff. These dogs belong to the oldest breed and are the progenitors of almost all Molossian dogs. Mastiffs from Tibet ferocious, large and powerful, perfect for guarding territory. With proper upbringing, Tibetans can be held in families with children, they are faithful and balanced. But if the pet is not feels a strong hand of the owner, he may be excessively wayward. These dogs are active guards, so start them exclusively for the company is not worth it, the dog will in any case to show their qualities. Another nuance – representatives of this breeds are the most expensive dogs and not everyone pocket. Tibetan mastiff
  • Saint bernard. Another long-haired large breed, whose representatives are rescuers. Once they were brought out for protection and draft work, but when in the mountains began to often go avalanches, dogs have proven their unique abilities to find people under the rubble. In addition, their balanced temperament, self-confidence and calm allows you to use saint bernards as family dogs. They are not too active outside work, but always alert and can come to the rescue at any time. For kids this is a real treasure – caring pets will carry sledges, ride on the back and endure all the tricks of his little wards. Saint
  • Afghan hound. Unlike previous breeds, Afghans have a decent growth, but very elegant, sophisticated appearance. Their bright appearance does not allow the Afghan hound go unnoticed. And, in addition, the history of the breed has over 4 thousand years. Dogs of this breed are hunters, but also their once used for grazing and protection. Like all hunting breeds, have a number of behavioral characteristics, not too amenable to training, very, very fond of the attention of the owners. But due to their appearance, they are suitable for a show career, and show off the Afghan Hounds also love. Learn more greyhounds dogs. Afghan Hound
  • Bobtail. This breed is also called the Old English Shepherd, so how they were used as shepherds. Her representatives They have a well-recognized appearance and large dimensions. Dogs able to make decisions on their own, not too whimsical and very balanced. With the right approach to education and training Bobtails make great nannies. One small caveat – they not very quiet and quite loud, and even menacingly, cast a voice, but usually there is a reason for this. Bobtail

It will be interesting: which dog is better to get in apartment.

Medium Longhair Breeds

And in this category there are worthy representatives with chic, luxurious fur coat:

  • Collie. The appearance of Scottish Shepherd dogs is captivating – they have luxurious coat, narrow long muzzle and small bead eyes. Initially, they were used as shepherd’s dogs, but very easily retrained into smart and obedient companions. In addition, with special training from Collie excellent guide dogs for blind people. They are very subtly capture the mood and can perfectly imitate. Collie
  • Chow Chow. Exotic breed from China, which have a unique looks and are very reminiscent of a lion. The breed is ancient and once her representatives were kept in monasteries and temples, palace complexes and took hunting large animals. But Today, most often dogs are bred as companions. However it is absolutely does not say that Chow Chow lost their workers abilities. They are pretty good-natured, but if the household is threatened danger, able to give a fitting rebuff. Amazing feature chow chow is their talk, dogs can rumble, growl, growl and quietly whimper, depending on the situation. Chow
  • Cocker Spaniel. American and English – they use unprecedented popularity, which, in fact, is not surprising. AT in fact, these are two varieties of the same breed, which are shared various standard features of the exterior. The Americans more have a more presentable appearance, suitable for exhibitions. how and all spaniels, cockers are hunters, but also as family dogs they are no less good. Cheerful, active, good-natured – these animals are clots of energy, and in addition, they incredibly cute. If the family has children, then it will be constant, stormy and indefatigable fun – you should forget about silence for a long time. Cocker Spaniel
  • Long haired dachshund. Not as common as her Shorthair brethren, but more extravagant appearance. The owners are sure that they have the most beautiful fees. There are several types of dogs with long hair:
  • standard – it is assumed that they were involved in their breeding in addition to the smooth-haired representatives of the breed, they are also spaniels Long-haired dachshund standard
  • dwarf – a rarer species, their appearance is associated with knitting the smallest long-haired standard type dachshunds; Longhair dachshund dwarf
  • rabbit – is even less common – the result of crossing dachshunds, toy terriers and pinschers. Longhair rabbit dachshund

Since we are talking about the most popular breeds, then you can attributed the first variety. These are normal dogs that are excellent live as pets. They are loyal, but tolerate neglect will not. And besides, they do not like cats and it’s better if pets will grow together.

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Small long-haired dogs

Usually these are furry pretty creatures, past which it’s difficult pass, therefore, representatives of these breeds are often turned on, in order to groom and cherish:

  • Yorkshire Terrier. These crumbs often live in homes celebrities and accompany them to social events, but also in Ordinary families can come across similar funny miles. They are not require a lot of space, find a common language with other pets, adore their masters and are very attached to the family. Once a breed was bred for special needs – dogs perfectly caught rats, today they are purely decorative pets, the main duty which – to please members of your family. The breed is common in all over the world, and all thanks to a cheerful disposition, the ability to be real friend and surprisingly glorious appearance. Yorkshire Terrier
  • Maltese. She is also called the Maltese Bichon or maltese. The breed was bred so long ago that today experts are not sure that Malta is the birthplace of dogs. AT at that time they were excellent rat-catchers and also exterminated cats. Modern Maltese have acquired a more beautiful appearance and, of course, are no longer rodent hunters. Today it’s great, affectionate domestic dogs and welcome guests at any shows, and they really have something to brag about. Maltese
  • Shih Tzu. Amazing Tibetan breed, its representatives have wool resembling a chrysanthemum flower. Once upon a time they inhabited exclusively in the palaces, so still preserved some aristocracy in appearance. Despite requiring special care coat, the breed is very popular. These dogs are hypoallergenic, suitable for families with children, exclusively affectionate and tame. Also they don’t like conflicts are therefore easy to get along with other domestic pets. Shih
  • Pomeranian Spitz. Despite the fact that there are many breeds of Spitz, it is oranges that are found most often. Maybe, this is due to the fact that it’s small that are fashionable today breed. These dogs are very modest in size, but do not consider themselves toddlers, demanding to treat themselves with all respect. They are very attached to owners, especially children, love attention to own person. In general – it is 100% decorative breed. Pomeranian Spitz
  • Pekingese. In this list you can safely put them first, since leadership positions in prevalence are representatives of this breeds hold for quite some time. Pekingese representatives the oldest Chinese breed were too long exclusively by imperial dogs and this naturally affected in a certain way on their character. Still around the breed various myths and legends soar, which further fuels interest to these dogs. The main disadvantage faced by the owners – this is the reckless courage of the Pekingese, able to get involved in a fight with a stronger opponent. They are not recommended for families with young children, as they can be strict. Pekingese

This is only a small fraction of the breeds with long hair, but in fact, there are many more dogs – beautiful and amazing. Representatives of long-haired breeds are charming pets, requiring a bit more care than short-haired dogs, but with a more spectacular appearance. And it’s up to the owners to decide which is closer to them – painstaking care or saving time. But worth remember that any dog needs affection, love and patience, and not it is important what size, gender and coat she has.

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