Life with a deaf dog

When we think of dogs that have a disability, then we, as a rule, first of all we think about dogs with explicit and visible differences. For example, we may have a mental image of a dog with three legs, or lack of an eye, or maybe a dog, which is paralyzed. We often may not notice dogs having disability. Deafness is one of such hidden ailments.

Life with a deaf dog

Deaf dogs are like regular dogs in almost all relationship. When do we find that the dog is deaf, or if consider the establishment of a deaf dog, it is important to understand in all the existing misinformation, and find out how best to live with deaf companion.

How do dogs become deaf?

Dogs aged may suffer hearing loss as well as people. This is usually a gradual process that can be difficult. to notice. Eardrums become less flexible and sounds transmitted is not so good. Some dogs lose their hearing in the result of chronic infections. Still others may be deaf result of injury. Finally, some dogs are born deaf due to a genetic defect, also called “congenital deafness. “In many cases of” congenital deafness “the dog also has a white or almost white color. However, these dogs are not albinos, as in albinos there is a complete absence pigment. The following dog breeds may have congenital deafness, pigment related:

  • Australian shepherd
  • Dalmatian
  • German dog
  • Welsh Corgi

How to find out that a dog is deaf?

As a rule, deafness is quite simple to determine if the dog completely lost my hearing. Puppies that are deaf can slower to learn, not respond to your name and perceive voice commands. Old dog with purchased deafness may continue to sleep when you arrive home with work.

A few simple tests can be done at home:

  • with a rattle
  • clap your hands behind the dog’s back
  • ring the bell
  • with a whistle

If you don’t see the reaction, then the dog is very likely deaf.

Do I need to worry about any other medical problems a deaf dog?

No, deafness is not usually associated with other problems with health. Deaf dogs without pigments may be more prone to sunburn.

How to train a deaf dog?

Deaf dogs quickly learn to pay attention to their surroundings. This makes their training to some extent even easier. Since the dog’s attention is focused on the person and his leadership, they can be taught to pay attention to specific signals by hands and body. Maybe you should look for help a professional trainer who has experience with the deaf dogs.

What else do you need to know to help a deaf dog?

Most importantly, remember that the dog is deaf. it may seem obvious, but we have a special responsibility for deaf dogs. They cannot hear traffic or signal car, so they should never be let go without a leash on street or near the road. They cannot hear their name therefore, a walk without a leash should always take place with caution. Deaf dogs can feel the vibration of the floor when we walk, but they may not feel sneaking, so do not it is worth sneaking up to them and, thereby, scaring. Often in order to wake a deaf dog, just tap your foot next to her. It is also important to teach children to respect the deaf properly. a dog.

With a little patience and preparation (both dogs and human), deaf dogs can hold normal, long, a rich and happy life.

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